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5 Tips To Learn As A New Mom

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Becoming a mother is interesting. The fear of going through those nine months of food cravings, the visits (scheduled and unscheduled), nausea, the walkouts, the frights, the unease, and a host of others, could make any pregnant woman burst into tears of joy after delivery.

But the news is now here on you that delivery was successful — no post-delivery complications. No operations needed. No issues at all. The protruded belly has now come down, and the baby has come out eventually, hale, healthy and hearty. And the sudden realization of your long desire to become a biological mother of your children now dawns on you. What a great piece of news! What a relief! But can you cope with the irony that as a 30-year woman, you’ve suddenly become a child, a small kid who requires some learning and tutoring. That’s not new, anyway. Every woman that has passed through this stage has become a child at one time or the other. That’s the beauty of motherhood and childbirth. Take your time to learn something new; those things you’ve read in the books but have not had a personal practical experience of them.

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Here are a few things you need to know as you begin this new phase in your life. These five important tips will help you now as you nurse your new child and later as you add two or three more kids to the fray.

1. Prevent SIDS

Prevent SIDS

Tips on how to prevent as much as possible Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS, is surely the greatest and possibly the only thing you would want to hear as you begin to groom your newborn. SID is not a good experience at all. It is a sudden death occurrence that happens to a child at an age usually less than one. And certainly, no mother prays for infant mortality. No mother, not even the new mom, would love to see the first fruit of her womb die suddenly, and without an explainable cause. Records before now showed that about 2,500 cases of SID occurred in the US. However, the figure has declined significantly in recent time. Sadly, a greater number of these occurrences have no known cause; but a few have obvious risk factors. One thing you have to do is ensure that your newborn child is placed in his crib with their faces up and their heads covered. The cribs must be properly cushioned with a firm mattress. The greatest rule under this is: Do not allow pillow, any big blankets or plush toys around the baby in the crib to prevent the baby from being suffocated. If you need to sleep close to your baby, find a separate bed for yourself.


2. Don’t Be Caught Unawares

Don’t Be Caught Unawares

It is no offence to learn certain things even long before the pregnancy approached the final expected day of delivery. Some ladies who are not into family life prefer even go learn some ins and outs about pregnancy and post-pregnancy experiences as well as life during the first few weeks of delivery. Preparation is the crucial word here. Be sure you’re going to be exhausted and fagged out days preceding and after your delivery. You will have to be helped out in some areas. It is better to get some things ready ahead of the first experience as a mom. The purchase and installation of the car seat should be properly carried out by an expert, ensuring that the car seat clip stands parallel to your baby’s armpits. How about learning the right diapers and how they are changed. Knowledge of the frequency of diapers change should not be overlooked.


3. Create Some Routine

Create Some Routine

Creating a routine is good both for your rest and the comfort of the baby. Babies want to flow with you, and this can only become fun if they make this into a routine to which they can relate immediately daily. There are quite many things you can do to create and a couple of areas of your babying that you could make this routine work. The bedding times, bedtimes and bath time. Let this part of him, and you can be sure that the older he grows, the easier it becomes for you to correct him and put him on the right track as he wakes up daily. The lullabies or rocking, playing, reading, and praying are all the things that will stick to the baby’s subconscious if you make them into a routine. Organize yourself so that the time of your nap does not conflict with that of your baby. Try to rest when the child goes to bed. Make this a regular and consistent practice.


4. Never Play To Public Sentiment

Never Play To Public Sentiment

It is often surprising that some moms, even those who are old in the system of child-rearing and parenting still don’t know their rights. Many often play into the sentiment of the people will talk. For instance, it is your right to breastfeed your child, anywhere, anytime. Although you have to respect the right of others, never think of what the public will feel when it comes to publicly breastfeeding your child. Also, it is your right to determine how long you want to breastfeed your child. Women in the United States breastfeed their babies for around 6 months, on the average.


5. Set Some Boundaries

Set Some Boundaries

You need some people around you from the family and the circle of friends. However, your new experience gives you the opportunity to keep space and set some boundaries. Take time to be on your own. This kind of space is healthy for both you and your baby. Never feel bad about it.


Final Thought

As you are beginning your new phase in life, take the health of your baby pretty seriously and be sure you give the best as he arrives to live. He has the right to live as you do as well.

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