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Shopping for a Travel Dopp Kit? Ask these questions!

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We have hundreds of concerns when it comes to traveling for any trip more than a single day long.
Well, day-long trips also give us mild anxiety. But let’s just pretend we master this art.

Before starting packing, we have to go start the mission impossible of finding the right choice for our travel bag. And how can we forget about our beloved makeup travel bag.

For that one, we need all the right qualities to fit in our trip and its attire. It should have just the right size, perfect color, and don’t dare to forget about capacity and organization.

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We don’t want to leave our most crucial skin or hair care routine products behind. And who of us would like to create an incomplete look on the wedding of our beloved cousin?

Once we finish sorting out the perfect sized makeup kit, color and style refuse to match with the occasion.
Ah the agony!

But we have a solution for you. Take your travel dopp kit selection an organized feat that starts even before the decision of vacations.

Following questions will let you envision your perfect travel makeup bad ultimately helping you in buying the right piece.

What Are Your Traveling Routine?

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Do you travel often? Or do your scarce trips surround a particular theme?
What is the particular travel theme you mostly experience? It can be business or familial or vacation-related.

If you travel often you need a multipurpose travel makeup kit to cater your varied traveling needs.
A more streamlined traveling routine will need a more focused product. For example, wedding usually call for heavy makeup use as well as you need to keep accessories to level up your style.

If long trips are in your to-do list for the year, then your best bet is to search for perfect travel makeup kit. It would pay you in spades of you keep organization of your dopp especially when you go for a large alternative.

How Detailed is Your Skincare and Makeup Routine?

If you have time to read this, I assume you do not have twin toddler boys who are clinging with you right now asking to the fourth dose of chocolate.

(The fact that I am writing this article shows that I too am not one of those amazing moms.)
And if you are one of those amazing ladies, salute to you.

But if you are not, then I must conclude that you do not only have enough energy to put on complete makeup at vacations but you are also thrilled to do so.

Exactly, how much makeup is your kind of thing? Well don’t confine in me but make an inventory yourself to estimate the space you need for intended purchase.

If you are planning to use a lot of makeup for occasions on your trip, you should consider investing in bags which can carry all your required supplies. Again there should be two different qualities you should consider when buying your travel makeup kit.

First, you need to determine what kind of organization would you need built-in within your case. This question can be most crucial for the high maintenance women out there who cannot bear the sight of a disorganized cosmetic bag. But this factors helps all of us especially if we don’t want to spend hours locked inside the powder room only because every makeup essential demanded a separate search operation on our part within out vanity box.

Second, (believe me it could be first factor) we need to decide the general size of the travel dopp kit. You can take any size depending on the nature and duration of your trip. But, if you are a makeup-lover, you are free to disagree with me. Wink.

What is Bag’s Expected Life?

This is another question which will determine the quality and material of your expected purchase. Would you like to use your bag for a single vacation? Or do you want it to last at least next dozen vacations?
Second part of this question is the level of maintenance you require for your bag? For example, a long-lasting cosmetic bag may require high and frequent maintenance.

A few considerations that you need in choosing material of your travel makeup kit include its ability to be cleaned, its color, and finish.

First of all, your bag should be made of material that is easy to clean. Most such bags come with nylon interior and leather or polyester exterior. These materials are not only easy to clean but also offers water protection to your cosmetic and jewelry within the case. Plastic and vinyl are best materials to clean and should be pursued when shopping for bags for long-term use.

This question also has a third part. And this part talks about the capacity of your makeup kit. If you are planning to use your kit for an extended time period, you should go for roomier versions as smaller ones usually get strained easily with tiniest changes in volume of makeup content.

Although these questions will ease your cosmetic bag shopping quest, you may find yourself pondering about some other options to carry a flawless travel dopp kit that actually help you get ready for the occasion. For your ease, we discuss a few tips that may allow you to organize a better all-time-ready travel dopp kit.

The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself. – Wallace Stevens

Enhance the Value of Your Travel Dopp Kit

All-Time-Ready Travel Dopp Kit is a Myth

Understand that there not a thing like being all-time-ready travel dopp kit. Your kit is never ready until you get ready. And to get your kit ready, you need to properly plan this kit as part of your whole luggage planning. Begin with the end in mind.

Sure, you can keep a bare minimum ready-to-go toiletry kit but the cosmetics that go in your travel dopp kit will need customization suitable to your planned trip.

Enhance Organization by Using Plastic Bags

Travel Dopp KitOne day you may feel lucky that you bought the most organization friendly travel dopp kit in the whole world. But the other day, you would be wondering what the meaning of a perfect makeup organizer travel case is. The truth is however compartments these travel dopp kit manufacturers make within our cases, we will still fall short of more storage spaces.

  • So, what can we do?

The problem can be elevated by using plastic bags for keeping different products. Besides, these bags will also prevent spillage and wastage of your product in case their cases get broken.

Try Mini-Sized Cosmetics

Travel Dopp Kit

This is especially true for toiletries you have to carry. If you are frequent traveler, you might have cracked this hack by now. You need to keep your toiletries kit travel-ready almost every moment. This way you minimize the planning time you have to spend on packing for these supplies.

But you can stretch this hack a little further by keeping mini-sized makeup brushes within your makeup case always ready for travel.

Wrap Up

  • What is you approach towards buying your cosmetic bag? Do you prefer style over ease and capacity? Or organization and ease of use makes your prioritizations.
  • What about your shopping style?
  • Do you tend to impulsively buy the most attractive bag out there? Or do you prefer to take a calculated approach?
  • How this article changed your approach towards travel dopp kit shopping? Please discuss in comments.

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