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5 Benefits and Dangers of Using Baby Joggers

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Babies are the most adorable and cherished beings in this universe. They require love, care and attention – perhaps more from their mothers than from anyone else. A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower. And to take care of these angels, the new mothers often tend to forget about themselves! We have complied the list for baby jogger using advantages and disadvantages below.

The life of a new mom revolves around their child. Any activity that does not include their kid is mostly unimaginable because when it comes to mothers, the sole focus tends to be on their children. So for a new mom, getting back in shape might sound appealing but setting the time to work out isn’t easy at all.  Most moms cannot even afford a babysitter or have family around to take of their child. It’s quite difficult for new mothers to detach themselves from their babies and take time out for themselves both emotionally and physically.

Baby Joggers City

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But with the arrival of baby Joggers, it changed the whole game. These are safe strollers for babies that can be used while mothers are walking or jogging. For new moms, getting back in shape post-pregnancy is very difficult and challenging. Getting a baby Jogger is a great initiative that will help the mothers manage their toddler and their own health at the same time, without having to compromise on the other.

Baby Joggers are innovative strollers that can be used while the pusher jogs. The baby can be strapped to the jogger safely. The jogger is for babies aged between 6 months – 5 years.  Babies who are too young to keep their heads upright on their own must not be strapped to the jogger. The motion is too shaky for kids aged below 6 months and will harm them.  baby jogger jogging strollerBaby joggers are an amazing asset for workings moms. The company Baby Joggers first introduced baby joggers in 1984. It has been very popular among new mothers ever since!

The company Baby Joggers offer different kinds of strollers that are suitable for different purposes. They also have a YouTube channel names Baby Jogger where they demonstrate how to use different kinds of strollers in videos. Don’t forget to check them out!

The baby joggers are fairly easy to use and comfortable for both the child and the mother. Baby joggers are more affordable too, pair it up with all the benefits they offer, it’s a miracle machine! Some baby joggers include extra seat too for another kid so a mother of two children can use it perfectly well.

Baby Jogger Stroller on Amazon

Baby Joggers Benefits

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Let’s get into the key benefits of using baby joggers. A low maintenance stroller is extra safe for children and more convenient. Here are 5 benefits you can count on availing by using a baby jogger:

1. Easy transportation

Using any stroller is easy but the baby joggers give mobility a whole new dimension. Car seats can be attached to most baby joggers too! It’s much easier to transport the kid from car seat to the jogger now that’s because including an extra seat is easier in most baby joggers. Baby joggers offer a versatile type of strollers that are suitable for both jogging and fast walking. Most joggers can be folded and carried around easily. Not only the transportation is easy for the child but carrying the stroller itself is easy as well.

2. Safety

Most baby joggers have a safety harness, a protective frame and sun shield to protect your child from accidents and UV rays. The safety measures taken by developers are admirable. Baby joggers are very safe for both the baby and person jogging with the jogger. The baby joggers have tires that are air-filled which helps in preventing the jogger from uncomfortable lifts when hit by a stone or a bump. Solid compound in tires reduces the intensity of bounce when hit by anything hard.

These kinds of strollers also ensure that the jogger does not trip over or fall. The rear wheel base of the stroller is made wider, in case of terrain surfaces or strong winds, the wide rear ends makes sure jogger doesn’t fall over.

3. Stability and speed

Baby joggers are more stable than the regular ones. They also can travel at a greater speed than the regular strollers. The wheels of the baby joggers are designed to ensure that it provides maximum stability to the child in the stroller and the jogger running behind pushing the stroller.

4. Storage capacity

Baby joggers offer the same storage capacity as regular strollers. That’s why these strollers are multipurpose. Many of the baby joggers come with storage bags and have the capacity of holding enough things needed for a kid’s day out.

5. Walk and get in shape!

The baby joggers offer the most exciting benefit in its jogging option. Any parent would know how hard it is to jog while pushing a stroller. Not to mention how much it affects the kid sitting in the stroller. Regular strollers will make the children nauseous and sick if it’s used for jogging. Baby jogger solves all these problems! It not only gives you an opportunity to jog but you also get to take your child along with you on a fun workout session!

The baby joggers are extremely helpful for new parents. They are more convenient, safer and more versatile than other strollers. Baby joggers are like the new era of strollers. They are gaining popularity rapidly as people are becoming more conscious about their health and more women are joining the workforce. Baby joggers are an awesome asset for working women. Hustling through the day is hard enough with a child, but baby jogger strollers make it a bit easier.

Even though we keep talking about mothers, dads don’t have to feel left out just yet. Dads can too hop out for a jog and use the quality time to bond with their kids with these amazing baby joggers now!

It’s true that the baby joggers offer many benefits but everything comes with disadvantages and dangers of their own. There are in fact, a few but very minor dangers of using baby joggers. We have sorted out 5 of them so parents can weigh in the good and the bad before they make any decisions for themselves.

Baby Joggers Dangers

Baby Jogger Dangers

1. Muscle strain for new mothers

With baby joggers, the new moms are also pushing something alongside their jogging. While jogging is a healthy and light exercise, pushing a stroller does involve a major shift. As with any form of exercise, new mothers need to be careful not to strain their stomach and pelvic floor muscles.

2. High Temperature

Since baby joggers are heavy and equipped with sheds, storage bags and stable wheels, the temperature in the stroller might be high during warm seasons. This high temperature can make the baby very sick or have an impact on the child’s health. Baby joggers have cushions to make the travel comfortable but along with the sun shed and cushion, temperature tends to get very high inside the stroller. So the child may get a little uncomfortable or even sick if the climate of your region is extremely hot and humid.

If you see your child suffering from heat exhaustion, take them to an air-conditioned area and give them fluids immediately.

3. Technical hazards

In 2009, the U.S consumer product safety commission recalled the Baby jogger city mini strollers for their technical hazard. The stroller’s restraint buckle was defective and could break or unlatch causing the child to fall out. The baby joggers were said and assumed to be safe but technical hazards can always be there. So inspect the model you’re about to buy diligently for any faulty features.

4. Challenging for parents

The parents who are amateur runners will find using the baby jogger challenging. As the baby jogger is designed for being stable above all, they are pretty bulky and heavy. So, parents who don’t run very often will find it difficult to use.

The baby jogger can also be a challenge for new moms and their health. The jogger requires a bit of strength for pushing and jogging at the same time can be a burden to the new mothers recovering post pregnancy.

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5. Not Enjoyable for the Child

It is understandable that a child may not enjoy being strapped to a stroller and pushed around fast. The roads might not feel bumpy but wind and dust may make the child uncomfortable. It is important to consult doctors before using the baby jogger as it might risky for kids who are ultra-sensitive. The baby joggers must not be used for kids aged less than six months.

Baby joggers may be the next trendy thing for new parents! They should be used with caution and your child should be your first priority.  Baby joggers can bring awesome changes to both you and your child’s routine! Consider getting one if you don’t have one already. Explore new places with your baby while also working towards a healthier lifestyle!

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