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A Loving List of Carry on Luggage Items to Keep Your Little Rascals Tamed

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Taking Toddlers on Flight? Remember A Loving List of Carry on Luggage Items to Keep Your Little Rascals Tamed

You get to the airport safely pushing your suitcases in front of you with your kids in tow. Then you check in. and give your relevant documents which you have already kept handy. And give your suitcase for checking before them being loaded. Now, you are good to go.

Once onboard, you get seated on your pre-selected seats. And your children follow the suit. You have nothing to worry about now that your children are all settled and are looking forward to the un-eventful flight.

As the plane begins to take off, you hand over your children all the stuff that you have brought within your rolling tote bags for travel to get them busy and full. The flight continues and finishes as you gather another sweet, heartfelt memory of a sound flight with your kids.

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All is going well.

Until suddenly you realize you that are enveloped by an alarming silence. What was it?

Of course, your toddler was benefitting from your failed efforts to focus on preparing breakfast and was using this much-awaited break in trashing his cupboard to make as much as a mess as he possibly could.
Your daydream is interrupted in middle and you are left with innocently cruel reality.

Oh! Reality!

So you are not in the middle of a memorable flight rather you are stuck in pre-travel mode figuring out how to survive your upcoming travel.

Of course, you cannot guarantee that your journey will be as smooth as appears in reality shows. You still can ensure that you are as prepared for your flight as you can be.

Hitler didn’t travel. Stalin didn’t travel. Saddam Hussein never traveled. They didn’t want to have their orthodoxy challenged. — Howard Gardner

And you need your packing skills to get prepared in this endeavor, a lot.

Packing is an important part of the trip you are ready to travel. Because what to pack among carry on luggage items will determine how beautifully and smoothly you navigate through your travel. If your carry on is under packed, you may find that you do not have enough solutions to respond to your airplane drama.

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Just imagine, what you would do if your toddler doesn’t wanna play with the LEGO blocks, which you packed in your hanging travel case, and prefers their coloring book, which you conveniently threw into your checked luggage.

Seasoned mothers know that toddlerhood is not the most difficult phase of childhood but still, it is the most important phase of motherhood.

Why? Because if you are well prepared in their toddlerhood, then you would gain more confidence to deal with later stages of your child’s life.

Enough about their toddlerhood! Let’s talk about it the trip which is coming up.

So, what do you pack to navigate seamlessly through your travel?

Here are a few items which you wouldn’t like to miss on your plane flight.

Diapers and Cleaning Kit

Not a single mother in our modern era would dare to deny the importance of diapers in our lives as mothers. I don’t think I need to elaborate this any further.

And we all know that when we say diapers, we mean both diapers and wipes. But, seemingly less essential items which go in a diaper bag are plastic bags. These bags are a must have as they come in handy in storing and throwing away of dirty diapers.

Another thing which you would not wish to forget behind in your travel is a hand sanitizer. The importance of hand sanitizer increases exponentially when you are in a traveling mode because of the decreased access to running water to wash your hands. Plus, the risk of falling ill during your journey also increases with heightened stress levels during flight. To ensure your health proper hygiene habits should be observed in all parts of travel.

Extra Change of Clothes

Your more than 2 years of experience as a mother must have taught you to keep extra changes clothes for your kids whenever you leave your house for more than two hours. The same goes for your flight. You need to keep an extra change in case your child gets sick you can rely on the extra change to get them back in shape.

What you may miss instead is an extra change of clothes for adult family members. If you haven’t considered packing their extra tops in your carry on luggage items, you should add them to your list now.
If you are flying with a toddler, you need to pack an extra top for each one of your accompanying family members; kid or not. You never know your child may get sick while in the lap of any of your adult member.

Bibs and Feeding Accessories

You may want to bring extra layers to help your kid in their feeding routine especially if you are bringing liquid or perishable food with you on the flight.

In such cases, these absorbents are a must and they should be plenty in number and disposable to keep your carry on lighter at landing. Other essentials may include spoons for easy feeding.

First Aid is a Must

You never know what impact changing air pressure would have on your little one’s health. You would like to get prepared in advance.

Consider bringing antiemetic medicine in your toiletry travel case to cure nauseousness while onboard. Painkillers and other cold medicines can also help you a lot.

Also, bring plenty of water on the flight. You may want to remain hydrated while on board because of the increased risk of nausea on the plane.

Get Your Kids Entertained

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Think about entertainment even before starting to pack your carry on luggage items because, seriously, this the single most important factor that determines if you will have a smooth, eventless flight or not.
Remember those little kids crying and disturbing fellow passengers. You don’t want your kid to show the same behavior. And the only solution for such behavior is to get the activities to hang on to even before they set their foot on the plane.

Below, are a few basic alternatives discussed which work great for me whenever I travel. Choose your options according to your child preferences.

LEGO Blocks

You would not need a whole set of LEGO blocks, only a couple of blocks will suffice if they can build a simple structure or building.

I have spared a set of smaller LEGO bricks only for traveling purposes. This set, or parts of it, accompany my kids on long road trips as well as flights.


These are other products that often consume my kids’ attention. But I would not rely on them to guarantee engagement. These solutions only keep the kid busy for a shorter time span.


These are my go-to favorite especially when I need silence and cooperation for longer durations. The wider option bank allows me to select those titles which I haven’t read to them much. These books also give me unwarranted opportunity to bond with kids in the otherwise lousy occasion.

Wrap Up

Toddlers on Flight

  • Do you believe that your carry on luggage items have a lot of say in the quality of your upcoming flight?
  • If yes, what you are adding in this content list to remain on top of your game?
  • If no, then, are you really a mom?
  • All the moms out there, especially, all the mom of toddlers out there! How are you planning to pack your carry on for the upcoming traveling season?
  • Does this plan include all the activity and food items you would take? Or do you take the opportunistic approach towards this packing?

Please share any other essential you would not avoid taking but is not mentioned in the article above.

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