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Best Camouflage Jackets to Buy in 2019

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Camouflage looks trendy and has been loved by many for decades on end. Not only does the camouflage look has a proud veteran feel to it, but there is also a sense of belonging associated with the camouflage look. Both men and women can be seen sporting camouflage clothing items.

Camouflage jackets were once a hit style to the sports world; especially back in the ’90s. Fortunately, they’ve been back again since 2018, this time with even greater variety and class in tact. Considering the freezing temperatures that have rocked the globe worldwide, jacket sales have risen significantly in recent years. However, best camouflage jackets aren’t only in style during the winter season, summer sales also rose once camouflage sets of clothing were being sold (i.e. shorts, pants and jackets and even shoes to pair with).

Camouflage jackets for men are made from a variety of materials. Cotton, polyester and nylon are a few of the most common materials used. As many of the camouflage jackets for women are made to keep the user safe from water and wind, material such as Dri Stalk is used in manufacturing the jacket. This special material helps make the jacket both waterproof and windproof.

Best Camouflage Jackets Review

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If you own at least one piece of this trendy camouflage clothing, it’s mandatory that you learn the heritage behind this fashion line. For those interested, camouflage was in fact initially formed with the intent to protect soldiers and to offer a tactical advantage over the opponent, especially during war.

The US Army started using brown khaki uniforms back in 1902, during the summer and soon swapped to a greenish-brown colour by winter. According to history books, this was one of the backgrounds that originated the concept of camouflage clothing. The word camouflage, in fact, started to be utilised during the First World War by the French.

With the background out of the way, let’s have a look at the top ten camouflage jackets you can consider buying for 2019.

Best Camouflage Jackets of 2019

camouflage jacket for men

1. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Packable Down Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Packable Down JacketThis packable down jacket is made from nylon and meant to be used in cold climates. There are different colours and camouflage designs in stock for those who wish to purchase something different.

The Tommy Hilfiger logo is placed on the left chest and a standing collar is inclusive. The soft colours that are available alongside being lightweight make it a perfect travel jacket for those who wish to take the jacket along during travels.

Key Features: The jacket’s shell is made from nylon and offers warmth for cold climates. It is easy to fold and pack and can be taken on long journeys. The side pockets have zippers for those who like extra security for accessories kept in their pockets.


  • Stylish
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with drawstring bag for packing the jacket
  • Comes in different shades of camouflage
  • Both hand pockets have zipper closures


  • Can appear to be a bit puffy for those who don’t like any puff
  • May not fold perfectly to pack into luggage without the drawstring bag
  • No hood


Generally speaking, this jacket can keep wearers warm up to –minus 10 degrees Celsius and above. Of course, how much cold a person can take depends on an individual level so this may vary person to person.

Size S or size M should fit shorter men just fine. The good thing about jackets is, even if they’re a couple of inches longer width wise, it’s difficult to tell and still looks trendy.

No, not at all. The jacket is meant to fit nicely. You can opt to wear sweaters underneath for extra warmth.

Our Verdict

This premium quality jacket offers great shades of camouflage and works well as a gift for the winter. It’s a good pick for those living in cold climates, especially people who don’t like carrying extra heavy jackets, particularly while traveling.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Jacket on Amazon

2. Propper Men’s BDU Coat Jacket

Propper Men's BDU Coat JacketThis proper BDU four-pocket jacket is a full on man’s jacket in that it has a strong military man look to it, having been sewn to military specification. It is made from 60% cotton and 40% poly twill.

There are drain holes included in the bellowed pockets, allowing for easy drying. A chest pen pocket is included along with two-piece double reinforced elbow parts. The sides and sleeves are felled for extra durability. There are also adjustable sleeve buttons.

Key Features: Provides a standard military look while providing proper warmth. Four pockets have been included in the exterior so allows for extra space to hold belongings.


  • Sewn to military specification
  • Drain holes in bellowed pockets
  • Two piece, double reinforced elbows
  • Fused pocket flaps and collar for a professional look
  • Adjustable sleeve buttons


  • Not meant for those who don’t find the military look appealing
  • Fabric can be a bit stiff

Propper Men’s BDU Coat Jacket, Woodland Review

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The answer will vary according to personal taste. If you find the military look unappealing, this jacket is probably not the best pick. However, it does provide a disciplined look for those looking for something more orderly in appearance.

