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Get Ready for the Sea with Your Best Travel Bag and Cruise

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A cruise is the surefire way to bring excitement back to your life. And if you are planning to stay in the ocean for most part of a week, then you should get most out of this soul-enriching activities.
Besides the ultimate opportunity to connect within, a cruise allows you to enjoy nature from a strikingly new angle.

Depending on your budget, the duration of your trip and your interests, you are bound to experience a number of breathtaking activities from boating to rock climbing, to plank walking and flowriding.
And just remind me about looking stylish (if I dare to forget).

The immense pleasures brought about by cruising come with a downside. You have to be prepared for all the activities with each activity demanding its own style and thrill. You can’t wear your boating attire when you are flowriding. You just can’t.

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And, then, comes your best travel bag and the luggage you want to take with you. Why bother taking two suitcases of clothes when your sole purpose is to enjoy your time with nature? Because a lot of your joy depends on how you look and feel. So, you can take a single pair of clothes with you on your vacation, but the experience may not be as extravagant as expected.

So what to do? Compromise on the amount of luggage you are carrying on your voyage to compensate for the comfortable and elegant you support onboard.

Other than the luggage weight and voyage experience trade-off, we need to answer several questions to determine the nature of luggage moving with us. Once you have confirmed your clothes, the selection of accessories and makeup becomes a lot less hectic.


The first question should consider the duration of the journey. Are you going for a single day cruise, or are you planning for an extended vacation longer than a week?

This duration will indicate the number of changes you need to pack in your backpack.
This question also includes your preference to do laundry for your clothes on the fleet or not (assuming you have the option to do your laundry at the ship). A shorter duration usually warrants for two (or more depending on your plans for the day) changes per day. A longer duration means that you need a similar number of clothes for every day multiplied with the number of days between two laundry events.


A lot of your outfit choices will be impacted by the activities you would be enjoying on the trip. Planning for these activities should start with an understanding of the activities offered on the ship. Is your ship offering surfing, water slides, climbing or rope challenges?

Take outfits which are the best match and don’t forget the applicable sunscreen.

Remember that you have plenty of time to be yourself while on the cruise. Don’t over stress about your dressing and style but focus on comfort and your unique image.


This could be easily the single most crucial question that determines the mood of your travel. Sunny weather promises unlimited fun. And cool breezy weather indicates staying within the room more often.
So, start with the weather forecast. Consult more than one forecast sources to increase certainty.
What kind of activities you can enjoy with the predicted weather. Again, plan your outfits around the planning.

Your Companions

Who is accompanying you?

For me, kids’ company and romantic partners often translate into more perfection-seeking packing. A solo trip would focus on your and only your pleasures. No judgment and no social obligation. Casual outfits with a theme of comfort and self-fulfillment will suffice.

The family trip will double the fun. At the same time, stress and commitment also multiply. Comfy outfits should be your number one priority for such vacations.

Romantic trips mean putting your foot forward. So add a pinch of sizzling hotness in your wardrobe.
And business meetings and trips need professional level of style and may result in heaviest luggage cases.

Limitations on Luggage

Yes, it’s another factor that can dictate what you should take with you cruising. Most cruise ships recommend keeping a maximum of two suitcases each weight no more than 50 pounds.
Once answered all these questions you are ready to put in your shortlisted supplies in your suitcases. You still need to be thoughtful in deciding which of your supplies will go to the carry on and which belong to the primary luggage.

My philosophy is if living ‘the good life’ or ‘sensually nourishing life’ is not at the top of your priority list, you are letting your life pass you by. Lebo Grand

Take Hanging Organizer Bag Seriously

This bag is your partner in emergency situations. It should have enough supplies to cover your dressing and immediate technology needs to support you in case you cannot get your primary luggage on time onboard.

Try fitting a change of clothes, necessary cosmetics and hygiene product, and medicines in your carryon. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about your delayed or missed luggage in your cabin.

Organization is Key

Proper organizing not only increases the number of items you can carry with you, but it also enhances the event of unpacking more easy and smooth. So, don’t only consider the ease of packing when doing it, also consider ease of unpacking.

Include all the necessary organizing ingredients of a regular trip including having a multi compartment makeup bag, packing cubes, and plastic bags to achieve better packing result. Try rolling your dresses and clothes in your main luggage rather than folding them.

Be Emergency Ready

Get prepared to lose your luggage.

No. Don’t get prepared but hope for the best.

And I know nothing can get you prepared for this difficult situation but you should at least be ready if you have to navigate through different methods of transition.

If you are traveling with your family, you should consider sharing your partner’s suitcase for half of your belongings. Don’t forget to return this favor by giving them space in your luggage. This swapping of space between the two will eliminate the hassle anyone will face in case of lost luggage.

Don’t Forget to Repurpose Your Clothes and Accessories

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You don’t need a fashion degree to understand how you could repurpose your outfits. Try packing multi-colored clothes preferably those which have contrasting schemes to allow instant matching.
Another great tip is to stick with a single wardrobe color scheme.

By sticking with a single color scheme you will not only enjoy creating new clothes combination but your cosmetic needs will also be significantly reduced.

The same goes for accessories which can take a single theme matching your clothes and wardrobe preference.

Think about Electronics

There are certain electronics without which our trip becomes incomplete. Our mobile phones and, if we are heavily reliant on them, our laptops cannot be abandoned by us during our cruise. And we need them during transit.

You need them handy. And away from the risk of loss or damage.

So, where do they belong? They belong to the small hanging organizer that you would keep with you onboard.

But before packing them in their designated location, get them ready for a hazard-free journey by enveloping them in their respective protective cases.

Consider Onboard Laundry

When it comes to longer duration cruising, you have only two options regarding your clothes. One is to pack light and avail onboard laundry service. The other option is to, again, pack light throw away clothes after use and buy new.

Well, both options have their costs and benefits. And, for some cruisers, the purchase option is cheaper than the laundry and reuse option because of high laundry costs associated with onboard laundry.
If you are unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars on laundry, you can look for those cruise packages which offer self-service Laundromats at the ship. Another option is for high-end loyal customers of cruise ships who are served with free laundry once onboard.

Consider Sea Travel Insurance

Sea travel can become a lot riskier than other channels of traveling. You can develop medical ailments, experience change in plan, or miss the ship. Sometimes, it’s not about you but about your luggage.
So, think not only about the upside potential, but consider downside risk also.
Get insured for your medical expenses, journey, and possessions.

Sea Travel Insurance

One of the best ways to get insurance is finding out the complementary or supplementary insurance packages that come with the voyage or are needed to obtain. In fact, this factor should make part of your cruise selection process.


  • You have to get prepared with all the resources.
  • You have to get yourself and your best travel bag prepared.
  • But, keep in mind, getting ready is not the goal. The goal is to enjoy yourself, available time, and happy connections.
  • So, don’t forget the fun.


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