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Perfect Maternity Clothes for Postpartum

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You could be a fashion conscious person or don’t care about the spelling of it, after maternity you will start thinking of the kind of dresses and wearables that support your current lifestyle while caring for the little ones. If you are a office person or a business woman or if you are a home maker or a already busy mom with another one on the way…. presenting yourself according to the surrounding is just so important.

For planning your outfits during and after pregnancy there are multiple things you will consider, like current weight and body curves, whether you are a petite body type or a plus size during the pregnancy etc … Reason being, we all would want to use these clothes as long as we can.  Depending on all such factors, you need to plan your outfits  for buying the right clothes.

Watch this, I think this gives you a picture of what we are talking about!

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Little experimenting and running through few magazines would help you greatly (like the one your are reading). You will …. kind of get a fair idea what would make you feel comfy and what would you not make feel good. Allow yourself to go wrong in a couple of places. Don’t be too harsh on yourself because these times won’t come to often and you don’t need a pHD to find right clothes for postpartum.

So…. just to help you get started in this fashion journey, we have listed a few of our favorites for you. We used texture, comfort, body types, utility, prints and color options of these dresses to rank them in order …

5 Useful Postpartum Clothes Every Mom Should Have

Nursing Tops

Nursing Top Postpartum clothesNursing tops are probably your first buy after your labor or around that time. It can be fashionable, attractive and well designed to encourage your new lifestyle and requirements such as feeding, physical conditions and such. For this section, we have considered nursing mothers, but if you are not these will still hold good for you.

When looking to get a nursing top, you should be on the lookout for loose V-neck or u-neck shirts. These shirts should not just make it easy for you to breastfeed when a need, they should also be good enough to be worn out of the house so you do not have to change too frequently.

  • We like the right prints all over, so even if you had a little spill here and there, it won’t shout loud to your audiences! But thats not all…
  • It has a slick cut at the bottom that is meant to give you a slim look, showing a little leg is no sin …
  • No sleeves to augment fashion tips for slim looks
  • The lower cut helps you not to trip while using stairs or walking brisk … especially if you are weak after labor
  • All weather wear to help you throughout the year.

what we shortlisted ON AMAZON

Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum underwear clothesThe reason you would buy these special material underwear is to hold the tummy portion of skin (and probably internal organs that were pushed around to house the baby for 9 months) in place firmly so that you can get back in to your normal shape as quickly as you can. No kidding! in fact in some eastern cultures, right after the pregnancy, they bind a soft but long cloth around the tummy for 6 to 8 months firmly just to get the original smooth skin and shape of the waist and tummy.

In any case, this is a worth buy at least, you can wear them when you are at home or wearing during something that covers your waist down. For some women, this is a must if the amniotic fluids are not completely drained during labor. So, this is more of a necessity than any fashion statement, but nevertheless, it is important that you get as many of these as you can while still at the hospital. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that postpartum underwear are not so attractive. You will be surprised that even some of the most trendy celebrities make use of postpartum underwear after having a baby.

Even after a few weeks after childbirth, fluid and mucus have to get out of the body. As a result of this, postpartum underwear is a very important postpartum accessory in your wardrobe.

We recommend you to look for

  • Firm material that does not fold off when you move around or bend
  • Thin fabric so it does not add too much to your overall size
  • Enough low to hold your thighs for durability and does not bother
  • Elastic in nature so it can support varying sizes throughout the days and weeks
  • Colors that won’t show up on your dresses when you are wearing them

top Postpartum underwear

A Nursing Bra

Best Postpartum Nursing BraA nursing bra is perhaps the most obvious postpartum apparel that every expectant mother will get. When you are pregnant, it is quite normal for your breast to increase gradually throughout the pregnancy and even after. This is basically because as pregnancy progresses, breast milk starts making its way into the breast, to support the baby! Miracle …isn’t it ? Body is naturally preparing itself for the new responsibility it needs to cater to! thereby, making the breast large and probably sore.

So, during this time of change in body shape and hormones, you need extra support and comfort within. TSo, whether you like it or not, it usually requires every nursing mothers to put on a bigger bra that that not only holds your breasts in place, but also, not let them sag and make it look ugly for later.

While these bras are not as sexy as your Victoria Secret collections to woo your partner, but believe me, they need not be as ugly as you think either. They are thick and big in every sense though, but keep these things in mind when you consider them

  • At least one inch wide shoulder strap – This is your Bungie jump rope to hold 🙂
  • Elastic material for the bust, since they keep shape-shifting based on a number of factors!
  • One or more inch thick bottom strap to hold the bust-line in place and not get too loose
  • Deeper cleavage for easy pop-in and pop-out of your breasts – a must of feeding outdoors
  • Nice strong backline for durability

our nursing bra research

A Robe

Clothes for Postpartum robeIf you are a free roaming person like me, that likes least clothes on during my private time, then a rob would be just what helps you during these special postpartum times. They are hassle-free, soft and comfortable. You can get knee length for hot seasons and full down for colder seasons.

For a quick outside venture to collect your delivery or to sign a mailman receipt, these are great options without having to scramble to cover yourself.  Well, instead of going through unplanned stress, you can go on and put on a robe and attend to unexpected short time events.

Our favorite robes are

  • Soft material for extreme personal touch for you and the baby
  • Have nice color and prints to give your baby to play with during feeding time
  • Cover yourself based on the weather conditions
  • Easy wash and dry kind of fabric

Robes that make you comfy


perfect clothes-for Postpartum nightwear clothes

If anyone of you think, living in nighties can be regarded as a break from the norm, or an auntie look and feel, it actually is okay to live in your nighties some weeks after childbirth. If you still feel some pain from stitches, then you might find nighties to be perfect clothes for postpartum.

If you have made breastfeeding a choice and you do not feel like putting on pants just yet, a loose nightie with a low V-neck will be an ideal postpartum cloth for you.

Nightie are best night time or sleep time wearables, as they don’t come with too many buttons and zips to take care. You can be as careless as you want without worrying about too much exposure of skin.

We like the nighties with

  • Good length up to Knees for easy movements
  • Taking off and putting on is super easy
  • Good nightly designs and colors for you, baby and of course to your partner too
  • Easy wash and durable fabric for longer mileage

our shortlist of nighties



Postpartum clothes are a necessary part of your post pregnancy indoor and outdoor life. You must have realized by now that the life goes on, all things you were taking care of, before the baby, now still needs to be taken care of and in addition to that, you have this little ball of joy asking for your services! not easy .. but doable and we at thegorgeousmom, just want to give you little heads-up, confidence while shareing our experiences with you. Hope it helps. Let us know 🙂  and … Welcome to Motherhood!

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