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Nunn Bush Lancaster Chukka Boots Review

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Nunn Bush Lancaster Chukka Boots: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Has a classic, traditional look
  • Memory foam insole cradles and shapes to the feet
  • Available in wide or medium width

What We Don’t Like

  • Some report a chemical smell coming from the boots
  • Stiff construction that must be broken in
  • The medium width version might be a bit smaller than other medium-width boots

When it comes to staying in fashion, it is essential to have some timeless pieces in your possession. One single item that is known for being timeless is chukka boots.

Any gentleman knows that having Oxfords, chukkas, or other formal shoewear is essential, as you never know when there’s a black tie event. If you’re looking for high-quality chukka boots, you can’t go wrong with the Nunn Bush Lancaster Chukka Boots.

Nunn Bush Lancaster Chukka Boots Review

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Nunn-Bush-Lancaster-Chukka-BootsThis pair of boots is very different from modern chukkas, as it is designed to resemble the traditional full leather chukka shoes that were popular in World War II. They feature an upgraded design, which is adjustable, comfortable, and is made from higher quality materials.If you are looking for value, these shoes are affordable and won’t break the bank even though they’re made from genuine leather.

Who Is this Product for?

For those of you gentlemen looking for a classic pair of chukka boots, look no further. These shoes feature a classic design, including only three eyelet lace holes. This makes it perfect for a workday, casual event, or to pair with business attire.

What’s Included?

The package contains the Nunn Bush Lancaster Chukka shoes, in your size of choice.

Overview of the Features

Here’s a quick rundown of the Nunn Bush Lancaster Chukka Boots:


These shoes are crafted only using the highest grade of leather. Instead of using synthetic mixes of fabric, which is most common among modern chukkas, these include 100% leather.

What this does is help create a classic design that resembles traditional chukka boots from more than 100 years ago. However, the leather must be maintained, or else it will start to wear down.


The Nunn Bush Lancaster Chukka Boots features two different material uppers. You can choose between classic leather or upgraded suede. You can pair these with jeans for a semi-casual look or downgrade to chino or corduroy pants for a full weekend wardrobe.

Want to make a more sophisticated look? You can do this by simply wearing a dress suit or your favorite slacks. Honestly, the choices are endless.

Comfort Level

Regular chukka boots can be uncomfortable, which is why they decided to include memory foam insoles. This helps to create some cushioning for your feet and allows you to feel relief throughout the day.

Professional Fit

A unique feature is the adjustable, three-eyelet lace-ups that enable you to adjust them to your feet. This can make it a lot more comfortable, as you can adjust the fit to your liking.

Leather can be rough on your skin if the shoe is too tight. The eyelets will give you the ability to loosen the fit so that you won’t get blisters.


Lastly, the outsole is crafted from high-quality materials, which are durable and designed to last throughout the next few years. Included on the bottom of the shoe is a textured grip, which makes these boots non-slip and suitable to wear on any surface.

How to Get the Most Out of it

When it comes to searching for genuine leather shoes, it is quite a challenge to find a pair that is as comfortable as the one from Nunn Bush. While others may mimic the traditional style of chukka boots, they often lack in other areas.With these boots, you can rest assured that you can wear them all day long without feeling as if your feet are about to fall off. It is also common to have aches and pain while wearing traditional chukkas, which is why the added memory foam in these boots makes them so much better than their counterpart.


Then again, these chukka boots aren’t for everyone. An excellent alternative would be the Shenbo Jousen Men’s Chukka Boots. These feature a more refined design that makes it perfect for black tie events. It comes in the colors black, brown, and tan, which are all traditional colors that work well with business attire.The fabric it is made out of is synthetic, which helps prevent the shoe from wearing down over time. As an added protection, these boots also feature a rubber sole, which is professionally polished to help keep up a lavish aesthetic.On top of those features, it’s also non-slip, which makes it suitable for outdoor work. The textile lining and breathable materials also allow your foot to feel comfortable all throughout the day with Casual Chukka Boots. Lastly, it is very versatile and can be used in various situations, including leisure events.


Chukka boots are timeless footwear that is bound to stay in fashion for the next decades. You can’t go wrong with investing in one because they work on almost any occasion. Depending on your needs, you can downplay the shoes and use them for a night out or dress them up and wear them with classic business attire.With so many choices, they are almost an essential part of any gentleman’s wardrobe as they add sophistication, style, and durability to the entire look. Hopefully, we’ve given you a decent review of the Nunn Bush Chukkas, and we hope that they will make an excellent addition to your current wardrobe.

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