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Regular Strollers vs. Jogging Strollers – What You Need to Know

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If you’re a new mother, you know better than anyone how important baby strollers are in your day-to-day life. Whether it’s heading to the hospital for a check-up or to Disney Land for a much-needed family trip, a stroller is an essential necessity for life on the go with a new baby in hand. Below we are about to share Regular Strollers vs. Jogging Strollers comparison so keep reading it.

Strollers give you a safe option to take your baby out with you. With a stroller available for use, you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety or your baby getting tired, or you getting tired yourself. In case you aren’t aware, there are several types of strollers out in the market, two of which are: regular strollers and jogging strollers.

Let’s try to get a better glimpse of what each of these strollers has to offer as well read benefits of running with jogger.

Types of Strollers

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Just to give you a brief idea regarding the stroller market, the following is a list of the different types of strollers that are available for purchase. Each type of stroller offers different features. It’s best to read up on the different types of strollers prior to deciding on which type of stroller works best for your needs:

  • Standard strollers or regular stroller
  • Jogging strollers
  • Travel system
  • Double strollers or tandem
  • Umbrella strollers or lightweight strollers
  • Side by side double stroller

What is a Regular Stroller?

Regular strollers are the same thing as full-size strollers. These moving seats on sets of wheels are typically devised to permit babies to lie on their backs for the initial few months. Some are devised to clutch infant car seats once the baby is a bit older. Regular strollers are ordinarily built with enclosed sides or a specific type of containment (for safety purposes). Some baby strollers even have features to prevent babies from slipping through the spaces meant for leg openings.

What is a Jogging Stroller?

For a lot of new mothers, they want nothing more than to get back into shape after all the baby weight. Exercising or working out to get back in shape right after childbirth would be the best option, but how many new mothers can afford a babysitter or manage a family member to leave the baby with for several hours, numerous days in a week?

It can be challenging to find such options for most new mothers. Not to mention, the emotional and financial strain this can cause to the mothers to be away from their newborn babies for several hours at a stretch! For an excellent solution, enter jogging strollers.

Jogging strollers are also known as baby joggers. This piece of moving wheels is perhaps one of the greatest inventions possible for mothers; especially post giving birth, when most mothers would like nothing more than to lose all the baby weight they may have gained during pregnancy.

Baby joggers offer a more convenient and cheaper alternative for mothers to use, where they can have their babies with them, safe and sound, while they are out on walks, jogs or other daily activities. Baby joggers are made using lightweight-frames and air-filled tires; this helps ensure a smooth ride for a child on almost any given surface.

The first company ever to present us with these amazing strollers was named as nothing other than Baby Joggers itself! They came out with the first model of a baby jogger in 1984. There have been several models of baby joggers ever since. Today, mothers and families can’t thank the inventors of baby joggers enough for their contribution to making their lives easier!

The Differences: Regular Strollers vs. Jogging Strollers

There are several differences between a regular stroller and a jogging stroller. Keep in mind that both regular and jogging strollers can be folded for transport or storage. They will take up space whether in your trunk or while using public transport.

Here are a few key differences between regular strollers and jogging strollers:

  • Jogging strollers are typically made using three, air-filled wheels. This allows for easy pushing and superb manoeuvrability while ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride for the baby inside.
  • A top-quality jogging stroller will be useful on pretty much any type of surface. From sidewalks to uneven trails, grass, woodchip paths, or even the beach, with a good jogging stroller, you are set to go!
  • The front wheel of a jogging stroller is made lockable, unlike a regular stroller. This is to advance the overall manoeuvrability and stability of the stroller. The tires are air-filled to provide greater comfort and cushioning for your child when travelling over bumpy land.
  • Any good quality-jogging stroller should include a canopy that will help protect your child from the sun, rain or other weather hazards. Regular strollers tend to contain canopies and usually feature a peekaboo window. This feature is so you can keep an eye on the little bundle without disturbing them. The canopy on a jogging stroller is usually smaller when compared to those given on regular strollers.
  • Most joggers need several storage pockets to keep their necessary items while out on a run. However, with jogging strollers, you don’t get as much storage space as you get with a regular stroller. Regular strollers include baskets and multiple pockets incorporated either into the rear or the canopy area for storage. This is definitely handy if you intend on using your stroller while you shop or while out on trips.
  • Both regular strollers and jogging strollers come with comfortable padded seats. These seats include several recline positions, including a flat position, which is the best position for a newborn. However, you will find that regular strollers tend to have larger seats and can hold a heavier child than a jogging stroller can.

Finding the Best Stroller

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Irrelevant of which type of stroller you intend to buy, looking for which baby stroller works best for you and your baby depends on your budget, your lifestyle and a few logistical questions, such as:

  • Where do you intend to use it?
  • How long would you like to use it for?
  • How easy is it to use? How easy is it to fold or unfold?
  • How many babies will be using it?
  • Where are you going to store it?
  • Does the price fit within your budget?

The best thing to do before any purchase is to read up on it as much as possible!

How do you make sure your stroller is safe?

Baby Jogger DangersWhen it comes to any item that is baby related, safety is number one. Almost all strollers out in the markets meet safety standards (otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed in the market). However, keep the following features in mind when out for stroller shopping:

  • Look into the brakes

Make sure to check out the brakes before using the stroller. Do the brakes stop efficiently and right when you press on them? Can you disengage the brakes easily when needed? Test runs are absolutely necessary before any purchases take place.

  • Look out for a five-point safety harness

Normally, most strollers come with a five-point harness, however, some strollers may come with a three-point harness. Check out the snaps to ensure they are secure and can be buckled easily. Also, make sure they are easy to unbuckle, so it doesn’t become a hassle each time.

  • Push the seat back

Make sure to check how deep the seat reclines. Especially, if you intend to use the stroller for a newborn, watch out for models that motion a recline that is nearly flat. Or opt for a stroller that can be easily attached to an infant car seat, this helps you move a sleeping baby without the dreadful thought of baby cries and screams.

  • Inspect the hinges and edges

Nooks and small pieces can be tricky to examine on any baby product. Tiny fingers and toes can get caught between tight spaces, so be very careful regarding any sharp edges or the likes.

  • Put all the pieces together

If you plan on purchasing a travel system (strollers that come with baby car seats), make sure to look into the safety ratings for the car seat, and ensure the car seat fastens to the stroller properly. Are there a lot of straps or adapters that you have to set up?  Is it a one-click system? You definitely want this to be as easy and straightforward as possible, I mean, aren’t babies complicated enough?

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