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Beauty Bags | Every Girls Favorite: I have All I Need

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Ah! Makeup! One of the most loved activities we enjoy as girls.

It’ not only the resulting feel of beauty and style that we go for, but the luxury of spending time with ourselves and having to complement our individuality as we do it means a lot to our otherwise people-oriented routines.

It is our thing and we take pride in it.

Our style and makeup essentials can vary with every change in our style, profession, age, and skin type. But the differences are minimal and only appear in the brand we choose and the formula we choose.

Oh yes, I forgot that our lifestyle choices have also a say in what products we are using. Talk about natural skin care products loved by most eco-friendly lady nowadays. And don’t forget that these trends are gaining traction among women and girls.

And there are quite a few products types which we need to include in our daily use to get different beauty related results. We have to take care of our skin tone and the glow, eyelashes and shades, and lip color. And then we have to do it all perfectly just the way we like and feel beauty in. In the end, we need the perfect beauty organizer bag.

Based on these essentials, we can pack our best travel beauty cases or beauty organizer bags and cases in a number of ways.

Makeup Products Your Face Needs

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Though your skin will only make the base to highlight your eyes and lips makeup, this base should have its own glow and glamour. A number of makeup products are used to define the skin tone and texture you are setting for the day, or night.

Various items of face makeup products are discussed in the steps with which they are applied to get a clear and vibrant makeup look.

Face Primer

This is the first product that goes into actual makeup other than skin care routine that continues on daily basis with or without makeup.

The product is often considered the most unnecessary product. But it enhances the bass or foundation that, in turn, sets the makeup. It can enhance your look by setting it deep and maintaining it throughout the day.

But before having an effect on latter makeup layers, it enhances skin beauty by covering wrinkles, fine lines and other marks on the skin. This benefit is the reason that encourages many women to wear this layer without any other makeup product.

The product gives varying results based on the skin type you have.

A few brands that have best face primers include those of Sephora, Hourglass, Smashbox. Out of these brands, Sephora exhibits the widest range of primers in natural or radiant primer responding to every skin’s needs.


This is the second, and according to professionals the most crucial layer of makeup when considering face makeup.

Like the primer, the foundation also responds differently to different skin types. Owing to this reason, women go check new brands of the foundation by using samples.

A few brands whose foundations are hand-picked by the experts include Becca, Nars, Hourglass, and bareMinerals.

Often times, girls substitute BB cream for foundation and for a good reason. This cream carries a lighter feel and requires less professional touch than a regular foundation. The best brands which offer best BB cream include LANEIGE, Smashbox, e.l.f, and Burt’s Bees.

Another advantage of using a BB cream instead of a foundation is that this multipurpose solution to the skin care and makeup routine can be an essential part of a minimalist toiletry bag to save up space and help in organizing travel beauty bag.


Only if you want help with your dark circles and discoloration from acne or other issues.
The most suitable concealer for your skin will be the one that covers all the discoloration you want to hide and blend with the skin tone. As this product is mostly applied after the foundation, its shade should match with that of the foundation itself for seamless blending.

A few brands that offer high-quality concealers include MAC, Urban Decay, Glossier, Nars, and Dior.


Blush is the next item to include in your makeup routine. I would go for a natural color. Best colors to use for fairer skin tones include pink and peach. The darker complexions match well with purple or maroon shades.


These liquid, cream, powder, stick or hybrid products add brightness to your makeup. Again, these should match with underlying makeup, which is foundation and primer, to enhance its blend.
The Body Shop, Stila, bareMinerals, and Laura Mercier are the best brands that offer the most desired highlighters.

And, yup, don’t forget bronzer if you wish a sun-kissed look. The best brands here include MAC, Chanel, Nars, and Estee Lauder.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Scott Cameron

Makeup Essentials for Your Eyes

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Eye Primer

This, like face primer, is the first makeup product that goes in your eye makeup. Having the same purpose as a face primer, these makeup essentials are a good fit for all types of skin.
A few brands that provide best eye primers include Smashbox, e.l.f, Laura Mercier, and bareMinerals.


If you are the eye makeup lover, eyeshadow makes the most important product in your cosmetic organizer bag. The vast variety of shades available for eyeshadows allows us to choose the best color for our eye makeup. These shades come in packs of different palettes or individually.
The best cosmetic brands to try for your eyeshadow collection include Morphe, Gingerbread, MAC, and Urban Decay.


This is my favorite makeup product. This magical eye makeup product enhances the look of your eyelashes by adding length and volume to them. Get your best brands from Charlotte Tilbury, Maybelline, and L’Oreal.


Eyeliner is another eye makeup product that enhances the shape of your eye. And the styles in which they are applied are marvelously varied and beautiful.

Everyone who likes trying new eyeliner application styles should raise a hand.

In place of liquid eyeliners, women also use eye pencil or kohl products.

Makeup Products for Your Lips

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Till now, we have covered all the products which relate to doing your face and eyes. What else is left other than lips which is another most significant and remarkable part of our face?

Lips use to most essential makeup tools; lipstick and lip gloss.

Lip gloss

This essential is often used in solitude without lipstick.

But many gals prefer to use it over lipstick to give the underlying coat a better glow.

The best brands that showcase lip gloss are Nars, Revlon, Burt’s Bees, and Makeup Forever.


This is the go-to makeup products even for those girls who do not want excessive makeup. You can use it in most events to support your look.

I would choose a color that goes well with my lip shade. Other most loved colors include bright red, peach, and coral pink.

Best lipstick brands awards go to Chanel, Guerlain, and Laura Mercier.

Makeup tools

Other than the three types of makeup products to enhance every facial feature, we all need some accessories that will help us in applying our cosmetics. These tools can be categorized into brushes and applicators.

Wrap up

There is a number of products which we want handy when thinking about our makeup needs. This article outlines a few makeup essentials that I pack in my beauty bag.
What do you pack within your cosmetic case? Please share in comments below.


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