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Essential Guide to Wearing a Teddy Coat in Public

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With temperatures dropping like never before, wouldn’t it have been ideal if we could stay in bed all day? Or better yet, carry our beds with us wherever we go? We’d never lose the cozy feel. To help us retain the snuggle just a bit longer, enter the cozy and trendy teddy bear coat, also known as the teddy coat.

The teddy coat allows wearers to remain warm and feeling snuggled without the possible intimidating look of a fluffy fur coat. A teddy coat is really easy to wear and allows you the option of holding your style while merging an innovative sense of flair. Teddy coats have been a growing trend for women (and men) to pull off over the years for both casual wear and party wear.

Made with plush and real soft textures, teddy coats are an ideal topper for any outfit, casual or party. If you want to know more about teddy coats and how you can rock them, without feeling out of place, keep reading.

What is all the hype about these teddy coats?

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If you’re wondering what exactly is a teddy coat, you need not imagine too hard as you’ve probably seen one being worn. It’s basically a type of coat that is made from different soft materials such as fleece or faux shearling. What you end up with is a warm and snug feel and look that resembles a teddy bear’s fur. Hence we have the hip name, the teddy coat.

We know how daunting pulling off the faux fur trend can appear, so we’ve come up with a short guide and a few tips and tricks to assist you in wearing the coat with style intact whether it’s for going to work, to school or to your other commitments throughout the week.

Teddy coats are not only warm, cozy and snuggly, they’re also the trending coat right now, which means that getting your hands on the perfect teddy coat for you is pretty easy.

Keeping it fashionable under the snow

Looking fashionable and stylish in the freezing temperatures of winter can be quite the struggle, layers upon layers can have you looking bulkier than you would like. So to avoid the bulkier look, it’s essential for you to know which clothing goes with what and choosing the right material to wear.

There are certain fabrics that keep you warmer than others without you having to layer up excessively. Opt for wool culottes or a chunky knit under your teddy coat and you can avoid layers altogether. Cotton sweaters are great as base layers as well. Put on a pair of court heels and your look is good to go.

Just make sure you wear what you do with purpose, care and precision intact (goes for all of your outfits).

Maintaining a professional look

You can choose to wear the teddy bear coat to the office and still maintain a professional look. You simply have to choose the right jacket to go with your outfit. Go for a sleek fur in a natural or softer colour. Try layering it with a formal blouse or pantsuit. If you keep the rest of your outfit formal with similar colour ranges, you’re bound to look classy yet professional for your everyday office wear.

Going to school, college or university is no different; you want to wear lighter colours to maintain a more professional look whereas darker colours can be kept for days out with friends or general outings.

If you’re afraid of looking bulky with the teddy coat on, simply opt to purchase a coat, jacket or gilet that falls on the longer side, preferably closer to your knees.

  • The weekday casual look

For everyday casuals, you don’t have to try too hard at all. Keep it simple with a sweater, leggings, skinny jeans or any other pair of jeans, with the teddy coat layered on top. If you like skirts or dresses, there’s no harm in draping the teddy coat over with either boots or shoes to go with the overall look.

  • The casual weekend look

Unlike weekdays, you may end up getting something special done over the weekends. As such, you want to spice up the weekend casual slightly, without making it appear too out of the ordinary. Striking a balance in this category is what it’s all about.

For a casual weekend look, go for a shaggy, larger sized faux fur jacket. Don’t worry about it standing out. You can throw it over any chunky sweater or denim outfit paired with ankle booties. Or you can dress it down by wearing a simple white t-shirt with sneakers along with your desired pair of jeans for a stylish fashion-forward look.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how basic your outfit might look to you. The addition of the coat will help you stand out from the crowd. With a teddy coat, the wow factor is there without you even trying.

Going out with friends or at parties!

For the night out with friends or social parties, you can always choose to pull off your favourite dress with the teddy coat on top. Go for darker colours for the coat, especially if it’s for nighttime outings. For morning outings you can keep the colours softer in tone or mix up between dark underneath with soft over or vice versa.

Generally speaking, the teddy coat has a luxe element to it, making it great for dressing up for your evening appearances. You can pull it off over classic pumps or a midi ribbed knit dress or purely over a tunic sweater followed by knee boots. Many ladies have commented on how they love how the oversized style of some teddy coats helps to balance out skirts, leather pants or bodycon dresses.

One point to keep in mind is, make sure you don’t try too hard by wearing too many accessories; you want to let your teddy coat do all the talking without taking the focus off.

Types of Teddy Coats

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Everyone has a unique style. In line with that, there are several teddy types of these adorable teddy coats you can choose from.

The classic camel teddy coat resembles a teddy bear in all angles, especially the brown one. This goes perfectly well with a pair of jeans and a shirt under. The deep rust teddy offers a darker shade of the classic teddy look. The color-block teddy look is best for the hipsters who like two shades of colour joined together.

The Urban Outfitters offer a style of teddy coat that includes several shades of colours. Different colour merges offer a great festive look. The all-black-everything teddy coat is what the name implies, all black in colour. This one’s great for those who like it black.

Waterfall teddy bear coats are sure to turn heads while giving an overall crystal look. The teddy bear bomber jackets give you a casual look and is a must have for your wardrobe of casuals. The oversized teddy coats go best with skinny jeans and the likes.

Feel free to check out the different types of teddy coats online before deciding which one looks best on you!

Moving forward with the fashion trend

teddy coatsWhen it comes to the fashion world, it’s like the moon in relation to the Earth, constantly in an orbit. What’s trendy today most likely won’t be in a few weeks or months but what was once a trendy fashion usually comes back around some time in the future. We seem to recycle our fashion trends every few years.

If you buy yourself a teddy coat, you don’t have to fear the coat going out of style for good. Even if the coat goes out for a while, it’s bound to come in style once more. Not to mention, the snuggly feeling is something you can never get enough of or get over really. If you’re thinking about saving up to buy a teddy coat, go for it.

As for getting the perfect match, if you’re bad at mixing and matching, worry not. With the host of colours and lengths to choose from, you’re sure to get your hands on the perfect coat to cater to your taste and style. You get better at it as you try mixing and matching different outfits, colours and combinations.

The fashion journey is one that carries on until the end of time really. Stay true to yourself by merging the newest fashion trends with your style preferences.

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