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How to Blend in the Camouflage Trend in 7 Easy Steps

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We are pretty sure whoever created the camouflage print, did not see it as the next big thing in fashion. But here we are cherishing the delightfully weird print even today after a century of its inception.

As we all know, this unique pattern began its journey in order to keep the active soldiers away from imminent danger. The French geniuses first brought this for army usage in 1915. The greenish disruptive print was meant to make the soldiers “invisible” among the woods. Well, the print definitely succeeded in its job which is why we still see the print being practiced almost everywhere on the planet.

How To Wear The Camouflage Like Fashion

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In the meantime, camouflage prints have also made itself a cozy little place in the fashion world. Big brands like Valentino have come forward to experiment its uniqueness and create similar intriguing patterns. We are here to tell you all about this new wave of camouflage prints and how you can blend it into your personal style statements. So, let’s get going!

1 A Basic Camouflage Jacket Goes A Long Way

A Basic Camouflage Jacket Goes A Long Way

Jackets are undoubtedly the most popular use of camouflage in fashion. Even though it started with the military men wearing camo prints for a better disguise in the woods, these jackets have ended up being one of the coolest attire for men and women everywhere.

One of the main reasons behind such popularity is that you can wear these jackets anywhere for any purpose. There is no limit of creativity when it comes to making killer looks with camouflage jackets. You can wear denim camouflage jackets at college paired up with a white tee, at a hyped basketball game or at the coolest party in town.

It could be the center of a menswear icon’s style statement which in turn would inspire a thousand others to try out these camouflage jackets for men. Alternatively, it could be part of the newest look for street subculture. That is why you get to see celebrities of all genres sporting a camouflage jacket every now and then. There are also many camouflage jackets for women to choose from.

This jacket also suits every age group or body shape. Be it kids, teenagers or grownups – anyone can pull of a camouflage jacket. The bomber jackets of this pattern, in particular, are always among people’s favourites. They successfully draw attention to your attire (which is ironic when you think of it) because it looks great on everyone.

2 Pair Up Camouflage Tees with the Monotone Pants

Pair Up Camouflage Tees with the Monotone Pants

If you are looking for a casual piece of clothing you can rely on for any outing, party or class, camouflage tees can be a great solution for it. This is a piece you can hardly go wrong with.

You can use it to get a message across without saying a word. All you have to do is add an inspirational quote you believe in or a motto you follow in life to the t-shirt. But make sure the text is in a plain colour and not in another pattern. Otherwise, it would have too much going on and ultimately turn out to be gibberish for the fashion-loving people. The best way to add the quote would be using white colour and big chunky letters in a plain font.

As for the matter of brand logos, invest in a camo t-shirt that does not carry the logo in a disruptive manner. Instead, go for the usual print of that logo in a slim design on each of the sleeves.

An oversized camouflage tee can be great for young people and children. It gives off that streetwear vibe without trying too hard, which is exactly how it should be. Pair the tee up with a contrasting monotone pant like white, black, nude or olive. Remember to avoid blue jeans in this matter since that look is now considered to be backdated.

3 Camo Trousers and Shorts Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Camo Trousers and Shorts Will Never Go Out of Fashion

These two have been gaining new fans since the 90s and clearly, they are still in the trend game.  From hip-hop music videos to latest runway shows – you can see them conquering the trend everywhere.

However, these shorts and trousers don’t just fit into any random stylebook. They have a specific tone of appearance – casual, hip and bold. So if such style statements are not your forte, you can skip this one. On the other hand, if you do love such bottoms and want to integrate them into your closet, be our guest!

The most common kind of camouflage trousers is the one with a loose fitting. This variation of the trouser ruled the pop culture back in the 90s. It is also the type which rose this pattern to fame among youth and teenagers. But now, the trousers are taking a new turn.

In the current fashion world, we appreciate skinny or fitted camouflage trousers more since they accentuate your toned legs. They make you seem a lot trendier if the trousers look like they were tailored to your structure. Also, try to avoid over-the-top accessorization of such pants since they may come across as way too heavy for the cool-n-casual look. Black converse and white full-sleeve tees look great with these pants.

While the trend of camo trousers is a breeze to follow, camo shorts have a different story to tell. It is extremely difficult for men to wear shorts with camouflage print outside the glitzy and crazy runways. That is why you need to take every step with caution here.

First, take a good look at the amount of fabric and the number of details on the particular set of shorts. If they have large voluminous pockets and zips, they are a complete no-no. Fitted or tailored choices win this round again just like the trousers. Wear the well-suited shorts proudly and avoid all possible fashion disasters for your bottom easily.

