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Best Teddy Coats of 2019

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Those eager to update and reestablish their wardrobes for 2019’s fashion trends should take note: teddy coats are back, and they’re better than ever before!

Even if you’re not a fashionista, it’s hard to deny the appeal fur coats have. They are a symbol of luxury and extravagance, dating back hundreds of years to times when only the nobility and the wealthiest people could afford to wear them. They’re also supremely comfortable, letting you luxuriate in them even as they keep you warm from the biting cold. And on top of all that, they still go great with many kinds of outfits.

Even with winter drawing to a close, fur coats retain their appeal and utility. You can wear one on a windy day on an afternoon walk, or wear one over an evening gown for a night at the town hall. Fur coats are the definite article of clothing for people looking to make a statement, whether it’s of faux or real fur.

How To Wear Teddy Coats

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Faux fur used to be the inferior option to real fur, but not anymore. One of the reasons faux fur was so unpopular until recently was because of poor manufacturing techniques that made it look and feel fake. But over the years, manufacturing has improved, as have designers, and today the texture and feel of faux fur can sometimes be indistinguishable from real fur. You can certainly still distinguish between the two, but it’s subtle enough that you might not even be able to tell the difference until you actually feel it closely or put it on. This brings out a whole new dimension in clothing, allowing designers to experiment and take advantage of faux furs’ syntheticity.

Wearing faux fur also allows you to make the statement that you care. Real furs require hunting or farming animals for their skin and fur, which many consider barbaric and unethical. But faux furs are entirely man-made, meaning no animals were harmed in making the product. This is a sentiment many people look for in their apparel, especially in today’s world where awareness about animal ethics is at a very high level.

Faux fur Teddy Coats are now available, for both men and women, in a staggering variety of colours and styles, each suitable for different occasions. If you’re new to wearing faux fur coats, it may be completely overwhelming. But even if you’re an experienced fashionista, the array of options available can make picking out a few for your wardrobe a daunting task. Fortunately, in order to help you decide, we’ve narrowed it down to what we feel are the best of the year.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Teddy Coats of 2019.

1. Best Teddy Coats of 2019

1. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Fashion Faux Shearling Coat Jacket

Women's Fashion Faux JacketThis loose-fitting faux fur teddy coat brings furred warmth to casual, everyday and holiday wear. Though designed to be worn in winter, this coat is light enough that can also be used at warmer times such as in Fall or Spring.

The design on the coat is simple and elegant, lacking any obviously visible branding, and there are multiple colour options to choose from, ranging from natural colours such as khaki and dark brown to striking red or black.

Key Features: This coat features a double-sided lining of faux fur and a zipper to close it up. Two large front pockets provide a lot of space for stashing your belongings if needed.


  • Stylish and Comfortable
  • Machine-washable
  • Relaxed fit; Can be worn over multiple layers of clothes


  • Not suitable for very cold weather
  • Zipper can be stiff.

PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Fashion Faux Shearling Jacket Color

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This coat generally fits well at your own size. However, if you want a more relaxed fit, you should buy one size up.

While this coat is designed for winter wear, it is not heavy duty and functions best in mild winter weather. Therefore, it may be unsuitable for very cold environments.


Fitting the twin criteria of practical and stylish, the very first teddy coat on our list is a great option for many uses. The comfort provided by this coat is hard to beat, and it provides more than enough warmth. It’s a good pick for anyone looking to add a stylish twist to their day to day wear.

Best Women’s Teddy Coat on Amazon

2. ECOWISH Women’s Coat Faux Shearling Winter Jackets

ECOWISH Women's Winter JacketsA trendy and fashionable fleece coat from Ecowish, this jacket is great for everyday use, whether at home, work, school or the street. It’s made of soft and comfortable faux fur, making it a delight to wear.

The jacket avoids gaudy decorations and instead opts for an elegant, unadorned, mono-coloured design that helps it match with other outfits much better.

Key Features: Made of polyester and spandex mix, which feel very light on the skin. It also has long sleeves and two side pockets.


  • Light, fluffy and comfortable.
  • Huge variety of colour choices


  • No elastic at the wrist, so they may be snug

ECOWISH Women’s Coat Faux Shearling Winter Jackets Colors

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It’s thick enough for cold mornings and evenings, though it may be on the warm side when indoors during the day.

