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4 Stylish Ways To Wear A Teddy Coat This Winter

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Who wouldn’t want to be snuggled up in their beds all day in winter? Well, you can’t take your beds everywhere with you, but can snuggle up in the comfiest coats ever! The TEDDY COATS!

The Teddy Coats (also referred to as teddy bear coats), mostly resembles a teddy bear’s fluff. The teddy coats are plush, fluffy looking and very comfy jackets that are usually made of faux fur. The teddy coats set the meaning of uniqueness to the wearer. These coats are trendy yet comfy, making for an extremely fashionble winter wear this season and every season! These are basically the comfy clothes that adults can wear and still look up to the minute. We’ve got 4 fashionable ways you can slay in teddy coats this winter!

Teddy coats, being a versatile piece of clothing is available from the high-end to the low streets. The bright colour variations and sizes give a customized cocoon for every cold bee! From the muted colours of ZARA to the fuzzy pink of Urban Outfitters, teddy coats can be of all styles and colours.

How To Style Teddy Coats in Winter

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Laid-back in teddy!

Teddy jackets can be of many different types. A teddy bear jacket is an awesome choice for a casual laid-back day. A three quarter length coat like I.AM.GIA’s pixie coat with large front pockets is a perfect outfit for any casual outing. Brands like Mango, Sandy Liang, Free People all sell affordable yet stylish teddy coats with their own iterations.

Teddy Coat for Winter

Everyone has their own sense of style. Whether you like oversized fashion, a cropped version or a bright red sequin one – all of these can be found as comfy teddy coats. The trendy bear coat goes with everything. You can wear teddy coats with leggings, jeans, bulky pants, or even a skirt. And all of it would look casual!

For a more laid back look, wear a colourful shirt underneath the coat if the coat is neutral colours. Make sure to pair the flashy coats with muted coloured shirts. Not all fabrics should be eye-catching!

stylish ways to wear a teddy coatYou can also go for a statement casual look. Teddy bear coats with a scarf will look laid-back and casual yet will be just as comfortable and warm. Scarves are an available item ranging from fancy to regular and can be found almost everywhere. A coat with a scarf is good for extreme cold or maybe as a precaution for avoiding a sore throat. Mufflers go with these coats just fine if it’s very cold outside.

Winters are not always gloomy and it shouldn’t be just about keeping yourself warm. In fact, winters are the best time to be fashionable! You can wear as many clothes as you like yet not look very bulky. Get creative! Keeping yourself warm could be your next fashion statement! Layering up is an important part of the style, doesn’t matter if you are going for a casual look or not. Start with shorter clothes as you’ll be wearing the teddy coat over all that. If you are planning on wearing a scarf, wear bright ones that will catch people’s eye. A scarf can make a huge difference to your outfit.

Pay attention to your hairstyle too! Wear a cute beanie that matches your coat.  Beanies are finally getting the popularity they deserve. A beanie will keep your hair in place and also work as a fashionable asset! If you are not comfortable wearing a beanie, try putting your hair up in a braid or a messy bun. Wear a nude shade of lipstick and just a touch of natural makeup with rosy cheeks and BAM! You are fabulous at casual events! Meghan Markel has been pulling this style off with her eternal gracefulness for ages in case you were looking for inspiration.

Professionally Warm

Relax! We haven’t forgotten about our working ladies. Neither have the designers of teddy coats. Teddy coat seems to be a casual outfit, but it can be very apt for your work environment.  The key to creating a sophisticated look is to keep the outfit proper and professionally tailored. Office outfits should not be shabby. The coat should be the exact size of the person wearing it and not too loose or tight. A loose coat will give an impression of unprofessionalism and proper attire is an absolute necessity of a working woman.

ways to wear a teddy coatTeddy coats keep your options versatile here too! You can pair the coat with a midi skirt or office pants or even jeans if you wear them to your workplace. Wearing a scarf with a coat to the office will look bulky and more casual than intended; so ditching the scarf is a wise option in this case. Match the colour of your coat and your skirt or pants. If you don’t want to do that, wear a neutral coloured coat and neutral coloured pants.  For a chic look, you can pair up your coat with a midi skirt and a cute blouse! An earring or a statement necklace would look very well with it.

For neutral coloured coats and skirts, you can visit the local stores and also check out Amazon and Alibaba. These websites feature the most amazing clothes at the most affordable prices! Wearing coats to the office has always been a thing for men. With changing times, women are embracing it too. With a coat, you’ll stay warm in the freezing temperature yet look stunning.

Winter Aesthetics | it’s your coat!

The world is all about aesthetics today. So why shouldn’t you be a piece of art too? Teddy coats make it easier! These coats are basically the representatives of all kinds of aesthetics.  You like flashy? These coats can be fancy; you like the scent of books while passing the bookstore? We have seen just the right colour and style of teddy bear coat that represents you! Whoever you are, teddy coats can keep you warm like the warmest hugs.

The aesthetic is not just about the coat. Wear whichever coat you prefer. Style yourself around the coat you are wearing. If you want to look different, wear bold colours with minimal makeup. A minimal makeup enhances the bold clothing.  Colourful boots and sunglasses with colourful or neon coloured coats look very different and are attractive to the millennial and Gen Zs! Almost everyone wants to look different today, and you can do it in teddy coats in the most unique way!

As mentioned earlier, beanies can be a great asset to your style! Wearing a beanie makes a statement.  There are affordable beanies available online at zumiez and Topshop.  Topshop offers free shipping all over the United Kingdom.  Beanies come in different colours, shapes and of course sizes. You can also customize or make DIY beanies. Style doesn’t have to come at a huge cost. It can be self-made and free!

Hair is also a huge part of aesthetic looks in winter. Loose plaids on blondes and brunettes look astonishingly beautiful in winter. You can all let your hair fall loose or use a scrunchie to tie it. Cute colourful hair bands add value to the look. At the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Edgy and Cool

The last point is about making you the most stylish of all! Parties and night outs don’t mean being cold anymore; you can rock a teddy coat at night out with your girls too! Teddy coats come with sequins and different coloured furs and fancy buttons and what not! The designers of different houses get really creative with the structure and fashion of teddy coats.

The teddy coats are being accepted as night outs go-to wear for its comfort and affordability. The fancy coats are also very affordable and simple accessories like a simple pair of earrings are all you need to look outright fantabulous!  To look edgy, don’t just rely on the coat; focus on your makeup, jewellery, shoes etc too. The coats can pull your look off alone but adding a bit of accessories never hurts does it? You can wear the coats over your dresses or wear something sequin and wear a black coat over that and whoa! You are suddenly a superstar!

A red or black coat makes a huge difference to any look! If you’re not comfortable wearing these colours, wear a colour you like to the night outs and match your accessories with it. It really is that simple!

Bottom Line

Teddy coats are the most comfortable fashion clothing ever! They keep you warm, they keep you trendy! And the best part? They come at affordable prices! Even the duchess wears them, so why not you?

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