No, there are no internal pockets. But if you’re good with needle-work or Velcro, you can always add on pockets. The material is heavy enough to hold internal pockets.

This is simply to stay in line with the proper military BDU coat jacket design. It’s up to the user whether or not they would like to use the pockets, sew them up or leave them as is.

Our Verdict

This is a good gift jacket for dad, your husband or any man in your life. The fabric can come off a bit stiff but should get more comfortable after wearing it a couple of times.

Buy Propper Men’s BDU Coat Jacket

3. Magcomsen Men’s Tactical Army Outdoor Coat Camouflage Softshell Jacket Hunting Jacket

MAGCOMSEN Men's Tactical Camouflage JacketThis sharkskin soft shell fabric jacket with warm inner fleece is both waterproof and windproof. It includes a thermal and has a vent zipper under each arm, making the jacket properly ventilated and breathable. The innovative design makes it a hot pick for men who may have to do heavy load work even during bad weather conditions.

Key Features: Provides excellent support against wind, rain or any form of strong weather.


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Drawstring at the waist
  • Includes a hood
  • Lightweight


  • Has a heavy, army look to it
  • Hood is non-detachable
  • Looks heavier than it is

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Camouflage Jacket Review

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Even though the jacket provides protection against water and wind, it is not too heavy nor does it make it too difficult to breathe. The settings have been adjusted in such a way to allow the wearer to feel the pleasant rain falling from the top but none of it will seep into the interior. It’s simply provides you with the best of both worlds!

The zippers are meant for user comfort. If it gets too stuffy or due to extra activity the body gets heated, the front and rear zippers can be unzipped or the underarm zippers can be unzipped to get proper air flow.

Our Verdict

An innovative jacket for those who love the outdoors, wish to enjoy activities even when it rains and wish to remain dry while enjoying themselves during rainy days.

Camouflage Softshell Jacket Hunting Jacket

4. Amazon Essentials Men’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

Men's Full-Zip Polar Fleece JacketThis mid-weight fleece jacket, made from 100% polyester has been imported and provides warmth during slightly cold days. It comes with a high collar, full-zip front along with side seam pockets making it a stylish jacket while retaining the autumn jacket look.

It can be worn during extremely cold weather as a base layer when the wearer wants to bundle up properly. The fact that it is machine washable makes it easier to maintain for those who aren’t a big fan of hand washing clothes. The pockets have zippers and elasticised cuffs.

Key Features: Provides a warm feel for slightly cold days. Comfortable and soft enough to wear even during the fall.


  • Works well as a base layer during extreme cold
  • Machine washable
  • Zippered pockets
  • Elasticised cuffs
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Not enough for extremely cold days


There may be slight shrinking through continued washing. This depends on how often the washing is done and the type of water used, whether warm or cold. It’s best to use slightly warm water while washing.

Yes, the jacket does have a set of interior pockets in addition to the exterior pockets, which are zippered.

Our Verdict

A great jacket for those who wish to replace their sweaters with a jacket item. It won’t do the job during really cold winter days but food enough for autumn or fall, late fall. This could even be used during spring days if a person prefers keeping warm.

Amazon Men’s Full-Zip Jacket

5. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Jackets Outdoor Waterproof Softshell Hooded Tactical Jacket

FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical JacketThis jacket is meant to resemble a serious soldier. The outer layer is made with Dintex soft shell fabric and the inside is made with fleece lining. It’s not only water-repellent, but it is also windproof. The material is breathable and contains thermal to help keep the wearer warm during colder temperatures.

To top it off, the jacket comes with a 3D three-dimensional hood. This hood can be kept away or expended according to the wearer’s preferences. The vent zipper under each arm area allows for rapid evaporation of moisture stored in the body, making it the perfect jacket for cold and tropical climates.

There are two chest zipper pockets, a headphone jack as well as a small in-built pocket on the inside for those who wish for extra storage space, especially while traveling. The collar has a contraction rope, which helps prevent wind from getting into the neck. The elbow parts are thick with solid zippers located in several parts of the jacket.

Key Features: Can be worn on cold days with rainfall or strong winds. The extra zipper pockets allow for additional carry on space. There is also Velcro on the arms.


