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Makeup Bags | The Lay And Go Flat Bags What We Did Not Know

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Makeup bags ought to be cute and fashionable, and I found a perfect choice for this. I do have a bigger makeup bag, but I use it mostly at home and use it as an organizer. When I travel, I need a small bag but good enough to get all my essentials in it.

At last, you have found that Hermione Granger’s beaded bag that came with an undetectable extension charm so you can carry tons of makeup without feeling burdened.

You have loaded the bag with all products from all of your makeup bags. You have emptied your travel toiletry bag products into it. And yes, you did not forget your jewelry and other accessories.
But then came to time to retrieve these beloved possessions and use them.

Ah, the hassle!

You just don’t want to remember. How can you find one tiny lipstick within a bag that is carrying Perkin’s magic tent sized items? Surely, you now need an Accio spell.

Although these bags seem a true response to your huge cosmetic needs on travel, you have no reason to believe that without options to organize and display the stored items, these kits will help you much in your packing, unpacking, and makeup routines.

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If you really need an organizing solution for your beaded (or not beaded) bag, go for either a lay-n-go travel cosmetic organizer options or a hanging cosmetic case. The former of the two is the best option for those travelers who will have low to moderate needs of packing cosmetic and accessories; while latter bag can satisfy the needs of makeup lovers or long duration backpackers.

Various qualities that are keys to lay-n-go travel cosmetic organizer bags include their ease of packing and unpacking, ability to clean, their storage capacity, organizing abilities, and their hassle-less portability.
Let’s explore these qualities in detail.

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Ease of Organizing

These bags are the best options for travel cosmetic organizer. If you don’t have heavy bottles of liquid toiletries to carry, this is the most convenient traveling solution for you. This bag will manage and hold all your makeup brushes and have plenty of space to store cosmetic products. Its pockets are large enough to keep powders, pencils, and makeup related electronics.

Ease of Storage

When packed, this cosmetic organizer gathers into a small compact drawstring bag. Its small, packed size allows the user to store it well. This size also means that when traveling, we are free to pack it within our primary luggage while moving or carry it as a wristlet.

We can also opt for using it as a cosmetic organizer at home. Just throw in all the things and hang it in cupboard or toilet.

Ease of Carrying

The bag is not only the best option for storing goods it also allows the users to take it on travels. When traveling, we can take it with us on the plane as a carryon. The bag often comes with a detachable shoulder strap that makes it easy to take as a regular tote bag.

Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul. – Jamie Lyn Beatty

Ease of Packing

If you know the history of typical lay-n-go bags, you must remember that these bags were meant to be a cleanup solution from the mind of its inventor parents. Fazackerley family’s dilemma to clean the huge mess their boys were making with their heaps of LEGO blocks resolved in this invention. Initially, the bag was a play mat that could be cleaned up in seconds with all blocks gathered within the mat.

The ease associated with this mat encouraged the parents to explore other storage options that can transform the idea of cleaning up after a job is done.

A lay-n-go cosmetic bag shares the same ideology. Once you have put your makeup products within the bag, you can draw its string as soon as you are ready to pack. This seconds-long feat will get your toiletries ready and packed.

Ease of Unpacking

Well, I don’t think this feature should be included in those qualities which make this bag a perfect cosmetic organizing choice. Rather it should be the one which is the sole determinant of having a lay-n-go cosmetic organizer.

This is by far the most attractive feature of the product. If you are moving your toiletries through a lay-n-go bag, you can use it as a storage bag, or hanging organizer, at your destination. There is no need for you to unpack all these items and load them in the drawers. Just lay the bag at washroom counter to get going.

Ease of Use

And once you are packed it with all your necessities, and have not bothered to unpack it at the destination, you can just lay it on your dressing table and efficiently choose and pick any item which you feel like applying without having to search it within the mess of a black hole bag.

make up bag

Storage Capacity

What is the most important feature of your dream makeup travel bags? I get it. It’s their capacity.
You need a makeup carrier which is not only lightweight but also capacious enough to carry your whole makeup collection.

Lay-n-go cosmetic cases give us this privilege also. These bags allow us fairly large spaces to store our possessions. And all that within a remarkably small space.

It should be noted that these bags are less roomy than most hanging cosmetics organizer. Yet they surpass many other cosmetic carriers in capacity. You can easily pack your weekender toiletry bag within this stylish drawstring.

Ease of Cleaning

Another feature within the best features of lay-n-go bags is their ease of cleaning. The bag is made of washable shell material which is not only water-resistant but also allows easy cleaning of the outer surface. This outer layer is lined with beautiful cloth of twill poly.

Variety of Sizes

These bags come in three different sizes to respond to the needs of traveling makeup enthusiasts as well as homemakers. If you do not use much makeup or are just keeping it for your travel for the next weekend, you can get this bag in the mini size which is just 13 inches long. For longer trips or more sophisticated makeup choices, you can go for a 20 inch long lay-n-go bag. In the end, you can satisfy your intense makeup carrying needs, we don’t judge you, by shopping a deluxe size which comes in 22 inches length.

Organizing Options

The interior of this bag exhibits extravagant organizing options. First, you have a rubber band holder for your makeup brushes. And then you get a zippered pocket that can hold your valued possession. In the end, the brush holder is placed in just the middle of the mat allowing it to sink deep when packed giving them an extra layer of protection.

External Pocket

Pack Your Makeup toiletries

There is an external pocket in this beautiful cosmetic organizer bag which holds the strings of this drawstring bag. Yup nothing big and fancy, I know.

Variety Of Design And Colors

Another attraction which will compel you to invest in this premium product is the variety of colors it displays. The bag comes in bright colors with pink, blue, and golden making only a few options.

Wrap Up

Lay-n-go bags a unique solution to our organizing needs in all circles of our lives. It starts with a perfect playmate and supports us in our perfect makeup journey. And these organizers just make the perfect makeup bags we need for our lives. C
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