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8 Rules To Follow To Include Your Husband In Your Pregnancy

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Among things, women cannot keep away from the public is pregnancy. Especially, when it is getting to the sixth month, pregnancy gives the belly a protruded shape that even every Tom, Dick and Harry can easily point to Mrs. Dale and say, ‘she is an expectant mother.’ Hence, if anyone in the neighborhood can know about your pregnancy, what stops you letting your hubby keep tab on its progress? Pregnancy should be not only be an experience that is endured with its pains by the woman; the husband should be kept abreast of all the moments. He should be part of the entire process and duration that the pregnancy will last. After all, she did not put herself in that condition. Interestingly, too, she is not the only one expecting the coming of a newborn baby.

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Yes, they don’t carry the pregnancy or have a first-hand experience of what it means to be pregnant. Although they don’t have to have their urine tested during ante-natal of go about with stretch marks on their belly, the moral support they could will go a long a way to make you feel extremely calm and settled.

In this post, you’ll learn eight (8) basic rules you have to apply to be able to put your pregnancy in a family state. This makes your husband keep tab on that pregnancy and keep you both in the we-are-all-in-this-together mood.

1 Never Go To Your OB-GYN Alone

Never Go To Your OB-GYN Alone

On the first note, it is not a crime to visit your obstetrician or gynecologist alone. However, it becomes a fun when you and your husband make it a date with your doctor the next time you’re visiting them. Of course, he may not be able to make every appointment, but ensure that he goes with you in some of the visits. In this way, he will be able to ask questions and seek clarifications about what to be done at home. Even sonogram appointments are great opportunities your husbands can use to follow up on the child’s growth, listen to its heartbeat and ask questions.

2 Don’t Keep Information To Yourself

Don’t Keep Information To Yourself

Except, of course, you don’t understand what to say ‘to get in the family way’ saying means. But if you do, then it will not be wrong to say that it’s wrong to take any information as insignificant during your pregnancy. What that means is that as much as you carefully listen to every detail from your OB-Gyn, use the same measure to relate every detail to your husband. No information of feeling is too insignificant to tell your husband. Information relating to pregnancy should be shared as soon as you receive it, especially in those appointments he didn’t go with you. Keep him update and always tell him everything without reservation.

3 Share Sex Reveal Party Together

Share Sex Reveal Party Together

Your husband is as anxious as you would when it comes to knowing the sex of the child. Anxiety here does not necessarily mean that he prefers one gender over the other. No. it is just to have an idea of what to be planning in terms what ideas of party you could both have once the gender is revealed. The two of you must come together and plan the kind of party you could have for yourselves. Don’t impose your idea, but ask him what his thinks can be best to make the party fun.

4 Let Him Know The Baby Is Kicking

Let Him Know The Baby Is Kicking

There’s always fun when you engage your husband and letting into the heartbeat of the child. It is not just enough to be rolling over your palm on the belly. Try to include your husband by making him feel part of this amazing experience. He should know the baby is kicking. These are experiences that give your husband a personal touché with the baby. He feels connected to you and the baby. The kicking response your husband gets back by touching your belly could be a moment the two of them exchange greetings and communicate with each other.

5 Let Him Play With Your Belly

Let Him Play With Your Belly

When you roll over your hand on your belly and smile to the baby, your husband can feel jealous. He may also want to be part of that amazing experience. Don’t discourage him or hide your belly from his touch. During this period of massaging, he could pray, sing or talk to the baby. In that way, the bond in the family is further strengthened.

6 Never Bathe The Baby Alone

Never Bathe The Baby Alone

One major event that is not avoidable during pregnancy is the baby shower. Who says the man cannot share the experience with you? Why not? In the process of planning and showering always ensure that you keep him awake. Let him be beside you as often as he can to be able to see how the whole this goes. You can inform him if you’re engaging someone else to do the baby shower. He may want to be part of the entire process.

7 Agree On What Name You Give The Baby

Agree On What Name You Give The Baby

Throw around your favorite names. Each of you has the responsibility to be part of the name giving. You may want a name, and your husband wants another for the child. Now are the time and avenue to share your ideas and make it count that both of you have a name that you agree on. In this way, you’re including him in your pregnancy plan. It’ll surprise you the incredible experience you have.

8 Share Your Potential Experience Of Becoming Parents

Share Your Potential Experience Of Becoming Parents

This last rule is as important as number 1-7. It is no joke. The joy of becoming a parent is within both you and your husband. Talk about styles of parenting between you and your husband and how the two of you can become great parents once the baby comes in.


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