Yes. This jacket has a comfortable fit that is loose enough to wear a sweater and even a scarf under it. That way, you can make sure you’re always able to stay warm.


A great jacket for everyday use, especially as the season gets colder. You can wear it in almost any kind of everyday occasion and cut a striking figure. A great choice of colours allows you to complement this jacket with your wardrobe.

Women’s Faux Shearling Winter Jackets

3. Angashion Women’s Long Cardigan Coat Faux Fur Jacket

A long knee length lapel jacket, covered in faux fur, the Angashion Fleece Lapel radiates elegance. The length of the coat can accentuate your body shape while providing warmth for parts of your lower body.

Available in six colours, this coat is undecorated but has a stylish lapel collar and the edges are lined in a manner reminiscent of a robe.

Key Features: Made from 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex and lined with faux fur on both inside and outside. There are two pockets at the hips.


  • Warm, soft and cozy
  • Knee length provides better warmth for the whole body
  • Is light, so it does not weigh you down


  • Coat is open and does not clasp closed

Angashion Women’s Long Cardigan Coat Faux Fur Jacket Colors

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Yes. This coat is lined with faux fur, which will not shed past the initial unboxing and shedding. This lining is fleeced and will provide comfort.

This coat is machine washable and should be washed under a gentle, cold cycle. The drying should also be gentle.


This jacket fits all the criteria you might be looking for in the newest addition to your wardrobe. The length sets it apart, and despite the larger size it rarely feels too heavy or too warm to wear, making it ideal for all occasions throughout Fall, Winter and Spring.

Women’s Long Cardigan Coat

4. Comeon Women’s Coat Casual Lapel Fleece Fuzzy Faux Shearling Zipper Coats Warm Winter Oversized Outwear Jackets

Comeon Women's Faux Shearling Zipper CoatsBased off the latest fashions, this oversize jacket brings out the best in oversize clothing: relaxed comfort and the freedom to wear whatever you like underneath it. Made from artificial fibres and faux fur, this jacket is amazingly comfortable for everyday wear.

Available in several different colours including Black, Dark Green, Dark Brown, and Dark and Light Khaki, this is a Boyfriend style jacket with one closing clasp. Elastics ensure it fits comfortably.

Key Features: This jacket is made of polyester and spandex, and lined with faux fur for warmth and comfort. It has one closing clasp and also a relaxed fit.


  • Soft and Warm
  • Clasp allows it to be closed
  • Has a different version with a zipper, for buyer’s choice.


  • Does not have a lining


While this jacket does not have a lining, it is still very warm. As it is oversize, you can always wear warmer clothes such as a sweater under it.

As a general rule of thumb, you should get one size up if you want to ensure it will definitely be an oversized fit.


This teddy coat is a great, stylish option for anyone. It makes itself indispensable with the comfort it provides, while its relaxed fit allows you to wear it with a wide range of outfits for nearly any occasion.

latest fashion Teddy Coats

5. HOTAPEI Women’s Fuzzy Fleece Open Front Cardigan Jacket Coat Outwear Pockets

HOTAPEI Women’s Cardigan JacketA long sleeved cardigan coat, with fuzzy fleece covering. This cardigan is aimed at providing warmth during the cold winter days, while still maintaining your chic fashion appearance.

It features a solid patterned cardigan style design, with large pockets at the front and a set of four buttons to accentuate its appearance.

Key Features: This coat is made of 100% polyester and covered in faux fur, with an open neckline. The sleeves have a ribbed finish for style and there are two large front pockets.


  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Large front pockets for stashing items or keeping hands warm


  • Harder to match this with a wide range of outfits

HOTAPEI Women’s Fuzzy Fleece Open Front Cardigan Jacket Coat Colors

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This cardigan has a thin fleece lining. However, it still provides ample warmth for wearing in cold or windy weather and during the winter.

This was made in China, using high-quality materials and careful labour.

As this is a cardigan, there are no zippers or buttons to close up the pockets.


