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2 Days in Philadelphia: My Ultimate Guide

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As I was arranging my trip to the East Coast of the US, people told me that I would only require two days in Philadelphia. It would be all the time necessary to see all the tourist attractions of Philadelphia. In this city because there was still so much that I could not see.

I stayed in a host family just outside the city, easily accessible by bus and much cheaper than staying directly in the city center.

I loved the architecture of Philadelphia especially when I was driving in a row of antiques. It seemed so picturesque and how I imagined the old United States. I found it interesting to see how the shutters were added to the windows to avoid tax payments. If the taxman did not see things, he could not charge taxpayers tax. When the taxman was in town, the shutters were closed. I love the architecture of all the places I visited during my trip on the east coast.

1. Visiting Philadelphia

Visiting Philadelphia

Before my visit to Philadelphia, I knew very little about the city, I now know a little more, but I could still do with another visit because there is still much to discover.

I did not know Rocky was filmed in Philadelphia. I do not even think I’ve ever seen the film from start to finish, but now I’m doing the scene where Stallone climbs the steps and it was filmed at the Museum of Art.
Now, the Museum of Art seems to be more famous for this film than for his Art, which I also heard, was good. There was a statue of Stallone that was once at the top of the steps, but apparently Philadelphia art lovers and the art foundation said they were movie and not art so she had to be moved to the bottom of the stairs.

It was funny to see people walking up the stairs and taking pictures posing as Rocky. I did not see many people entering the museum.

During my visit to Philadelphia, two names were mentioned: Benjamin Franklin and William Penn. I heard about the two historical characters, but I did not know how much they had done for the United States.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the establishment fathers of America and organized so much. He designed things such as bifocals, he originated the first hospital in the United States with Dr. Thomas Bond and the post office was the first general officer of the Post Office in 1775

You can visit Franklins’ grave in Christ Church Cemetery. It is said that he is lucky to throw a dime on it, which brings in more than 3000 dollars a year for the maintenance of the cemetery, it is a lot of money.
The landing of Penns is more of a tourist attraction than it is not where Penn lands, as it did not even exist at the time.

Top Places to Explore in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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2. Tourist Attractions in Philadelphia

Tourist Attractions in Philadelphia

There is so much to see and do in Philadelphia, which plays such an important role in the history of the United States. As usual, I started with the bus tour as they gave me a glimpse of the city I was visiting.
Sightseeing buses in Philadelphia

I did two bus tours on my trip to Philadelphia. That’s because I had already bought one at Groupon at a discounted rate, and then I was offered a free pass to Philly, in which a different Hop on Bus bus ticket is included. It was ok because I love taking the bus and it allowed me to experience the difference between the two.

I preferred the tourist bus to adventure because the guides were simply more interesting and more alive, while in the big bus, the sound was more written and there was no interaction with the passengers.

Both companies have a shuttle that goes to the zoo because the big buses are no longer allowed. It was fun and as I had a zoo ticket included in the Philly Pass, I went there. However, the shuttles only running every hour, so you could stay a while on the road, but fortunately, I timed it correctly, to visit the zoo and wait 10 minutes for the shuttle. However, this shuttle is not well advertised, and I was not aware of the first three times on the bus. It was not until the 4th time that a guide mentioned the shuttle, so I had the opportunity to use it. (Yes, I went 5 times in the bus, I had to get my money).

11 Best Tourist Attractions in Philadelphia

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Pass 1 day, 2 and 3 days available with the option of combo 1 and 2 days with night visit. See the website for current prices.

  • This route has 27 stops that stop in or near all major attractions in Philadelphia. A courtesy shuttle service is available from the city center, all universities, all airports and 30th street station.
  • This is the first time I see a shuttle service to get to the bus stop. I missed the bus twice at stop 6 and the lady called the shuttle to take me to stop 1, which was very much appreciated.
  • Horse Cart Tours * Prices are correct at the time of writing, but please check the website for the latest prices
  • 20 minutes cover Independence National Historical Park $ 40 for 1 to 4 people $ 10 per additional person
  • 30 minutes covers Independence National Historical Park and Society Hill $ 50 or 1-4 people $ 10 per additional person
  • 60 minutes covers the Independence Society of the National Historic Hill and Old Town Park $ 100 or 1-4 people $ 10 per additional person

3. Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Visits to Independence Hall in Philadelphia are free, but a ticket is required. This information must be collected at the Independence Hall Visitor Center, available from 8:30 am All rush hour can be reached at 13:00. It is better to go early. If you want to avoid the risk of not getting a ticket, you can buy in advance online or by phone for $ 1.50

The Independence Hall plays an important role in the history of America and was very popular with tourists. You can see here the room where the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution were signed.

Tour of Independence Hall in Philadelphia

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The first floor of Independence Hall is accessible to people with reduced mobility. There is a photo album with pictures of the upper floor for those who can not climb the stairs to the second floor. For the hearing impaired, the “Birthplace of a Nation” pamphlet provides written information about the theaters presented. American sign language interpretation is available upon request, see the website for more information

Tip: The Independence Visitor Center has the only public toilets in the area. Make sure to pay for your visit during your stay. I had trouble finding public toilets when I visited Philadelphia. The best option is to go to a café and buy a drink to use the bathroom.

4. Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

The liberty bell center is open from 9am to 5pm almost every day, you can find more details on the site
I managed to see the Liberty bell while I was in the bus, because it managed to stop me where I have a magnificent view and I never went to the center.

Admission is free, and no tickets are required, but it is a first come, first come, so if you want the freedom bell to go earlier.

The Liberty Bell

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5. Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

It is the oldest of the USA. Opening in 1874 with 1000 animals at the price of 25 cents. It has certainly increased since then and the price too. It’s not the biggest zoo I’ve ever seen, but in good weather it was a nice experience. I felt the animals before seeing them though. There was a baby gorilla who was an acrobat for the public while his mother and father were just sitting and eating. I could have watched them for hours. I also loved the hippos and the giraffes were so cute.

I saw my first lazy bear and spent time watching this hairy bear explore its surroundings. It seemed he was looking for something in the tall grass and continued to jump and sniff.

There were many squirrels in the zoo who were tamed and rode straight up to people. I went on a Thursday afternoon in early November and there was no food stall.

One of the things about this zoo that I do not see often is the 360 where the animals go over the head, so if you look up, you’ll see a tiger walking overhead. I did not see anything, but it was fun to watch the animals.

Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo!

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There are excellent sources of information on routes and up-to-date information if you are planning a trip to Philadelphia.

I had a good time in Philadelphia and would like to have more time to explore and taste the excellent cuisine. I hope to return one day.

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