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Dr. Martens Men’s Bonny Chukka Boots Review

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Dr. Martens Men’s Bonny Chukka Boots: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Fits as expected
  • Has a roomy feel
  • Comfortable, air-cushioned sole
  • Lasts for years

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit on the pricy side compared to other chukka boots
  • Not a traditional chukka boot style
  • People with wide or narrow feet might have a problem with comfort

A pair of chukka boots can be one of the best types of shoes to invest in if you’re building your wardrobe. But why are these shoes such a good investment? Well, chukka boots tend to be more durable, affordable, and stylish than other boots you’d find on the market.

With modern changes in footwear, most chukka boots can be rocked in a business setting or a casual one. In this article, we will be reviewing the Dr. Martin’s Men’s Bonny Chukka Boots in hopes to determine whether it is worth the investment.

Dr. Martens Men’s Bonny Chukka Boots Review

Dr. Martens Men's Bonny Chukka BootThese chukka boots are much different from others you may see on the market. That’s because they mimic the traditional desert style rather than the standard chukka style.What’s more is that they have been upgraded using synthetic materials, which resulted in a more affordable price tag and better-looking stitching. Lastly, they’ve been changed in a way to make them more comfortable to wear, allowing you to feel relief throughout the day.

Who Is this Product for?

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These Dr. Martens boots are better for casual or semi-casual environments. As much as we would like to recommend these boots for formal events, they are geared toward outdoor activities.These boots lack a sleek style and look more rugged, which makes them better for outdoor or casual wear. On top of those features, they also are unisex, which allows both men and women to wear them.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the package, you will be getting the Dr. Martens Men’s Bonny Chukka Boots in the size you ordered.

Overview of the Features

Here is a detailed look at the Dr. Martens Men’s Bonny Chukka Boots:


The shoes are made from a hybrid mix of both leather and nylon, which feature a synthetic sole. These materials allow the shoes to become more durable and longer lasting.

If you’ve ever had pure leather or suede chukka boots, you will understand that they need to be maintained and require upkeep. However, with hybrid materials, you won’t need to take extra measures to make sure that they are okay.

Goodyear Construction

It’s always good to know that the product you are buying is going to last for years to come. Because of the Goodyear construction, you can rest assured that these shoes won’t wear down anytime soon.

They feature upper and soles that are combined together using a heat-sealed Z-welt stitch. This provides a stronger build, which will prevent the sole from slipping off the upper shoe.

Yellow Stitching

As part of the design, these boots feature a yellow thread that is meant to keep the shoe together. However, the unique yellow design is one of its selling points, as you won’t find this on many other chukka boots.

On top of that, they fasten the welt to the uppers too, which keep them durable and provide more support.

Airwair Sole

Another excellent feature is that the soles are oil- and fat-resistant, which make them suitable for on-the-job and factory work. In addition, they also feature extra studs, which make the shoes slip-resistant and water-resistant.

The sole of these shoes includes excellent abrasion resistance, which can keep the sole looking like they just came out of the package.

How to Get the Most Out of it

The Tract Collection includes these Dr. Martens Chukka Boots, which are known to be great for use with urban clothing. Dr. Martens wanted to create a more rebellious looking pair of boots, which feature a more rugged design.If you’re choosing to pair these boots, try an industrial style matched with denim, jeans, and ripped clothing. These will allow the shoes to stand out and complement most colors. You can get them in either black or dark brown, allowing them to match most styles.


Another alternative to these boots from Dr. Martens is the London Fog Belmont Chukka Boots. If we’re sticking to an urban vibe, you can’t go wrong with these casual chukka boots.

Unlike others, they feature a denim fabric construction, which helps add to the rustic style. These come in a wide range of different colors, such as black, denim, dusty brown, grey, and tan. This allows you to customize the type of style you want and gives you plenty of options.

As for the make and feel, the memory foam interior creates a soft cushion for your feet and will keep you feeling comfortable when you’re out on the streets. They’re excellent for all weather conditions and are more comfortable because the fabric isn’t as stiff and won’t rub up against your skin.


As you can see, these chukka boots from Dr. Martens is an excellent choice if you prefer something that looks more semi-casual rather than pure urban. However, they do come with a hefty price tag.Then again, knowing that you’re getting a deal and paying for comfort, style, and durability means that they’re worth the investment. Hopefully, this article has demonstrated why chukka boots are such an essential type of foot fashion.

Dr. Martens Men’s Bonny Chukka Boot

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