For those looking for a fashionable cardigan to make their daily rounds with, this is an excellent choice. The variety of colours allows it to match your favourite tops, and it will keep you warm from the cold and wind.

long sleeved cardigan coat on amazon

6. LookbookStore Women’s Oversized Open Front Hooded Draped Pockets Cardigan Coat

LookbookStore Women's Oversized Cardigan CoatA casual faux fur cardigan, open at the front and sporting a draped collar and hood. This coat is an elegant option for casual wear during the fall and winter.

In addition to the simple mono-coloured aesthetics of most teddy coats featured on this list, this cardigan adds a two-tone option, with a choice of pink with light grey, or black with dark grey.

Key Features: This cardigan has a hood and large pockets in the front. It does not close, but it has a good variety of colours.


  • Comfortable, casual design
  • Hood provides warmth for the head
  • Large pockets for utility
  • Wide variety of colour, plus two-tone colour options


  • Limited variety of options for two-tone colour
  • Does not close at the front

LookbookStore Women’s Oversized Cardigan Coat Colors

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No, the coat is designed with the hood as a part of it. Removing the hood would require extensive tailoring work.

There is a limited selection of colours available. This coat may not be available at the specific colour of your choice.


A great cardigan for everyday wear, with a hood that guarantees the head will be able to stay as warm as the rest of the body. The colour choices of this coat give you the option of injecting colour into your wardrobe in order to make a great impression.

Women’s Oversized Cardigan Coat

7. Vetinee Women Casual Fuzzy Fleece Hooded Cardigan Pocket Faux Fur Outerwear Coat

Vetinee Women Cardigan Outerwear CoatMade of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, this cardigan will luxuriate you in comfort. Covered in fuzzy fleece, it maintains both stylishness and warmth for the fashion-forward woman.

Key Features: Hooded cardigan that has an open front and dolman sleeves. There are pockets at the sides, and the overall design is loose and relaxed.


  • Loose and relaxed for comfort
  • Fleeced surface provides warmth
  • Hood provides covering for the head
  • Functional pockets for resting hands or storing objects.


  • Limited range of colours


This is an open fronted cardigan and thusly, it does not close. If it is necessary, you may sew buttons or a clasp on the front in order to close it.

While normally you would get one size up, this cardigan is designed to be loose. It is made of stretching materials and can expand. Therefore, you should order at your normal size.


Another great coat for casual and daily wear. This cardigan will ensure you never feel cold and has all the features to ensure that, from its fleeced faux fur covering to the pockets for keeping your hands in. Since it is a relaxed cut, it will fit regardless of what outfit you wear with it.

Vetinee Women Cardigan Outerwear Coat

8. CHOiES Women’s Lapel Long Sleeve Faux Shearling Boyfriend Winter Coat

CHOiES faux fur shearling coatA faux fur shearling coat with a reversible fleece, this is a great jacket made just for cold winter mornings. In addition to the lapel style collar, this coat features a zipper, allowing you to close it up when necessary. All these make it a great option for daily use during the winter.

The reversible fleece allows this coat to adapt to the situation. For instance, on colder days, the fleece can face outwards to insulate you, and on warmer days, the fleece on the inside keeps you cool.

Key Features: This coat is made fully from artificial fibre and has a reversible fleece design. It can be closed from the front and has pockets for utility.


  • Comfortable, reversible fleece
  • Hood and Pockets are useful


  • Lack of colour variety – only khaki available

CHOiES Women’s Faux Shearling Winter Coat Review

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The hood is attached to the jacket and cannot be detached without tailoring work.

The pockets are open. They do not have any kind of zip or button to close them. As this jacket is reversible, it would not be possible to put a zipper to close the pocket.


A versatile jacket for varied occasions. In addition to being stylish, being useful in different situations makes it all the more attractive.


 9. Women Casual Winter Hooded Cardigan Coat Faux Fur

Women Casual Winter Hooded Cardigan Coat Faux FurAnother double-sided faux fur coat, this cardigan is every bit as fashionable as it promises to be. It is suitable for a wide variety of occasions, ranging from school and work to parties and clubs, and it maintains its comfortable feeling and stylish appearance all throughout.

In terms of design, it goes for a minimal aesthetic, featuring little to no decoration and instead relies on its cut, colour and faux fur appearance to stand out.

Key Features: Like the previous item on this list, this cardigan is reversible. It features large pockets and a hood.


  • Comfortable for daily wear
  • Reversible
  • Large pockets are very useful.


