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Mini Toiletry Bag | Have You Seen The New Away Mini Travel Bag

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When it comes to traveling in style there are a few luggage options that are so complete and adorable as Away’s cases. Whether you are shopping for a new carry-on or your eyes are set on an upgraded carry-o suitcase, you are all covered by the brand.

The luggage cases under this brand come with elegant design and elaborated artistry. And that too with the brand name and feel of Away.

After launching its large, medium, and carry-on sized luggage sets, the company has gained traction for its mini-sized toiletry sets and carry-on. Just by looking at the product range offered by the company, we feel the image it is trying to propagate; sleek and smart.

travel cosmetic organizerThe, initially, limited edition of Away mini toiletry bag was meant only as a signature gift to its marketing partners. But its huge acceptance among users made it first toiletry case of the whole series. And what’s even more exciting is the gift set ranges it includes.

These mini-toiletry bags, not bags but cases, have become the eye-candy of all Away fans who had previously shown off their trendy mini-suitcases in a number of colors, can now extend this luxury to their loved ones in the gift edition of the mini-toiletry case.

The case comes in many different colors appealing the style and traveling theme of almost all types of travelers. You can go from black to black to silver to blush and get it embezzled with Away’s own monogram. And what is an added bonus? You can now include your family and friends in the luxurious style by gifting them these minis with a gift set to customize to their tastes.

Mini Toiletry Set

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Let us discuss the gift sets later and focus on the mini toiletry set.

Set in almost every color of your choice, the case is a hard-cased kit. The polycarbonate case has a zipper at closure and mesh pocket with nylon finishing inside. The case is 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide, 3 inches deep. Instead of a zipper, the aluminum alternative has a clasp to keep the case together while on move.

The two different materials, having a somewhat conflicting outlook, have similar size dimensions and storage capacities.

These small sizes allow you to keep them in your rolling tote bag for travel or handbag to carry. There is no option for you to carry this mini-case with you like a wristlet or hanging case.

The case is the best option for you to take as your weekender toiletry bag, minimalist toiletry bag, and a small travel accessory bag. The case allows you to keep all your traveling essentials handy when traveling either in the air or on road.

For me, it also helped me to keep the amount of toiletry and other travel accessories I am taking in check.
The best part is its ease at getting cleared for TSA restrictions. The designers have gone the extra mile to ensure that the dimensions of the case allow easy approval at the TSA. In rare cases, where the case is called for checking, clear travel pouches should be kept handy.

The case specially made to pack liquids into it. It will not only ease up the checking process but will also allow you to rummage the tiny case to extract just the right product you are looking for while traveling. You can transfer your liquid makeup and medicine products into a plastic bag when and if the checking demands it without having to unpack all your handbag items. So, the ultimate tip is to keep a clear travel pouch with you to smoothly navigate through security checking.

Mini Toiletry Set

Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination. -Roy M. Goodman

Your Best Gift

Now, let’s get back to the gift specific quality of these mini cases. So, you know folks who are as passionate about taking and giving gifts as you. And there are others who are not as enthusiasts. Yet there are others who are picky in their tastes and styles. And you want a gift which can enthrall anyone from your diverse social circle.

Well, the diversity in style offered by Away will match all the various tastes you witness among your travel-loving folks. Away gives us the option to choose one from five of its customizable gifts sets with a mini cosmetic bag. And don’t forget about the luggage and carry-on to up your game when gifting special fellows.

Let’s peek into every of these five gift sets which feature everything from TSA approved toiletry bags to leisure activities cards and travel guide to most exotic cities in the world.

The Wellness Set

So, you are thinking about your health-conscious friend. And you want to blend your friend’s health enthusiasm with his (her) travel needs. Or maybe you want to help ease air travel for an air-sick companion. Consider giving them this Wellness kit from Away along with our best mini-toiletry case. The kit features STAMBA Adaptogenic Superfood Blend, Dr Singha Travel Tonic, Four Stigmatic Chaga Elixir, and Vitruvi Balance Roll on Oil in wellness options.

The Wallpaper’s City Guide of the kit highlights traveling to LA.

This complete wellness kit will reduce the amount of time your giftee will have to spend on packing their wellness essentials for their 2019 trip.

And about the customization option, choose the most suitable color from 9 available. For me, please take the brick color.

The Beauty Set

I think the name suggests it all. You know who should be the recipient of this kit when you only hear the word beauty in it. That super-stylish girl who has a sophisticated taste of beauty and cosmetic products would love your thoughtful gift. Don’t forget all the items included in the gift set are TSA approved and that adds the value.

So what is included?

RMS Beauty Lip Shine, Herbivore Deluxe rose mist, Malin + Goetz shampoo and conditioner, and Dry Shampoo from IGK Jet Lag are the beauty items included in the kit.

Wallpaper’s City Guide features Paris in this kit.

The Amusement Set

So, there are those friends of yours who are just that, travel enthusiast with no worries about style and wellness. I highly doubt there would be some matching this description. Or there are your loved ones who have every travel size beauty and wellness item they need for the next twelve months.

When they have it all, there can still be a lot that can be included in their experience. And we get this idea from The Amusement Set provided by Away includes W&P Cocktail Kit, Owen and Fred bottle opener, Fine & Raw chocolate, and Malin + Goetz lip moisturizer. Talk about luxury.

Wallpaper’s City Guide features Miami as the exotic retreat.

The Field Set

The field set is another response to the sophisticated taste upheld by your friends. Think about helping them maintain their work persona onboard. Allow them the feel and look of their business attire by accessorizing their travel kit with field-related tools. The kit includes a deodorant from Malin + Goetz, Public Supply notebook, Harry’s face lotion, and Native Union Key Cable.

The included city guide features Austin.
tote bag for travel

The Essential Set

This set is minimalists’ first choice. So, go for this gift if the recipient believes in using fewer resources and having more fun. The kit features grapefruit face cleanser and moisturizer from Malin + Goetz, toothpaste and toothbrush from Marvis, and This Works pillow spray. The city featured in the Wallpapers City Guide is London.

Wrap Up

There are a number of options when you choose to buy from Away. The brand only covers your personal travel toiletry needs but also considers your beloved ones so you can share your love with them passionately.

The new mini-toiletry bag by Away features different traveling styles and needs and allows us to develop our own color theme from different options available.

Travel sets

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