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4 Steps Towards Smarter Packing

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Don’t Let Your Fear of Over-Packing Make You Lose Out on Fun- Follow These 4 Steps towards Smarter Packing

So Sally has come in Indonesia to lose herself in the natural outlook of mountainous island of Bali.
She was tactful enough to focus on a particular place in the country so she could feel the essence of life in the chosen area.

She decided to explore all the cool places and planned everyday of her group trip from dining at Bebek Bengil to calm her nerves at Yoga Barn, to feed on the scenic beauty of Sidemen.

She set her preferences in advance and was adamant at including her preferred locations in the go-to list by deciding on separate sub-groups of two’s and three’s to compensate every girlfriend’s interests.
Everything was well-planned. Her banking needs, hotel stay, clothes and accessories, and dining routine… everything was nothing less than perfect.

Until one day… it became far from perfect.
Her day of surfing arrived. She woke up and enjoyed the morning routines as perfect as those appearing in hotel commercials.

It was time to step out of their room into the blazing sun… and within her personalized dopp kit the sunscreen supply was already drying up.

Ah! She forgot to keep the backup she had kept in mind for most part of her planning process.
This can happen to everyone on vacations. And, unfortunately, this does happen more often than is expected.

I have wandered all my life, and I have also traveled; the difference between the two being this, that we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment. – Hilaire Belloc

Likes of Sally often find themselves in short of one thing or other even on the absolute perfect of their trips. I know because I am one of them.

Just feel the dread! You have to ask your girlfriend for the lacking commodity. Or you have to risk sunburn/ or being less than trendy/ or have to wear an awful shade of lipstick.

But a few simple steps can help us in reducing the things we forget to load in our personalized dopp kits.

Begin with the End in Mind

There can be two different approaches toward packing for a trip.

  • The first of these approaches is most commonly used by the travelers and tourists. In this approach, you look at all your possessions which are trip-worthy and find those which appear most appealing. The approach is based on the idea that the needs you face in your daily life exactly, or predominantly, mirror all your trip-related needs. So, you shouldn’t bother about thinking out of the box to get packed.
  • This method works well for trips which don’t take you far away from your home or which land you in exactly the same conditions in which you are currently living.
  • You cannot rely on this method if you are going on vacations or a special ceremony or a work-related event.
  • The other approach is suitable for most such occasions. This approach requires travelers to plan their packing just as they plan their trip.
  • This requires the travelers to first inventory all the occasions which they have to attend, understand their requirements, and detail all the necessities that would be needed in those events.

Be You

This step is an extension of first step of planning your clothes, travel set toiletries, accessories, and electronics. This step focuses on you as the user of the packed things rather than the things as the primary concern.

  • In the first approach towards packing, you would appreciate all those vacation-ready outfits that are hanging in your wardrobe and would like all of them to be available when on cruise.

women travel luggage with personalized dopp kits

  • But then you have to change your perspective towards all those outfits and see yourself wearing each of them in particular events. Ask yourself:
  • Would they make adequate dress choices?
  • How would you appear in those dresses?
  • Will you appear part of the event in those dresses? Because not every dress will have similar appeal in all the different occasions of the trip.
  • So envision yourself in each occasion wearing those dresses.
  • These two steps will eliminate the possibility of forgetting important things for most people.

Organizing Your Packing

So you have planned what to include within your cute travel bag, but you have to make sure that all the things you have envisioned to be in your hotel room should reach that room with you.

Although the planning phase solves packing problem for most people out there; yet poor folks like me still need further practice and follow through to accomplish the goal of getting everything available in women travel luggage.

So, if you keep forgetting your belongings even after taking a proactive approach towards packing then you should apply following steps to put an end to your forgetfulness.

Make a List

If you are a forgetter, you better make a list of all the items that you choose to take on the trip. The list-making process will not be a stand-alone process. You have to combine it with the planning process described above. Understand the circumstance, remember your role in those occasions and select and list all those items which would be required on those occasions.

The best bet is to make the list on your phone. Or you can use paper pencil if you are on your tech fast but remember to keep your list with you in case you remember something is missing while you are on the go.
Also keep updating your list if you think something is not essential on the trip or if you replace previous items of clothe/ accessory/ toiletry with a new one more suitable to travel and occasion.

Free-up Your Schedule and Get Shit Done

Once you have established the items you have to take with you, you are ready to start the actual packing.
How much time will you need to do the actual packing?

For me, the answer is thirty minutes for a weekend trip. But it all depends on the person, their occasion, and their style. I won’t judge anyone for taking more than an hour for a weekend trip. But I would surely judge myself if someone is taking less then quarter of an hour. Ah! That inner critique!

Again you can start packing, for your vacations, weeks before you have to move. Or you can delay until the last moment.

Most people prefer to take the middle route which is to start packing their luggage in the last week before the trip. This way, they can arrange those supplies which were lacking in their wardrobe.

I usually take a conservative approach towards act of packing and try to get ready for the trip at least two days before it.

And, take my words, you would benefit from your packing more if you schedule it at least 2 days before traveling.

  • Two days? You may ask.
  • Yes ladies (and gentlemen also, if you are reading)! Two days.

And let me remind you, ‘you should have listed all the items necessary for the perfection of your journey.’
Equipped with all the necessary tools; list, items, bags and stamina; I start packing while keeping the end in mind. Yes end in mind.

  • How will I unpack?
  • How much time will I have in picking my everyday outfit?
  • Where will I keep my toiletry bag to keep it within reach?
  • What about my travel accessory bag?
  • What accessories will make part of my accessories bag (depending on when these accessories will be required)?

These questions dictate the arrangement and organization of my best go bag.

One travel tip which I have learnt in my childhood and which always remained with me was to think about the look of the planned event.

Of course this tip could become impractical when most parts of the trip were left unplanned, but if you can still envision whole outfit for all those events which you will surely enjoy on your trip.

By envisioning the complete picture, you can plan all things which go in the hygiene bag, in travel cases, and in travel accessories bags. This tip not only saved me troubles during the packing phase but also allowed me ease of getting ready for the day while on vacation.

Wrapping Up

Packing often takes fun out of the traveling and vacations.

If you are like me your enthusiasm for vacations would not die down because of the anticipated efforts you have to put in the packing phase; yet, it will dim down a bit.

Although the feat is complex and often results in a travel disaster, it can be turned into a well-practiced chore that reaches the core of perfection.

There are various packing tips travelers use for generations. I shared mine. Please share yours. learning?


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