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6 Benefits of Running with a Jogging Stroller

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Running is just one of those things that make us feel free. Going out for a run on a rainy day or in an open field can freshen up our mind within seconds. Running also releases chemicals like dopamine in our body that triggers a positive feeling. Running in itself is a representative of freedom.

People run in different ways – some jog with Jogging Stroller, some sprint, some like to run in groups making a fun activity out of it. Running is the simplest exercise with huge benefits. Everyone, starting from kids to adults, can benefit from running regularly. For parents or anyone who has to take care of a child at home, it is hard to make time for running.

But parents shouldn’t have to give up on their favourite exercise just yet. This is where the revolutionary jogging stroller comes in. Want to go for a run? Take your baby with you!

Benefits of Jogging Stroller

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According to researchers, jogging with a stroller burns more calories than running alone. The stroller with the child in it adds the extra weight which the runner has to push. The harder you push, the more calorie you’ll be burning.

For new moms, running can be a challenging activity since they are just recovering from pregnancy. Plus, they also need to consider whether the child is too young to be in these baby joggers or not. To clear it up, a 6-month-old can ride a jogging stroller safely and it can also be used for children up to 5 years of age. Many jogging strollers are double so if you happen to have two children, you can fit both of them right in.

Jogging strollers were introduced to the market by a company called Baby Joggers.  They have been immensely successful with these jogging strollers which are still gaining popularity to this day. The brand is infamous among new moms. Women of this era are conscious about their physique, but getting into shape shouldn’t come at the cost of your kids. Taking care of children is now easier than ever. Jogging with a stroller makes life easier, healthier and provides a great balance and bonding experience for children and parents.

There are many benefits to the jogging stroller besides hanging out with your child. Running with a jogging stroller has health benefits and mental benefits too. Exercise influences our personality immensely, and now it’s high time we took it seriously.

6 Benefits of Running with a Jogging Stroller

Parents baby jogger1. Health Benefits for you and your Kid

Jogging with a stroller is healthier than jogging without it. First of all, your child gets some fresh air which is extremely necessary for children these days. According to, if your weighs around 150 pounds, you will burn 45 calories more in 15 minutes through jogging with a stroller than running alone.

Pushing a jogging stroller alone burns enough calories as the strollers are usually large. Bulky strollers help in losing calories and at the same time, keep the stroller stable.

2. Kids Time is me Time!

While you’re running with a jogging stroller, your child is feeling your presence too. You’ll be amazed how eagerly your child will be looking forward to the next “fun-run” ride with you every day! Spending quality time with your children is very important for childhood.

Kids crave their parents’ attention and it is understandable that parents do sometimes need a break from their children to look after their own well-being. But this usually comes at the cost of feeling guilty of ignoring or neglecting the children. Jogging strollers are a solution to this dilemma.

Some strollers are hands-free. They don’t even require the parents to hold the handle. The stroller is usually tied to the parent so it doesn’t slip away. This helps the parent have more movement and be more flexible.

3. Developing a Strong Form

Jogging with a stroller helps develop and strengthen one’s form. Posture is an important aspect of running. While holding a stroller, you jog straighter. It forces your back to remain straight so you can effectively push the stroller with enough force.

A good posture adds a lot to any form of exercise. Running in good posture makes running easier and more purposeful. Slouching while running just adds more pressure to the body and ultimately is not that good for the body.

Professional runners already have a strong form. New moms rarely aspire to be professional runners unless they aren’t one already. So, for them running with a stroller is more thoughtful and convenient. It helps with their speedy recovery as well.

Although new moms need to be careful about pushing the stroller as their muscles in the stomach and pelvic area are still recovering. Too much pressure there will do more harm than good. No one should do more than their body permits! Train your body slowly and slowly build up resistance.

4. Safety and Increased Visibility

Drivers on the road tend to be more careful around strollers than general pedestrians. It gives the pedestrians a safer environment for running when they are jogging with strollers. People like to be safer and more cautious around children than they are around adults. It gives the runner more visibility when they are with a child or pushing a child in a stroller.

Jogging strollers are also very safe themselves. They have a harness for the child and the wheels are designed in such a way that makes jogging stroller more stable than regular strollers. The jogging strollers are also larger and heavier (but not in an uncomfortable way!) so it does not slip away very easily. They also have strong handles that act as anchors so the jogger doesn’t trip.

The jogging strollers are a bit expensive, but they offer great value for the money. Get the offer on Best Jogging Strollers today.

5. You Got your Own Stretching Bar!

The jogging strollers are great for stretching. You can just pull the break and use a handle or both to stretch your body a bit. While you are out with your kid, you can run for a while then stop at a nice park to get some fresh air. Let your kid run around and perform your stretches. You won’t even have to touch the dirty sidebars. Your kid’s stroller will give you the support you need even without your kid in it. As I have mentioned before, the jogging strollers are bulky and very stable. These strollers won’t slip away or break under pressure of your hands.

6. Convenience and Control

Women with jogging strollerRunning with a jogging stroller is a huge convenience for parents. Not many people have baby sitters or family members to take of their kids. That does not mean they should not get to enjoy all everyday activities like running. Jogging strollers help them go around and take their children along without a hassle!

The jogging strollers are also very easy to use. You can include car seats, infant seats and larger seats for older kids. The jogging stroller is fine for children aged between 6 months- 5 years. Toddlers who cannot support their head yet by themselves shouldn’t be taken out in the jogging stroller. The jogging stroller does ensure a minimal amount of bouncing but it will still hurt a child who can’t support his/her head. The jogging stroller is also convenient for baby sitters and very convenient for regular runners.

Jogging stroller also gives better control over running as the runner is supporting something and running while holding something. The runner’s posture will be straight and their hands will not slouch. The jogging strollers also keep the runner alert and active as they are with a child.

The jogging stroller is an amazing asset to new parent’s lives. These strollers not only benefit the health of the parents but also help them bond with their child. Going around the block or running in your neighbourhood park, it is a great way to bond with your child and provides great psychological relief.

Bottom Line

Running is helpful for everyone, especially women who are new mothers. The postpartum depression and the post-pregnancy body tend to take a lot on women. Being surrounded by nature and including their newborn child obviously helps with everything.

Bonding with anyone is easier under trees than in a coffee shop. So why not bond with your child this way? We become so busy with our lives that scheduling activities and making time for everything becomes challenging. With the help of jogging strollers, you can hit two birds with a stone.

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