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Golden Fox Enzo Men’s Chukka Boots Review

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If you enjoy wearing stylish and comfortable shoes, you will love chukka-style boots. These boots were famously made after the desert boot during wartime, as soldiers required footwear that was both protective, comfortable and that could easily be worn in the hot climate.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that these shoes offer a great amount of comfort, and in fact, they are well-known for being one of the easiest shoes to wear. With its simple, low-cut ankle style, these boots are perfect for both casual wear and the more formal work wear.

Best Men’s Casual Chukka Boots Review

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When it comes to shopping for chukka boots, you can easily find them on the high streets as well as online. There are many brands which stock them, and some that come with hefty price tags. If you are interested in finding a pair of chukkas for yourself, this article should help you out.

We have found a very popular pair of boots, the Golden Fox Enzo Men’s Chukka Boots, which are certainly worthy of your attention. First, however, we will take a look at the difference between chukkas and their similar desert boots, to understand the differences.

Chukkas and Desert Boots, Where is the Difference?

Although these two boots are often confused as being the same boot, there is a difference which will help you to single them out. The design of both desert and chukka boots look the same, however, if you look at the soles, this is where they are different.

Desert boots feature a rubber sole made of natural crepe. This is a sort of plantation rubber which is completely natural, made from latex tapped from trees. When this is used on a shoe sole it provides a very spongy feeling sole which is easy to walk on and feels like walking on air.

Chukka boots, however, don’t often feature natural crepe soles, and instead, have a synthetic sole. These are a more standard type of sole that is common on most shoes on the market.

Which are the Best Chukka Boot Brands?

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As previously mentioned, nowadays it is possible to find chukka boots from a variety of different brands. We will name a few of the more popular brand to give you an idea of where to look for them.


Clarks are a well-known and popular footwear brand that has been in the business for more than 100 years, crafting men’s fine dress shoes in various styles. Therefore, when making a purchase with Clarks, you can be guaranteed a pair of shoes that are of high quality. checkout the Clarks review here including style.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a brand which is known worldwide for their rebellious, distinctive styled boots and their chukka boot is instantly recognizable. These boots were inspired by the classic desert boots, and offer a sleek and simple design. Lets look the Dr. Martens review in order to getting best desert shoes.


SOREL is a popular shoe brand who craft shoes for men, women and kids. Their range is varied and offers many shoe styles which are always trending on the market. Their chukka boots are certainly a good option to go for and feature a very nice look.

Nunn Bush

Nunn Bush are specialists in designing men’s fashionable footwear and accessories and have many years’ experience behind them. Therefore, you can be guaranteed a top-quality pair of shoes from them. Have you checked the review of Nunn Bush men’s shoes?

Golden Fox Enzo Men’s Chukka Boots

These chukka boots by Golden Fox are very smart indeed. Featuring a premium design made of real leather, these boots will give you the quality you are looking for.

Golden Fox Enzo Men’s Chukka Boots Review

  • Real leather upper
  • Quality lined boots
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Lightweight rubber sole
  • Low profile design
  • Durable
  • Cushion insole
  • The stitching on these boots isn’t of a very good quality

Buy Golden Fox Enzo Men’s Chukka Boots


Golden Fox is a renowned leader in footwear and specializes in leather boots. This American company has been crafting boots since 1970, and their boots all feature hand-sewn craftsmanship and tradition.


If it’s comfort you are looking for, then these casual boots will definitely give you that. They are made from real leather and feature soft pigskin lining on the inside. This helps prevent chafing and in turn, gives your feet a great amount of comfort in comparison to unlined boots.

An anti-fatigue dual density cushion insole, which helps support lower back, also helps you to walk in complete comfort.

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Durable sole

The soles of the Golden Fox chukka boots have been designed with a lightweight rubber, which provides a superior amount of traction and anti-slip resistance. The Goodyear welt construction helps to prevent the sole from separating from the shoe and allows the boots to be re-soled at the same time.

Low-profile design

These chukkas feature a low-profile design with a triple lace-up style and include stitching around the entire base. They just reach the ankle, and are very sleek. They are so versatile and come in 4 different colors, including casual brown, copper, wine and dark brown. Therefore, there is more of a choice to match with your chosen outfit.


One of the best things about wearing chukka boots is that they can go max with a range of outfit choices. These boots can easily be paired with a smart suit for a more formal outing, or simply to wear to work every day. Similarly, they can look great paired with a casual pair of jeans, to give you a more laid-back look.

Final Verdict

Are the Golden Fox Enzo Men’s Chukka Boots for you? If you are looking for a shoe that is casual yet offers an air of smartness at the same time, these Chukkas would make a great addition to your wardrobe.

We hope that this article has helped you to better distinguish the chukka boot from its famous desert boot counterpart, as well as know some of the best brands offering chukka boots on the market.

We highly recommend the Golden Fox Chukka Boots and think they could certainly benefit you by giving you a much more comfortable walking experience.

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