  • Stylish
  • Zippers under the armpits area to release heat
  • Water resistant
  • Windproof
  • Headphone jack and a small built-in pocket


  • There are no internal pockets
  • While most of the jacket is water resistant, the zippers are not
  • Might appear to have too many zippers for those who don’t like zippers


No, the zippers give the jacket a sophisticated look. Whether it’s the zippers located on the front arm parts, under the armpit or the front chest area, these sets give the jacket a more urban and classy look. The zippers under the armpit area actually allow for heat release, this is great for air ventilation within the body.

The hood part is attached. You can perhaps get it tailored to remove the hood part at your convenience.

Our Verdict

Must have for those living in climates where it rains often. The waterproof nature of the jacket makes it extra protective during harsh climates, whether it is rain, wind or snow.

Waterproof Softshell Hooded Jacket

6. DRI Duck Men’s 5020 Cheyenne Hooded Work Jacket

DRI Duck Men's 5020 Cheyenne Hooded Work JacketThis signature work jacket is made for tough guys who work long hours and are looking for comfort while at it. The jacket is made from 100% cotton boulder cloth canvas and is diamond quilted.

The jacket is, in fact, comparable to other duck canvas jackets that have more features, jackets from Berne, Carhartt or Schmidt.

Key Features: Provides heavy-duty jacket work while retaining comfort for men who work long hours in cold temperatures. It has cell phone and patch pockets inside for safekeeping of personal possessions such as phones and wallets. The hood fits tightly.


  • Comfortable
  • Heavy-duty metal zipper
  • Rib knit cuffs
  • Waistband made from spandex (for extra stretch)
  • Articulated elbow area
  • Body and hood parts are insulated underneath


  • The contour and rugged look may not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Only one interior pocket (con for those who need at least two)

DRI Duck Men’s Hooded Jacket Review

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No, it is imported from China. It is made from top quality material. It is long lasting and should do the job well if taken care of over the years.

The jacket is very comfortable. Just because it is meant for hardworking men does not mean it is made out of hard material. The material is soft and comfortable while remaining durable. The Cheyenne hooded work is often quite liked.

Our Verdict

This one is a great pick for men who want to keep warm while keeping the tough guy look. Comfort wear is on top of the list for those who wish to sport this one.

DRI Duck Men’s Jacket at amazon

7. Abollria Tactical Jacket Soft Shell Fleece Coat Windproof Outwear Camouflage Jacket

Abollria Tactical Windproof Outwear Camouflage JacketThis polar fleece jacket from Abollria has a solid look attached and is great at keeping wind and rain away from the skin. The hood and collar are fleece lined with a concealed hood (a zipper compartment allows the hood to be concealed).

The soft shell outer part makes the jacket versatile with added insulation. The jacket comes with mesh-lined cape vents on the back part to keep the user’s body ventilated.

Key Features: Provides a warm and cozy feel. The polar fleece material makes it a perfect wear during outdoor activities.


  • Stylish
  • Comes with drawstring waist for an adjustable fit
  • Extra large back pocket with two zippers


  • Size may be small for men (better to buy one size larger)
  • Hood part not detachable (can be hidden not removed)


This jacket is actually unisex. Both men and women can wear it, based on their individual preferences. The sizes need to be bigger for men so it’s probably best to order accordingly.

Other than the front pockets, there are a couple of small pockets located on the arm areas. These pockets can be used to hold keys, cards, earphones or other small accessories.

The hood part is attached but there is a zipper compartment that allows for the hood part to be hidden. Keep in mind though, once hidden, even though the hood is put into the zipper part, it can appear a bit bulky.

Our Verdict

Must have for those interested in hunting, fishing, training, cycling, mountain biking or any other outdoor activity. The windproof nature of the jacket makes it extra protective during harsh windy weather.

Windproof Outwear Camouflage Jacket

8. Frogg Toggs Toadz Toad Rage Rain Jacket

Frogg Toggs Toadz Toad Rage Rain JacketThe Frogg Toggs Toadz Toad Rage Jacket is a rain jacket that features taped waterproof seams, to keep you sealed and dry. The twofold storm flaps and rain gutter closes with a snap-front zipper to keep you free of any dampness.

The jacket also has easy-access hand-warmer pockets. What’s more? The storage pockets are zippered to offer plenty of storage and security for those who frequent outdoors and need to carry accessories. Not to mention the waistband is adjustable and permits wearers to attain a comfortable and customized fit.