4 But What About Camo Accessories Though?

But What About Camo Accessories Though?

Camouflage print is not only for the clothing – it also comes in the form of various accessories like bags, shoes, caps and more. The good thing about this part is that you don’t have to care too much about the fitting. They are accessories so they can be worn with anything… well, almost anything.

If you are planning a for a casual street look, you can always rely on the camouflage caps. They instantly make you a lot more hip and happening for the streets. With a pair of black sunglasses underneath, they will look like a perfect match.

The kids can easily go for a crossbody bag with the patchwork print. The same goes for adults who can also invest in similarly printed backpacks. They can bring life to a simple monotonous look full of blacks and whites by adding a spark of greenish print. Get yourself that urban vibe by donning them for the next walk around the block.

These accessories can also work great for an adventurous look. So next time you are going for a hike in the mountains or taking a stroll in the forest with friends, take the camo caps and backpack with you.

The women can take advantage of camouflage tote bags to spice up their daily looks. Men can also take their version of camo tote bags to work every day! Pair them up with sneakers to redefine the typical boring office look of a white Oxford shirt and chino. Keep it formal, yet fun. No matter how much they say “appearance is not so important”, the reality of power hierarchy at offices begs to differ. So, prove your eligibility for that promotion by both looking the part and doing the part.

5 A Bit of Colour Never Hurts

A Bit of Colour Never Hurts

Step down from the desert sands, khakis and black-ops colours. So much of those green shades’ camouflage we have seen already! Now it’s time for some other colours to take the spotlight. Get ready to take a dive into the sea of vibrant colours fashion brands have prepared for you.

The big luxurious brand Valentino has begun this unique journey to explore the other beautiful shades of camouflage. Skipping all the monotonous shades, Valentino has jumped right into the bright and almost luminescent yellow. We know, it sounds pretty horrible – combining the usual khaki patterns with yellow. But this unprecedented amalgamation has actually turned out to be quite well!

There are a bunch of other colours as well thrown into the mix like pink, orange, blue, green and mint. These shades are mostly seen among camouflage jackets, tees, shoes, vests and bags of all kinds. Valentino has brought such colourful camo options for both men and women.

While these prints definitely cannot save you from being noticed, they can easily compel others to look at you twice. That is because this “fashion crossover” is a breath of fresh air in the camouflage community. Most people are not aware of it yet although the new shade is gaining positive momentum pretty fast.

If you are not into the idea of mixing brighter colours into the camouflage print, there is another path you may want to walk in. It has been observed among celebrities and models to put on camouflage pants or shorts with an otherwise much brighter attire. For example, you can wear camo shorts with sweatshirts and shoes in tangerine. Adding a bit of white to the look would be genius. It will also balance out the darker or brighter shades well.

6 Never Go Full Camo

Never Go Full Camo

Camouflage prints are good for fashion only when you apply it in the right proportions. We know it’s tempting sometimes to go full camo and dress yourself head to toe with that print. But never give in to that idea for it is never a good one unless you are a member of the army or are cosplaying as army personnel. Another acceptable scenario in this matter would be if you are going out for a dangerous adventure where being invisible is a necessity.

Having camo all over you does exactly what the purpose of this print was in the first place – stay out of focus. It will also lower your stylometer by a hundred points. People surrounding you may get confused as to who or what they are witnessing.

To avoid all those undesirable confusion and the wrong kind of attention, we always recommend you to never wear the camouflage print all over the body. In fact, showing some skin through the army print is mostly encouraged. It makes you look more like a human than just a tall gibberish of tree colours. The ladies can easily go for crop tops in this matter to balance it all out. The guys can try on a camo tank top to show off the muscles.

7 Animal Prints and Camouflage are Archenemies

Animal Prints and Camouflage are Archenemies

Generally, contrasting prints are beautiful because they can complement each other and make something greater than their individual charms. However, animal prints and camouflage are not a pair like that. They already got way too much going on individually. Just imagining them both on a body at the same time should give one a nightmare of fashion blunders.

These two are the kind of prints which never sit well with any other pattern. Any fashion guru or trendsetter will tell you right away to pair them up with solid colours. So we suggest the same.

There are many other ways you can break the monotony of a pattern. It could be by picking the right accessories to complement your camo look, or by inserting a tiny bit of fun graphics onto the attire. Linear patterns and plaids can also work the same but at very small doses.

Bottom Line

Having your own style is always important. Additionally, staying in trend and being updated about new trends are also equally valuable. We hope you have got the necessary insights and tips about this “old yet gold” trend of fashion. Now start thinking of brand new looks to try using camouflage prints and rock each of them!

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