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5 Common Struggles New Moms Face And How To Overcome Them

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It is all smiles, all tears of joy, all hopes, all fears, and all relief as you hold your baby, the first fruit of your womb in your arms. The beautiful moments smile on you after more or less 36 weeks of a protruded belly. It has been you all alone; save for the occasional times your husband had to follow you to the OB-GYN for the visits, the pains had been carried on by you. Interestingly, both of you are now parents for the first time in your life.

The pre-pregnancy and pregnancy experiences may not be as challenging as the new one. Yet, they are no less challenging. However, if you have not taken some time out to learn some ins and outs about the life of a new mother, it is not late. There are things you need to bear in mind as parts of the struggles that will shape your perception as you begin this new phase of life.

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Below are five important struggles you cannot but face as a new mom and how you can overcome or subside the stress they will bring to you as you nurse and lactate your baby. No doubt, you’ll better find these struggles interesting once you have in mind and prepared for them at the emotional level.

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  • 1. Breastfeeding
  • 2. High Expectation
  • 3. Sleep Can Be Elusive
  • 4. Worries Pile High
  • 5. Your Baby is Your New ‘Spouse.’

1. Breastfeeding

This is one of the struggles you have to cope with as a new mom. This is a task you will have to do for the next six months on the average. Thank your star that you’re in the US. Outside the States, you may have to go on for as long as two years before you stop giving breast milk to your baby. It is not an easy task you want to admit; it can be frustrating, tiring and intense, at some time. How do cope with this new challenge? Never worry, hunger is part of the natural process. The way you feel hungry is the same way your child will feel, and even more. And the healthier the food you eat, the better for the child. The better the Oxytocin your breast produces, the health for the child. Again, you need to be relaxed, happy and excited about it. Don’t be anxious or weary. Find and set up a nursing area where you can do the nursing. Get a lactation consultant to help you out in the area of proper nursing.

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