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Himawari Vintage Travel Backpack Review (

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Himawari Vintage Travel Backpack Quick Overview





What We Like

  • Great for organization
  • Unique style and colors
  • Sturdy, comfortable straps
  • Durable buttons and stitching

What We Don’t Like

  • Side pockets don’t stretch to fit a water bottle
  • Opens like a suitcase, leaving your items exposed

Himawari is a prime manufacturer of backpacks and travel packs which deliver style and practicality. The functionality of the Himawari Vintage Travel Backpack makes it a prime choice for all fashion-conscious women.

Sporting scratch-resistant nylon construction with leather decorations, superior styling and several pockets for everything from your iPad or laptop to a cell phone, wallet, keys, power bank, or even documents. This review will take you through a comprehensive look at this fantastic backpack from Himawari, available in no less than 34 different colors and designs.

Himawari Vintage Travel Backpack Review

Himawari Vintage Travel Backpack ReviewEvery product from the Himawari range is designed for comfort and protection. Every measure has been taken to ensure style and class. The high-quality composition extends to every element of design, from the reinforced bottom to the construction of the zippers.

They are so proud of their product that they allow you to return it within 30 days for a full refund, or exchange it anytime within the first 60 days, should any issues be encountered.

Who is this product for?

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Himawari supplies their vintage travel backpack as the ideal lightweight solution for women and girls of all ages who need a traveling bag for their books, outdoor activities, school or office life. It can be used as a school bag or a bag for shopping.

The wide range of colors and designs guarantee that there is a backpack suited to any personal style or purpose. While aimed at female users, Himawari has colors which are suited to men as well.

Affordable Backpack, functional, and versatile, this is a range of backpacks which everyone will find a value for when using it in the city. It’s not a backpack for outdoor uses such as hiking or camping despite carrying a decent degree of ruggedness and water resistance.

What’s included?

You get a water-resistant nylon backpack which measures 14.9” x 11.1” x 5.9”. In liters, the capacity measures 16.5L, while the inner padded laptop pocket provided accommodates laptops with a screen size up to 13”. Each backpack weighs just 1.51 pounds which guarantees that you can keep it on your shoulders all day without taking any strain.

There are several small pockets inside, and a water bottle compartment which is also capable of holding an umbrella. The 2 small inner side pockets are ever-invaluable while the 2 outer side pockets are just as versatile. A single pocket in front is secured with a zipper and clasps for extra protection.

Overview of features

Himawari Travel Backpack Review

The quality of Himawari backpacks is apparent through features such as double-stitched straps, a durable zipper, and heavy-duty metal buckles. Nylon is one of the most tear and abrasion resistant fabrics, making the Himawari Vintage Travel Backpack long-lasting but affordable. The leather trim is well-affixed and stand little chance of coming off during daily wear-and-tear.

Even after a prolonged period, you can look forward to a good-looking backpack in all regards. The scratch-resistant nylon lives up to its name, exhibiting far better abrasion resistance than most competing backpacks in its price range. The entire backpack has an ergonomic design while all the straps are adjustable.

How to get the most out of your backpack

Despite being made from nylon, this is a very lightweight backpack and you should take care to not exceed its capacity. You don’t want to use it for very heavy items, but it’s perfect as a school or work bag, or a hiking daypack. It should also be considered as a travel pack as it’ll definitely fit into any carry-on space.

Given the exemplary water resistance of this backpack from Himawari, one could give it even greater durability and water resistance by applying a spray treatment. There are many leading waterproofing sprays and seam sealing products available to protect your high-quality backpack and its contents.

Alternatives Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack Review

The only problem with this backpack is that it accommodates small laptops only. A better option for those with 15” screen sizes can be found in the Hynes Eagle Veegul Doctor Style Travel Backpack, while 17” owners should give the Amazon Basics 17” Laptop Backpack a look.

The Hynes Eagle is more suited to those looking for an up-market travel bag while the laptop backpack from Amazon is practical, functional and affordable while exhibiting a more classical layout. There are simply so many compartments that the entire Amazon Basics range makes for prime potential new backpacks.


The Himawari Vintage Travel Backpack is a truly elegant solution for anyone who needs a functional pack. The straps are thin and well-attached, while the compartments work properly without any shortcomings. If the standard 14.9” backpack doesn’t suit your needs, there are also a range of other sizes and styles available from Himawari.

You’re given tons of pockets and a backpack which holds its shape and color well. It’ll be a long time before your pack starts showing any wear-and-tear.

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