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Hospital Bag Checklist: 10 Must Haves while you are Packing

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Today marks ‘your’ special day. Whether its a planned one or one of those middle of the night situation. No doubt, it is a day you have been looking forward to having. Your husband, the family and friends, the obstetricians, the gynecologists, the nurses (regular and auxiliary), and the gateman who often welcomes you into the clinic on alternate days or weeks are all eager to have the nine-month occupant(s) of your womb come live. So it means you definitely would need hospital bag checklist because the nine months or so of struggle, of smiles, of pains, of visits, of appointments and sometimes disappointments, will come to an end in the next few hours. By now, the car has been taken out for perfect servicing to be able to take you to the hospital and back without any hitch.

Hospital Bag Checklist:  What to Pack

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But there are things you must never forget to go with. The items that will go with you to the hospital should be kept intact. Of course, you don’t need to go with all the things brought to you from your colleagues, friends, and family members. But hey, there are essentials you cannot but pack in your hospital bag while preparing to go to the hospital for delivery. Your choice of packing must consider you and the baby. In other words, whatever you’re packing must be useful for both you and the newborn baby.

This post has itemized 10 essential things you need to pack in your bag while going to the hospital.

Going-Home Outfits for the Baby

So, this is how your baby is introduced to this World! While, hospitals provide some clothes, they are pretty generic and looks like any other dress. But your baby is special and needs your personal touch in everything he or she wears. May be your friends and family are waiting at home. May be there is a party going on already! Everyone is eager with their cell phones and camera to take the first glimpse of the baby, but don’t worry. Baby does not care. She sleeps like a queen and expects everyone to be awake! Hey … a, am the Kid! My point is, it is up to us to make the baby look super awesome in new attires and set the attitude.

Hence, consider getting a cozy warm gear and a onesie to protect the child against chilly weather. Don’t forget a snuggly blanket to tuck the baby in the car seat. Usually, newborn clothes can fit eight pounds, but if you think your baby can be a bit bigger in weight, try to get something larger.

We think, few tips to consider while selecting the outfits are

  • Soft fabric for mother’s skin feeling
  • No pricking tags or designs poking the kids especially inner side of the dress along the stitch lines
  • Zips with zip covers toward the end, so that it does not poke the soft skin of the baby neck
  • Extra rooms inside the clothes for babies to stretch and wiggle
  • Wide enough to keep off the tiny eyes and bother them
  • Easy to change diapers and clean spits

going home baby outfits

2. Lanolin

So, it is now time for the newborn to demand for his first food, the breast milk. While this is going on, your nipples bear the brunt of the sore that may occur while the child sucks. Lanolin protects your nipples against sore that result from breastfeeding, and in that way makes your baby completely safe.

We think, few tips to consider while selecting the nipple care products

  • Organic compounds and less chemicals
  • Small and low profile cover, so it is easy to carry everywhere
  • Non-oder – so that baby is not irritated with smells
  • Thick, but washable – so it stays on skin but easy to wipe off if needed

best nipple care Products

3. Pads, Underwear, and Diapers

The hospital may provide some or all of these while you try to get back from the pains of childbirth, but be careful never to over-rely on this. You will need to go to the hospital with your own protection to feel the best comfort they desire. You may have your favorite brands, and it is better to bring them along. You need to go some well-fitting pair of granny panties and absorbency pads.

Our recommendations have following considerations

  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Firm but soft materials
  • Easy hand or machine wash and dry
  • Longevity

Maternity undergarments

Bathrobe and Comfy Clothes

Comfy clothes serve as recovery clothes that return comfort to you after the long stress of childbirth. It is as equally essential as the post-delivery shower when it comes to things and activities that post-delivery recovery and comfort. You’ll need loose lounge pants, a nursing tank as well as a comfy zip-up or bathrobe. Packing belly bands is also a great idea to give support and relief in sensitive areas of the body. that is the one you must have in your hospital bag checklist.

