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Quick Packing Guide for Your Travel Makeup Kit

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As much as we enjoy packing, I irk at the thought of packing tens of toiletries in our travel makeup kit.

Why? Why on earth do we need to pack different makeup essentials every time we decide to travel is not a myth I struggle to grasp.

But the why behind the difficulty of this task was astonishingly beyond my understanding until recently.
What changed recently, by the way?

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My understanding of mindful packing did.

I never knew there can be a thing named mindful packing.

But there is such a thing. And it is amazingly helpful in getting travel ready.

So, based on my routine of thoughtful packing (yes, routine because like you I love to travel a lot) I have compiled these ultimate tips to ease my makeup packing hassle a lot. I hope these tips will help you equally as they serve me.

Pack your Traveling Makeup Kit That Suits Your Plan

You want to avoid over-packing your travel makeup kit or any other part of luggage. At the same time, you don’t want to miss any essential which may hinder your fun and engagement at the trip.

Pack backward!

It means that you should first live (in your imagination) your day and then include all the products that your vision pinpoints.

Well, this is the essence of mindful packing. Other tips build upon this idea but may not essentially make part of the approach I discussed.

Don’t Shy away from Over-Packing

Yes, I know the temptation.

You may need that mascara only once in your entire fortnight trip.

You do not want to waste your luggage space on that night cream especially when you are staying there for a single night.

And you can interchange blending and crease eye shadow brushes to avoid over-packing.

Say a big fat NO to such thoughts. Why should you compromise on your looks only because you are away from your home?

You should be your best self in all occasions and settings. And traveling is no different. In fact, traveling is different only in the sense that the excitement of the trip may negatively impact your connection with your-self. And what is more relieving and reconnecting than a beautiful, well-loved face?

Carry as much makeup you use in your daily routine without compromise. Believe me, you would thank yourself for taking it.

Use Travel Alternatives for Regular Products

Ultimate Packing Guide for Your Travel MakeupAlthough I have never tried a solid alternative of shampoo, there are people who claim that these products are actually helpful in cleaning your hairs. (Really?)

Well, aside from solid shampoos and conditioners, there are some (less surprising) travel alternatives for toiletries. An example of such a product is face wash. In place of keeping a large spill-able bottle of face wash, I keep facial wipes in my personal toiletries.

This product not only saves me space in my travel makeup kit but also reduces the need for using water for cleaning purposes, especially on long road trips.

Try replacing face washes with face wipes on your next trip and feel the comfort. But don’t forget to experiment with these alternatives before starting your journey lest you get dissatisfied and want to change the product.

Use Travel Bottles

I think, after the first tip, this is the most useful tip in packing makeup essentials for travel. This tip allows the traveler to pack months in advance of the trip. All you have to do is to get mini size, or travel-sized bottles, for all your hygiene products, lotions, and creams.

Heck! You can even find the mini-sized makeup brushes to set your travel makeup kit ready to travel.
So, don’t waste much-needed space in your luggage on packing huge (ahem) brushes in your kit. Get those tiny versions and fill them with your skin’s beloved travel companions.

Refill them as they are about to end.

Enlist All the Products You are Carrying

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Once you have packed all your makeup in just right quantity, you may want to re-check what you have packed.

This step may appear unnecessary as you have already packed and know there is nothing you would add into the box, only frequent travelers would tell you how important this step is in defining your traveling makeup’s journey.

The list, which you would prepare in this step, would help as a standard for you in your next trip’s makeup packing. It will be the best checklist for other journeys and suddenly, your makeup packing quest will be shortened to include adding ingredients to the box and ticking the relevant boxes.

Keep this list in your phone. And if you believe in making paper lists, keep this list with you on your trip so you can amend it whenever you find that you are lacking a makeup product on your journey.

Also, update the list when you return home to cross out all the products which you have not used in the trip.

I travel, I read, I write, I have other lives. But when I have a camera, I know that’s my country, my island. Leos Carax

Keep All Hygiene Product Ready to Travel

Using the checklist and the travel sized toiletry bottles, you are free to prepare an all-time-ready hygiene kit.

Throw all routine hygiene and makeup products which you use regardless of occasion and weather in your travel makeup kit. These products can stay there even if you are staying at your home. And they will come in handy once your plan for the trip is ready. In that occasion, all you will have to do will be to add event adequate products from the list, or your plan for the trip, to get going.

Organizing Tips

Picking the right choice for makeup and accessories for your trip is just part of the hassle we have to encounter before every trip. The other part is, well, to organize these products in limited space in our luggage. And to organize it so neatly and thoughtfully that we get easily get our products when searching.
A few time and makeup saving tips for traveling makeup kit are discussed below:

Keep in Between Clothes

Travel Makeup KitThere is no need to worry about carrying dry products, like lipstick and face powder. But when it comes to lotions, face wash (if you are carrying them), and scents; you need extra precaution in ensuring that these products do not get damaged during transit.

Fortunately, most of these products are packed in plastic bottles and cases. Thus, the chances of their damage are already minimized. For such products, I do not care much about protection. I put these bottles within the usual makeup carrying case.

But scents usually come with a glass bottle and are highly vulnerable to accidents.

Their easy-to-break glasses require extra attention. So, I put them within the primary luggage and surround them with clothes. The clothes not only offer them buffer but also support them to maintain an erect position.

Those products which are highly prone to leakage and spillage also get similar treatment. And the results are always astoundingly positive.

Use Ziplock Bags

The last tip which I am going to discuss is the use of ziplock bags. Instead of these bags, you can also use ordinary plastic bags. But ziplock bags are my personal favorite because of the ease they offer.

This tip will take your makeup organizing skills to next level.

Start with categorizing your make up needs. Allot a bag for every category and label it.

Only place relevant products in their bags.

It seems more time consuming than the act of randomly throwing all the products in the travel makeup kit. But when you will be getting ready for the occasion, you will the ease of finding just the right thing you need at the right moment.

Wrap Up

There are hundreds of tips to get your travel makeup kit organized. Some of them will suit you the most; while others will only add a chore in your already compact traveling routine.

A perfect traveling experience is a feat you cannot get in your first ever travel. You have to go out there (literally), make the mistake, feel the mistakes, and learn from them.

Plus, you need to keep your eyes and ears open to learn new hacks to ease your journey.

If you have learned your fair share of traveling hacks, share with us. It never hurts to have a better traveling experience than our last one.


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