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Pregnancy Clothes: 10 Things To Wear Before, During, And After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. You are bringing a new life into this world. Many, if not all mothers make sure that their little ones are taken care of and are comfortable in all ways. However, more often than not, mothers forget that they too need to be taken care of too. Wearing Pregnancy Clothes Comfort is top of their list due to the fact that your body as well as your mind needs it so that a you can have an easy, comfortable pregnancy. Having the right clothes during, before and after pregnancy is not a luxury but a necessity.

Pregnancy Clothes Ideas What to Wear

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pregnancy LeggingsWhen the athleisure trend took the fashion world by storm, many pregnant women everywhere rejoiced. The clothing gods heard the prayers of many women. They made comfy, stretchy leggings a woman’s wardrobe choice you can practically wear anytime and anywhere. From broadly printed pants and super soft fabrics that are affordable options with shapely cuts.

Leggings are a godsend for all women. However, during pregnancy, they can be considered to be pretty much the best thing since pickles and ice cream. They are definitely beyond comfortable, extremely versatile, and you can pretty much wear them around the clock if you want. It’s a bit hard to imagine that no so long ago their rise to popularity when women had to go through pregnancy without them.

Nowadays, they come in various types of colors and sizes. They have various features designed just for pregnant ladies. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a pair of stylish or athletic or one that offers additional support, or one that is good for warm weather. There are leggings out there for each and every step of your pregnancy. To help you choose a pair or pairs that are just right for you visit The Gorgeous Mom to get top of the quality maternal leggings in the market.

Perfect Leggings For Pregnancy


best pregnancy tunicYou simply can’t have enough of these oversize tops that slid below the hip. However, there are some that stop at mid-thigh, but these depend on your height. They hide as well as flattering a multitude of body issues and bumps. But the best part is that they have a exquisite details like bracelet-length sleeves, vented sides, and deep V-necklines.

You can simply wear one as a dress before pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, you can wear one with leggings or over skinny jeans. After the baby, it will give you the extra room that you need and provide a discreet cover while nursing.

This season, stay on trend with our explicit selection of Maternity tunic. At The Gorgeous Mom, we want all to feel comfortable while staying stylish. Our collection of tunics comes in a wide range of styles and design explicitly handpicked just for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for long sleeves, short sleeves, printed, solid, and even ruffled. At our store, you can always find the right one for you. Our maternity, tops are made from the most comfortable, high quality material to ensure that you feel at your best when you are wearing them. For when you want to look and feel gorgeous, shop at the Gorgeous Mom for the best collection of tunics.

Best Tunic During Pregnancy 

Shift Dress

Best shift dress for pregnant womenNever compromise on style during your pregnancy period. Get yourself a shift dress that is simply designed to fit your growing bump in mind. With a sleek shift dress you can rock it on different occasions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a party or job. It will do a pregnant lady some justice.

An amazing shift dress that has a small A-line which means that there is body skimming around the upper body and then flared out just a smidge at the bottom has a very youthful look. It has a silhouette that’s flattering on nearly everyone and especially for expectant mothers. When you are not expectant a shift dress will slightly skim your curves but you will still have a lot of sass and swing. As you grow, there is still space for your belly to burgeon and your legs to take center stage. Additionally, a shift dress with a scoop neck or even spaghetti straps is a particularly great option. The moment you have had the baby, you will be able to effortlessly shimmy back into a shift right away.

Choose Shift Dress 


pregnant women ScarfScarves make you look more feminine and add a bit of spunk to your outfit. You can wear your scarf in multiple ways with your existing wardrobe pieces and you often look different each time. Scarves are the perfect ways to warm up in style. There are different, they include infinity, knit, and oversized scarves to make your outfit great.

Some people may say that they are not necessarily a clothing item per se. However, experts in this area are united in their love for this versatile accessory that brightens up different looks. They add flair to boring and normal looks. They simply stretch a wardrobe that you may be really bored with and give it some more life. Moreover, draping a long necklace over a slightly billowy blouse or tunic before you’re pregnant helps rein in the fabric for a leaner look. With so many options out there, how do you find one that is stylish, cozy, and affordable and just downright not bang average? Visit The Gorgeous Mom to get the best scarves out there to complement your maternal look.

Best Scarf for Pregnant Women

Wrap Dress

Wrap dress for pregnantWrap dresses are universally flattering and extra comfortable when you have a bun in the oven. In your first trimester, you will simply be able to cinch your tie-waist dress across your belly. However, as you continually grow you will most likely fasten the tie just under your bust.

When a baby has not yet arrived having a classic wrap dress is elegant and very easy. The moment your body begins to change, readjust the fit by easily securing the dress’s ties a little higher. It should be right under your bust, this easily allows you to play up the part of your slowly disappearing waistline. You should look for jersey and other stretchy, blended fabrics that will grow with you but snap right back into shape. In case dresses aren’t your thing, wrap-style tops are a fantastic choice for any stage. Bonus tip: Wrap dresses are perfect for nursing.