  • Tends to be on the small side for most people.
  • Limited choice of colour


This is in a cardigan style, but with no buttons. There is no zipper in the front either, meaning it will not close up in the front.


This is a coat for the winter fashionista. Not only does it provide a supreme amount of comfort and warmth, but it also goes great with skirts or jeans and boots, making this a highly attractive prospect for any woman’s wardrobe.

Women Casual Hooded Cardigan Coat

10. Gzbinz Women’s Casual Warm Faux Shearling Coat Jacket

Gzbinz Women's Casual Warm Faux Shearling Coat JacketLast, but not least, Gzbinz’s shearling jacket has everything one could want in a jacket. It is light, fluffy and covered with faux fur. It closes up on the front with a zipper and has two large pockets for all your storage needs.

Focusing on an ‘autumn’ theme, this jacket is designed in a loose street style and comes mono coloured in five colours: coffee, camel, blue, green and black.

Key Features: The jacket is made of polyester and spandex, with faux fur on top. It has two large frontal pockets and a zipper to close up the front.


  • Warm, comfortable and stylish
  • Large pockets that can be very useful
  • Variety of colours


  • Zipper may be stiff

Gzbinz Women’s Casual Warm Faux Shearling Coat Jacket Review

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No, this jacket does not come with a hood. If a hood is required, it will have to be attached separately after purchase.

Yes, since this jacket is designed in a loose style. There will be space for other warm clothes such as sweaters under this jacket.


Closing out the list is another great choice of winter wear. Not only is this jacket stylish, but it also goes with t-shirts, leggings or jeans for almost every occasion, whether working, partying or shopping. The choice of colours lets you pick your favourite colour to match it to the rest of your outfit.

Gzbinz Faux Shearling Coat Jacket

Our Take on Teddy Coats

With such a tremendous variety of teddy coats coming out from fashion designers all over the world, narrowing our selection down to the tiny number of ten was an immensely tough task. Every coat has something that makes it unique and special, whether it’s a quirk of the designer or the brand, or even something as small as the placement of the pockets.

Being fashion forward in 2019 is a difficult task. Though fur coats have been around for a long time, they were until recently the domain of the rich and extravagant. Faux fur teddy coats have closed that social and cultural gap immensely, and while many may still decry faux fur as being cheap and lacking authenticity, it’s undeniable that faux furs and teddy coats are the new trend and they may be here to stay.

There are some detractors to faux furs. Many people claim they are more harmful to nature than real furs since faux furs are produced from plastics and like all plastic products, they take longer to degrade in nature. But like other plastic products, there are other options such as specialized disposal or recycling. That’s why we shouldn’t let the detractors keep us from our faux fur teddy coats.

teddy jacketAfter all, teddy coats have a universal appeal to them. The name hearkens to the teddy bear, with its soft fur that used to be a favourite of ours as children. The same appeal is bought forward in these teddy coats. They retain features such as the smooth, comforting surface and the bright and attractive natural colours. It can be a pleasure to simply run your hands over the surface of a faux fur coat and simply feel the material.

Of course, just deciding to get a faux fur coat isn’t the end of it. There are many things to consider, such as your hair colour and complexion, and body shape. Each person has a specific type and colour of teddy coat that will fit them best. For example, if you are blonde, a teddy coat with bright natural colours such as khaki, caramel or coffee, will fit you best. A bright primary colour like red or blue can be a bold statement. A brunette will fit into a dark brown or black coat much better. If you are unfamiliar with styling and are having trouble deciding, there are many places on the internet to learn about it, as well learn our guide to be stylish in winter teddy coat.

Bottom Line

Shopping online can be a daunting experience. Online retailers will display a towering list of products, with no easy way of discerning what each individual item is like. It isn’t like a shop where you can browse through the racks at your own pace, feeling out everything that catches your interest. Sometimes, when purchasing online, you have to make a leap of faith, not knowing if the product you just ordered will fit your outfit, or is your size, or is being shipped at all.

Hopefully, this list helped alleviate some of those problems and saved you hours of fruitless searching through massive lists all over the internet. Instead, we have hopefully streamlined your shopping experience by bringing your focus towards an exclusive roundup of the best teddy coats that we have picked out for you.


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