The jacket is an excellent choice for outdoor activities such as camping, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing or other similar outdoor activities.

Key Features: Provides protection from rain and offers ample space to carry accessories while outdoors. Great as a carry on while traveling to places that are known to be rainy or windy. Can be carried easily as it is lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Provides good protection from rain
  • Fully sealed and taped waterproof seams
  • Easy access to hand warmer pockets


  • Not meant for extremely cold temperatures
  • Not insulated
  • The material used to make the jacket can come off a bit stiff


This is a lightweight jacket weighing in at around a few pounds. It can be worn with comfort. It’s great to take as a carry on during travels as it doesn’t take up much space in a luggage.

This would be perfect for bikers as not only is it lightweight, it is waterproof and protects pretty well against the wind as well. You want to feel as light as possible when riding a bike and going against the wind.

Our Verdict

Great jacket for those living in climates where it rains often; the jacket can work as a replacement to raincoats and the likes. Great for those who love the outdoors and find themselves engaged in outdoor activities often.

Frogg Toggs Rain Jacket on Amazon

9. FASHION BOOMY Womens Zip Up Safari Military Anorak Jacket W/Hood

FASHION BOOMY Womens Military JacketThis fashionable jacket is made from 100% cotton and has a lining made from 100% polyester. It is extra comfortable and has a chest pocket and hooded drawstring. The waist and bottom part include an adjustable drawstring for better fit. It can be adjusted according to the wearer’s preference.

Additionally, two snap buttons are included with this jacket and one zipper pocket to put belongings in. It is a woven jacket that provides a personalised look while retaining a standard fashionable aura.

Key Features: Provides a great fit and style while offering light warmth. The drawstring waist part makes it adjustable, offering a comfortable fit.


  • Fashionable
  • Lightweight
  • Includes drawstring at the waist for better fit


  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Must be ironed at low
  • Meant primarily for smaller framed women


Unless camouflage prints are meant only for men, there is nothing “masculine” about this jacket. It’s made to fit women gracefully and has a fine finishing touch to it, which can be seen from afar. If anything, the vibe is more a merge of traditional and classy.

No, it is meant for slightly cold weather, preferably autumn or fall weather, not really winter. However, it can be worn with layers to warm it up. Getting creative with our clothing can work for us during all climates, not just winter.

Our Verdict

This extra stylish women’s jacket makes it one of those jackets women should have for casuals as well as parties or get-togethers. It’s meant to keep warmth and style at parallel standings.

FASHION BOOMY Womens Military Jacket

Our Take on Camouflage Jackets

camouflage jackets for womenCamouflage jackets are one of those classy items you need to have at least one of in your wardrobe. Whether it is camouflage jackets for men, camouflage jackets for women or camouflage jackets for children, the camouflage look simply doesn’t lose its style. Irrespective of whether it’s denim camouflage jackets or polyester camouflage jackets, each one has an old-school feel to it. We feel the merging of classy and traditional is what camouflage is all about.

The camouflage print will turn heads, no matter where you go. Project the braveness in you by sporting a camouflage jacket along with a trendy set of pants and a pair of boots to go with the whole package. Don’t be afraid to change up your style from time to time, mix it up with old school and the newest trends. Be the smart trendsetter while staying true to roots!

Final Words

So there you have it, you’ve just found some of the best camouflage jackets available in the current market.

But here’s something to remember – even though some of the features in camouflage jackets may seem quite similar in terms of some of the key features. For example, in general, all of them are meant to keep you warm, provide you enough space to carry your belongings and most importantly, to be worn as a bold fashion statement but several elements are quite different. It’s the small things that set them apart and makes them unique to one another.

Shopping for jackets online is fine if you have busy schedules or are unable to personally go and purchase. However, keep in mind that sizes may end up being different once you get them and sometimes it’s best to try them out personally in order to avoid getting the wrong size. Online sizes can either be too small or too big as the manufacturers are different.

With the history associated with camouflage jackets and the trendy look that the jackets bring with them, it’s unlikely you’ll ever regret having a pair or two of this classic piece of clothing.

If you do not already own a camouflage jacket, make sure to purchase one as soon as possible to add to your clothing collection. Happy shopping!


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