Classic Wrap Dress for Pregnancy

Yoga Pants

yoga pants for pregnancyWho does not love a good pair of pants? They are comfortable, flattering, and non-restrictive. And with the right top, you will have a great look which brings out your entire style. For this reason, they are considered the unofficial uniform of motherhood.

Additionally, it has been proven that exercise during pregnancy will easily make your labor progress at a faster rate that if you just sat down and ate a brownie for nine months. The perfect yoga pants can be worn before, during and even after pregnancy because they easily stretch to accommodate you.
If you are pregnant you definitely want a great pair of maternity yoga pants to keep you comfortable for the duration of your gestation. There are so many options in the market but which one should you get?

Visit The Gorgeous Mom to get the best handpicked pants for you today.

Yoga paints FOr Pregnant Women 

Maxi Dress

maxi dress for pregnancyThese dresses have become so trendy with women of all ages. This is with a great reason. To begin with, there are ones that have empire waists, flowing skirts, some focus on your collarbones, shoulders and décolletage. You have to choose a soft jersey fabric that can drape easily over your changing body. This is another cloth that you simply don’t have to buy in the maternity department just like the experts say. As long as you find one in a forgiving fabric, these supersize dresses will take you through every stage of your pregnancy.

There are also maternity night maxi dresses that cover the entire silhouette. They are made of 100% cotton. You can easily sit, sleep and adequately relax in this piece of soft night dress. They also have a nursing opening. This night dress can also be used after. Therefore, there are a variety of maternity bras and maternity panties that one can experiment with.

Find Latest Maxi dress

Skinny Jeans

maxi dress for pregnancyIf wearing skinny jeans while pregnant sounds unappealing, you definitely haven’t come across the right one. At the Gorgeous Mom, you will come across well made and comfortable jeans just tailored for you.

Comfortable jeans (over belly ones) with elastic bands that can hold your bump and grow as your bump grows. The right amount of stretch makes these maternity jeans comfy without sagging, the full panel actually stays up and real back pockets and belt loops make it easy to keep the waistband in place. Not all pregnant bodies are built the same. Some women are tall, while others are petite. There are other ladies who prefer side panels while others are more comfortable in panels that cover their entire stomach.

Additionally, they come in different colors and won’t break the bank. What’s more, you won’t just be wearing these while you are pregnant. Many women wear them in their postpartum period as well.

Check Maternity Jeans Prices

Maternity Panty

Maternity Panty for pregnancyWith the right panties you can’t go wrong during this pregnant period. The panty over the belly support helps one ease pressure on the lower back and belly. With the integrated support band below the tummy for support and lift. Additionally, it promotes proper posture.

Additionally, new bras will be a must during this period, you might not even go through two new sizes. There are sit lows that are low enough on the hips and are made from fabric that has enough give that you will hardly notice a difference in their fit. That said, it’s best not to test the limits of your fascist lingerie as your body steadily grows to make room for your baby.

Best Maternity Panty 

Extra-long Tanks and Tee

extra-long tee for pregnancyAs your belly gets bigger, you will need to get more room on top to fit the ever growing bump.
You need a couple of cozy and soft fabrics that will always be on your side. However, cut for your transforming shape. Pick a couple of hardworking neutrals. These will be essential when the bump start appearing and even after. These tops will take you from the start, child birth and even after. Enough space ensures that they are comfortable.

Check Extra long Tee Prices

Pregnancy Clothes After Baby

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And Finally;

things to wear before, during, and after pregnancyWhen it comes down to maternity style, knowing how to dress a pregnant body for the first time or a subsequent pregnancy, let alone finding a fitting costume may be hard at times. When normal clothes especially pants, tops to fit your ever growing frame aren’t an option, The Gorgeous Mom comes to the rescue. The right clothes can be worn before, during and after pregnancy.

Nonetheless, you should keep a few things in mind while choosing your pregnancy clothes. You should know well the seasons and wear clothes that are appropriate for that particular season. If its winter it’s advisable to get clothes that are warm, your body and baby are your first priority during this period. Therefore, keep warm always. During summer, it’s hot and when you add the fact that hormones are all over the place, you will be sweating profusely. You should invest in cotton clothes that are light in color. Keep off dark or black colored clothes.

One more thing that you should keep in mind while shopping for these clothes is that you should mind your budget. Try as much as you can to buy within your budget. Make sure also that the clothes are good quality before you spend.

Also, wear clothes that are can be washed often. This is because there is a lot of morning sickness and sweating that will come along the way, your pregnancy clothes will be getting dirty faster.

Lastly, know that pregnancy is an exciting period and is not just about the baby; it is about you as well. The first step of taking care of your baby is simply taking care of yourself. When you look nice you feel good and this radiates and brings about positive energy which is highly needed during this period. A happy you easily translate into a happy baby!

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