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5 Features to Look for on a Modern Baby High Chair

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Babies aged from 6 months to 3 years love to interact with people very much. This is their time to learning and exploring the world. The babies are very perceptive of their surroundings during this age. They want to be included in everything. They start acquiring language, imitating particular basic behaviors and speech. Recent research shows that babies develop better intelligence, if they are interacted with in this age properly.

High chair is a furniture piece that makes interacting with a baby easier. The high chair was innovated with a view to make the baby sit at the level of an adult so feeding the baby becomes an easy task.

Features to Look When Buying a Baby High Chair

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Modern high chairs are more fashionable than the traditional ones that came out a decade ago. People, mostly new mothers, are conscious about fashion and it’s no crime to want to keep up with the latest trends. High chairs can be really good looking and blend with the room if chosen carefully. Today, you don’t have to compromise quality for style. Manufacturers design every piece of furniture in a way that it is useful and at the same time looks beautiful.

Your baby’s accessories can be just as trendy and as fashionable as yours! Even for high chairs you don’t have to worry about having something odd in your dining room because modern high chairs are here to serve you both!

Although the modern baby high chair is known for being aesthetically pleasant, it has to have some features that serve its main purpose. ovo city high chair

Here are 5 features you need to look for on a modern baby high chair.

1. Safety Features

High chairs have to maintain safety. Otherwise the chair is not very reliable. The seat of the high chair is alleviated high off the ground. A slight swerve could cause a badly balanced baby chair to fall sideways. Since your little baby could be seriously hurt, ensuring safety is a must.

Look for a crotch post on the chair. Also make sure that it has a safety-restraint system. The restraint system must have a five-point harness. If the chairs have wheels, you might want to check if they can be locked in place. Always lock the wheels, even if you are stopping only for a moment.

Many high chairs have folding properties or can be reused as regular chairs by transforming it. Make sure that the folding chairs do not pinch your fingers or your child’s fingers in any way.

As mentioned earlier, a well-balanced chair is your first priority. Children are always moving and little toddlers love to rock on their chair and play. So it is your responsibility to check whether the best high chair has all its screws tight and in place. If you are using a seat that must be attached to a surface, attach it perfectly before positioning your child in it. Safety measures are the most important consideration for buying anything. When it concerns your child or any child for that matter, go the extra mile to ensure safety.

2. Aesthetics and Design

Modern furniture require being aesthetically pleasant. Who likes to take a picture of their beautiful little angel on a bulky, ugly and dysfunctional chair? Starting from traditional to contemporary, high chairs come in a range of amazing design and styles. Some of them are very functional. Many have adjustable trays and dishwasher safe inserts. These help in quick cleanup.

Many of the high chairs have seats that recline to different positions. For bottle feeding, these types of high chairs are very convenient. Chair height that helps your growing baby is always a plus.

Many of the designs are very practical. For example, high chairs that have booster seats. These booster seats can come handy when the child is ready to sit at the table.

Many chairs offer the benefit of folding it. If space is tight or you don’t have enough storage space to keep your high chair in, a foldable high chair seems perfect for you. It will take lesser space and you can unfold it anytime you want. Be careful about foldable chairs though! Make sure you have folded them right and back up again to prevent an accidental collapse.

3. Certification

Certification is something that should never be overlooked when it comes to your baby’s high chair. If a person is a certified analyst, he has proof that he knows about analytics. Certification gives assurance about the validity of a statement.

A modern high chair is expected to have certification. The certification usually comes as a sticker that shows if the manufacturer has met safety standards or not. The safety standards are set by ASTM international. It also says that the high chair manufacturers participate in the certification program administrated by the juvenile products manufacturer’s association.  The JPMA certificate provides some level of assurance about a product. It means that the product fulfils certain safety standards. But it is not guaranteed that it does.

4. User convenience and return policies

You cannot know about a thing until you try it. But what happens if the product fails to provide you value for your money? Well many companies allow returning their products. So if you don’t like them after a couple of uses, you can return it. All you have to do is keep the invoice and receipt with you after the purchase, with enough evidence to show for the faulty bits.

This feature is now being offered in case of furniture as well. Many baby high chair manufactures and sellers also offer this return policy. This policy makes it easier for parents to buy the high chair. Babies often reject things without any valid reason. So if your child does not like it for some reason, or feels uncomfortable in it, being able to return the chair is a very convenient option open to parents.

Parents themselves might not like the high chair they bought. Some high chairs require complex assembly while some of them have more parts than expected. High chairs with a lot of parts are usually tricky to put together. If you are receiving high chair as a gift, ask your friend to include the receipt or invoice slip.

Portability of your baby’s high chair is another important feature. If the chair is bulky and heavy, moving around with it becomes extremely difficult. Find a lightweight high chair that’s hassle-free and easy to carry around.

5. Easy to clean

Kids are expected to make a mess wherever they eat. You cannot teach your 1 year old child to eat properly and not throw food around. But what you can do is buy a high chair that is very easy to clean. Children usually eat off the tray of their chair. And while they try to pick up the food, sometimes the food do slip off their little fingers. They also spit food out, and make everything sticky. It may sound like an overwhelming situation but everything has a solution.

Many high chairs (especially travel seats) come with a wipe able clean up fabric. The chair is cleaned by wiping away the food residue. But it’s not very healthy to do only that especially if you can just wash it instead. Wiping does not remove all the dirt and food particles from the fabric.

Some of the high chairs have removable clothing. The removable clothing can be washed in a washing machine or can also be hand washed. It is easier than the fabric you have to wipe clean. Wiping might make it look like that all the dirt is gone, but some dirt always remains behind. Washing the fabric gets rid of all that grime fully.

Always keep your child’s furniture clean. Children tend to touch and lick almost everything and to lick old food is never good for anyone.

The high chair must be cleaned regularly. Wash the tray thoroughly and wipe the stands, straps and bolts clean with a warm towel every other day. Your child’s health depends a lot on their hygiene. Keeping them in a clean environment is a good way to start off on a healthy lifestyle.

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Bottom Line

Modern high chairs are getting popularity very rapidly. Their usage and designs make them attractive to parents. The high chair lends a huge helping hand part in the parents’ lives. Watching your precious little one feed himself for the first time can be the most emotional moment for the parents. Make sure that emotional journey is joyous for both you and your baby with the help of modern, handy and amazingly artsy high chairs.


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