We think best robes should offer the following

  • Soft and comfy to the skin and body
  • Ease of putting on and taking off
  • Easy hand or machine wash and dry
  • Utilities like pockets for little things
  • Attractive to the baby and the partner

Comfy bathrobes

Camera, Your Phone and Chargers

The experience after the delivery is not one you would want to miss at all. Especially having to take the snapshots, video camera, and document all that transpired in the hospital, are all worth it. Ensure that your phone and camera is fully charged to be able to have all of this in your android devices and trust me the social media will be agog with the rest, may not immediately.

This is a new trend to record the first home coming of the baby in a go-pro type of camera. It gives such a live expression of everyone at the party, you will love revisiting these moments forever

So, we don’t want you to miss this golden moment and consider below points

  • Lightweight to carry with or without a stand
  • HD quality recording with clear voice
  • Zoom buttons easily accessible without needing 20 fingers
  • Standard settings that takes care of most desired features
  • Anti-shake technology, so that the video appears professional
  • Decent memory to hold few Gigs of media
  • Bottomline – Easy to use without needing to go a university or read a huge booklet


6. Flip Flops

flip flopWell… during and after your pregnancy doctors always recommend wearing slippers to avoid contact to cold floor. Pregnant women are susceptible to cold and fever easily since their immune system usually are down during this time. Especially during your daily shower in the hospital,  you always require your flip flops on. Besides, comfy slip-ones are also good anytime you want to have some stroll, up and down the hospital premises. At least, you may need to have the baby have his first appearance outside the ward.

We think your flip-flops should be

  • Nice to look at – and not dirty and flimsy
  • Comfortable and light
  • Good grip on sole so that it is not slippery when wet
  • Cover your entire feet and little more for comfort

comfy multipurpose flipflops

7. Nursing Bras

Kindred Bravely Soft French Terry Maternity BraBreastfeeding is considered the most satisfying feeling of motherhood and noone wants to miss this feeling for anything in the world. This is where your body makes the baby food most naturally with important nutrients for physical and mental growth and benefit of your baby.

Be sure you pack in your hospital bag a few nursing bra. However, if your plan is to feed the baby through the bottle, try to get a bra that is a size of your pregnancy. The purpose of this is to protect your breasts against significant swell during lactation period.

Consider the following while buying a maternity Bra

  • Soft but firm belts for holding
  • Easy pop out and pop in
  • Hand or machine wash and dry
  • Skin color or generic colors
  • Firm material fabric for longevity

Recommended Bra for maternity moms

8. Delivery Kit

Birth KitThis has been considered the most important must-haves in your hospital bag. The delivery kit consists of massage oil, extra pillows, dartboard, iPod, among others. Your iPod could feature images of your husband who bring about the pregnancy.

buy delivery kit

9. Wallet and Birth Diary

Hospital Bag ChecklistIt is cool if you could have your notebook, wallet, and dairy to have your personal notes. It is important you have some wads of cash and credit cards with you. Some hospitals may require that you present your insurance card before you’re checked in; it will be great if you have it packed in your bag. In addition, you can go with your ID, a copy of your birth plan as well as a baby book or notepad to put down details of your labor and delivery.

Buy cool birth accessories

10. Nursing Pads

Nursing PadsHow would you feel having to get back home straight from the hospital and start to do laundry? That wouldn’t be good enough. To avoid that, try to pack a couple of disposable nursing pads in your bag. Some are available and suitable for use both at home and in the hospital.

Top Nursing Pads


One thing you must not forget is that yes, all of the Hospital Bag Checklist items are essentials in pregnancy. But there are other nice-to-have items that may be informed by your choice and needs which you also consider based on you. Ensure you have your favorite treats with you and get your car seat in good order. This is the time you spend with your most loved ones and you totally deserve all the comforts and luxury for all the hard work !! Happy Motherhood 🙂

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