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Hanging Toiletry Bags | Waterproof with An Extra Detachable Bag?

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What can be a better option for organizing travel toiletries than to squeeze them in a hanging toiletry bag?

And how would it go if we select such hanging bags for our makeup storage, travel, and hostel stays?

Quite fruitful, I must say.

There only a handful of options when it comes to getting a perfect toiletry organizer, especially when we need these bags for long trips and tours.

There are certain qualities which differentiate hanging toiletry bags from other toiletry organizer bags. As a rule of thumb, the bag should display all the stored items clearly and in easy reach.

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But easy digging should not be the only decision point when shopping for a large makeup organizer bag.

Why compromise when you can have it all?

Go for a complete option which not only allows personalized organization of your toiletry products but also have the best size to suit your needs and ease of cleaning and handling. To be a perfect option as a travel companion, the bag should be a combination of best organizing solution and offer a handy and user-friendly display of products. Plus, it should protect our supplies from damage and offer cushion and water-resistance.

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times – Anonymous

These are the basic minimum requirements for your next best buy. But what would you say if your personal organizer toiletry bag comes with an additional quality from your traveling dreams?
Yes, I am talking about your travel to come with detachable pockets, so you can add, or remove, excess storage space in it.

Hanging toiletry bags are the best options from which you should start your journey of finding your best adventure partner.

Read on to find which is your best waterproof toiletry bag among the following three.

TravelGenixx Travel Toiletry Wash Bag

If you are an adventure traveler or a backpacker, this bag is for you. It will help you even if you are a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover in your short and long trips.

This travel toiletry organizer is one of the top three choices that come to mind when buying a toiletry bag for long trips. Like all the other choices, this bag is suitable for road trips and outdoor camping tours.

TravelGenixx Travel Toiletry Wash Bag

With its attached strong metal swivel hook, the bag the best choice for using it as a dressing drawer within the temporary toilet you get on your way. This portable drawer can even help you in getting dressed at your destination.

The bag, which is perfect for both genders, comes with three mesh pockets that are positioned horizontally. They are large enough to store your regular sized toiletries and hygiene products.

Did I forget to emphasize its utility on long trips? I hope not.

So, what are some remarkable features of this travel Dopp kit? Let’s get the detail.

It is a hanging kit. You can hold it in your hand while traveling. And you can also hang it while using accessories from it. This bag saves you time which you would otherwise require for unpacking your toiletries. And if you are heading for more than one destination, this can be a lot of time you save on your navigation that you can use in exploring the area of meeting your people.

It’s huge. Remember your dream custom toiletry bag?

The one which had lots of room to store all your essentials? Well, now you have got this. There is no need to search further. When fully packed, this bad has a height of almost ten inches, a width of 11 inches, and a depth of almost 2 inches. It different pockets have different heights ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches. Plus, side pockets are almost 3 inches wide.

It’s organized. You don’t have to spend hours in your toiletry packing. All you now need is to throw in your toiletries one by one into one of the two (or five) mesh pockets it holds. This organization will also help you when you are unloading your toiletries. It’s all visible from the see-through mesh pockets and you don’t have to dig in a heavily stuffed Hermione’s beaded bag to get your required product. All that you would need would be a look at the mesh pockets and retrieving the required item without using Accio spell, of course.

It’s water-resistant. Yes, think about the ease of cleaning and storing this bag.

It’s built for the travelers. The travelers, especially those who have to transit through the plane, will find this bag especially handy. It comes with a ziplock bag to navigate through security and you can keep your wet items in the drawstring bag available within it.


Lifewit Hanging Toiletry Bag

Like the previous bag, this multipurpose bag will keep your personal toiletries in one place with ease of movement.

Portability is the key feature. This bag is easier to carry because of its detachable shoulder strips. Handles to carry in hand and the hook for hanging in toilets are the same features we find in any competent hanging travel kit.

Lifewit Hanging Toiletry BagCapacity is guaranteed. With almost 14 inches width, 8 inches height, and 6 inches depth, the bag is huge, to say the least.

And don’t forget about the organizing capacity. With four mesh pocket and various compartments and holders to hold brushes and up-right liquids, the bag allows easy packing for longer trips.

The material is cool. The bag comes with nylon finishing, which is supported by 5 mm foam sheet, and the lining is lined with another nylon lining from within.

Want to keep a thing or two handy?

Check out external pockets. It showcases two full-sized front and back pockets that are supported by zipped enclosures.

Ease of handling can be an option. If you are not comfortable with holding this bad as a carryon, you always have to option to pack it within your bag. Why is it so easy, because of smaller, well-designed dimensions which allow you to keep it within your primary luggage?


Monstina Toiletry Bag

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Monstina Toiletry Bag

Monstina toiletry bag is a low-cost version of your dream large hanging toiletry bag. With this bag, you will get water-resistant Dopp kit that will allow you to freely carry your liquids around. The bag is great for carrying within the primary suitcase because of its compact design.

Other than large storage capacity and easy organizing option in the form of compartments and mesh pockets, the most remarkable feature of this bag is its travel friendliness. You will find a detachable clear carry on toiletry bag that will carry all your liquids for navigating through TSA security check.

The bag is made of durable material of Oxford cloth lined with water repellent nylon. In addition to the guarantee of the best material, the company also gives an 18 months guarantee to the buyer.


Wrap Up

There are three options which work well for carrying toiletry products for medium to large journeys. You will find them best if you travel for long durations. You will also find them useful for your toiletry storage needs at home. All you have to do to it to hang them on the back of your bathroom door and throw in all the required goods. Make sure to detach the clear pockets, though. Just saying.

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