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Who We Are

About us

The Gorgeous Mom is one of the best sources for parenting fashion that informs, inspires and builds a sense of community. We are here to help parents celebrate all the great chaos that comes with having a family and makes them remember that they are not alone in this unforgettable period.

At the Gorgeous Mom, we welcome you to easily indulge in a world where fashion easily meets motherhood. We have simply designed this store for you, the modern fashionable mother in mind. We dish out looks that are stylish, trendy but importantly, affordable. You can easily feel confident in knowing that keeping your styles is now more than ever easily obtainable because The Gorgeous Mom is simply not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

We have an incredible eye for what’s coming up in fashion. We have an infinite drive to exceed all your expectations. Since we started (year), we have greatly strived to deliver the best possible shopping experience, assisting our clients’ shopping experience while they express their styles. They simply don’t just buy, they experience fashion in its highest degree.
The Gorgeous Mom is a leading fashion retailer that offers its clients attractive shoes, clothes and accessories since its inception. We are committed to giving our clients with the best possible services as we continue to improve day in day out.

This infinite commitment has pushed us from a small store to a force to reckon with in the maternal fashion world. We are very distinguished to serve our clients 24/7 across the United States as well as the world.
At our store, we truly believe that fashion is a business of optimism. This notion has assisted us to grow and eventually evolve. We have shipping services as well as returns, mobile shipping as well as exciting new retail partnership offers that assist us with continued opportunities to serve new as well as old clients in more ways. You will have a fresh, relevant, unforgettable shopping experience.

The Gorgeous Mom Brands


We just don’t jump on fashion like everyone out there. Our Gorgeous Mom brands, collected from an array of designers go over and beyond the normal lines to give you the freshest maternal clothes.

When you look at our curation brands at the Gorgeous Mom, we select the best and comfortable of those to give you the biggest variety, outstanding exclusives as well as the coolest clothes. As if this wasn’t enough, we have all the shapes and sizes that our clients would want so that they can express themselves fully. We don’t have fashion rules when it comes to maternal fashion, simply endless ways to be YOU!

Versatility is very important in the land of motherhood. We have made is easier than ever to come up with a staple wardrobe with styles that can be worn during pregnancy into motherhood and beyond. Simply invest in quality clothing that you will easily wear many times.

The Gorgeous Mom Design

Our brands simply help express confidence in your individuality. We interpret trending fashion as we add our next level spin in it. Representing in our size ranges (The Gorgeous Mom Curve, Tall, Petite and Maternity). We have anything that you want in order to invent your own style.

Stylish Maternity Clothes For The Modern Mother

At The Gorgeous Mom, we know how important it is to have comfortable outfits during your pregnancy. We just don’t want to sacrifice your style. We offer you all. At our store, you will come across comfortable and cute clothes for each trimester as well as motherhood.

These transitional pieces are awesome for your ever growing bump. Your style doesn’t simply stop with pregnancy and we definitely can’t allow you to break that bank on maternity specific outfits that you will just wear for a specific period of time. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a free flowing maternity dress for your first trimester, maternity jeans for your growing bump in trimester two, the ultimate baby shower dress for your third or a nursing dress for after the baby. We always have your back.

Just shop the latest trends in women’s fashion; they are altered to fit your always growing bump. Never skip a beat in these great looking and stylish looks.

The Gorgeous Mom Experience

mom experience

At the Gorgeous Mom, we simply never settle. We have our own philosophy of always testing and improving each and every day. From delivery to returns as well as innovative visual tech, we are at the forefront. If it has never been tried before, we come up with a way to do it!

Delivery and Return

We effortlessly make your experience with us as flawless as possible. In real talk, that’s all about our shipping and returns (Ts & Cs apply). These is among your favorite thing about us and ours too,

Style Match

It doesn’t matter whether a look is inspired by a magazine or a friend’s vibe, you can now simply find what you want faster and easier than ever before with our easy to find interface. Just simply browse what you want and whatever you want will simply pop up. You can’t be bored with our endless maternal selection.

Fit Assistant

We do everything within our means to make sure our clients get their fit right at their first attempt. We have a fit assistant that is tailored to give our clients a personalized size recommendation that is based on similar buyers and bespoke measurements. We are assisting you to be confident in whichever size you pick. We always have your back!

We Here To Help

Simply let us be the first to welcome you to the world of motherhood. We have stylists that are experienced in how to dress in this new and exciting time of your life. They provide various suggestions from trimester specific items, nursing essentials, date night ready looks to sizing and fit! We are beside you and cannot wait to help!

Contact Us

We simply can’t be happy until you are. Therefore, we have the friendliest customer care managers that are ever working 24/7 to answer your questions. We don’t keep our distinguished clients waiting. We always get back to you ASAP!

Each day fashion evolves. Shopping patterns evolve. Our resilient commitment to happy clients doesn’t change!