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Taking Road Trips While Pregnant – Important Things to Know

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Just because you’re pregnant, that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to have some fun while you still can. Despite your constantly growing baby bump, you can still enjoy a road trip during pregnancy as much as you would a regular one.

One of your worries could be the pains you are experiencing, which could be amplified by the number of hours you’ll spend sitting down inside the car. Well, with the right advice, you could make the most of it – even if your belly feels heavy and makes you feel bloated. That being said, whether you are going on a road trip for a babymoon or you happened to plan it before you found out you were pregnant, the following tips will make it magical.

Road Trips While Pregnant – What You Need to Know

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Before you hit the road and adventure yourself into the world, it’s important to know some things that will help not only keep you safe but also ensure you feel comfy and happy. You don’t want to go on a trip only to be depressed and in pain all the time, hence why it’s essential to be ready for what is to come.

Here are some things you need to know before you go far away from home:

1 Talking to Your Health Provider Is Essential

Talking to Your Health Provider Is Essential

Sure, you might just want to leave far away from home and forget about everything, including your doctor. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of a visit to your health provider – not if you want to make sure a road trip while pregnant is safe for you and the baby.

It’s important to note that particular medical conditions could prohibit you from going on a road trip until your baby is born. Going against your doctor’s word could have consequences, which is why you must listen and not do as you please.

All that being said, let your doctor decide whether you should go and have fun, or wait longer until you’re safe.

2 It’s Better to Plan for Your Second Trimester

It’s Better to Plan for Your Second Trimester

Although going on a road trip during your third trimester is not necessarily impossible, going on a road trip when pregnant is better if you do it in the middle of the period. Besides being less risky for you and the baby, it’s also said to be the period when you’re feeling the best.

If you’re in your early pregnancy weeks and want to go on a road trip, make sure it happens during the second trimester – you won’t regret it. Also you should carry pregnancy shoes with essentials.

3 You Need to Take Breaks

You Need to Take Breaks

Despite feeling the need to drive continuously and enjoy the views, as well as arrive at the destination in time, it’s not recommended to have an extremely long drive time. Basically, a pregnant woman might feel the need to pee more frequently and holding it inside increases the risk of UTIs. In addition, pregnant women are at higher risk of developing blood clots and sitting down will just make it riskier.

Having said that, stopping several times on the road will allow you to stretch and just feel much better after being stuffed inside the car.

According to physicians, you should keep the drive time to a maximum of 6 hours per day and stop at least every hour and a half for stretching and bathroom time. It will help you a lot.

4 You Must Sit in the Front Seat

You Must Sit in the Front Seat

Regardless if you want to sit in the back seats or the front one is already occupied by someone else, it is recommended that you change your (or their) mind and stay in the front. Back seats have a higher chance of causing motion sickness, and you surely don’t want that.

Basically, the front seat will let you see what’s ahead on the road, instead of forcing you to look on the side window – which could cause you motion sickness discomfort. If for some reason you won’t be able to sit in the front seat, the best option left is the middle seat in the back. It will still give you the opportunity to look ahead.

5 The Seat Belt Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

The Seat Belt Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Safety comes first, especially when you’re pregnant. However, taking road trips while pregnant could have you looking at the seat belt in fear, as you think it might harm your belly and your baby as a result.

However, that’s not true. In fact, you can easily buckle up despite having a big baby bump, and it won’t have any negative impact on the little human growing inside of you. If it’s bothering you, you can wear it under your belly for increased comfort while still ensuring your safety.

Moreover, it’s also advised to always have your airbags turned on in case of accidents. You can also distance yourself with the seat in case you’re worried about the impact an airbag would have on you.

6 Snacks Are a Must

Snacks Are a Must

You can’t go on a road trip unprepared, and if you don’t have snacks, you might find yourself starving in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to eat. This could be dangerous for your baby and would just make you feel awful overall. For this reason, a stack of snacks shouldn’t be missing from your trunk if you take a road trip when pregnant.

During this part of your life, it’s not unusual to get hungry easily or to have cravings. This is why you should make sure you pack some light snacks for the road, such as fruit, crackers, unsalted pretzels or anything of the sort. Big meals are a no-go while driving because they could cause nausea and motion sickness – something which you should avoid.

7 Extra Meds or Supplements Should Exist in Your Arsenal

Extra Meds or Supplements Should Exist in Your Arsenal

As you’re already aware of, pregnancy has you more prone to motion sickness. Unless you want your stomach to ruin your whole day, certain medication is needed in your bag. This could help ease the feeling your stomach is giving you, and ensure you are feeling good at all times.

In addition, some supplements and vitamins are needed while on a road trip because they could help you stay healthy. It’s important to take care of yourself even while you’re on vacation, and even more if you happen to be pregnant at the same time. Make sure you bring more medication and supplements than you normally need, in case the trip will unexpectedly extend.

8 Don’t Forget Hydration

Don’t Forget Hydration

One of the most important aspects during pregnancy is proper hydration. Basically, having the little human inside of you could cause you to need more water – which is why you should carry enough amount of liquids with you during the road trip.

If you’ve been sweating a lot too, having the proper water intake available is crucial – especially considering there is a link between lack of hydration and uterine contractions. Of course, you might not really want to stop multiple times on the road to go pee, but your situation as a future mother is more important.

Besides keeping you hydrated, drinking the right amount of water could help relieve morning sickness. It already sounds even better, doesn’t it?

9 Fancy Clothes Aren’t a Requirement

Fancy Clothes Aren’t a Requirement

Okay, you might want to look stunning at all times, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, your self-esteem might significantly decrease during your pregnancy, so feeling the need to dress in a certain way is normal.

Even so, considering you’re going to be on the road for most of the time, there’s really no need to take your tightest and fanciest outfit. Although it will make you feel like a goddess, your comfort might have to suffer. Would you rather be in pain for the whole trip, or look good when there’s nobody important to see you anyway?

Make sure you get some comfortable maternity clothes on, as you’ll feel thankful for it once you sit inside a car for hours. You may feel more tempted to wear your tight jeans, but it’s a better choice to wear something elastic and breathable. If you know how to choose your clothes, you can still look cute at the same time too.

10 You Must Keep Your Travel Plans Flexible

You Must Keep Your Travel Plans Flexible

Things are unpredictable, and despite making sure it will all go as planned, you never know what occurs in the meantime. Take this, for instance: you book rooms at a hotel, but something happens and you need to cancel the booking. Would you like paying cancellation fees? Of course not. This is why you need to choose a place that doesn’t require fees for such situations, especially if you’re going on a road trip while pregnant.

Another thing you must ensure is knowing the situation of the roads. If there are a lot of holes and the whole experience will be bumpy, ensure you take another route, which is safer and won’t harm the baby.

11 If You’re Tired, You Should Sleep

If You’re Tired, You Should Sleep

If you’re going on a road trip while pregnant, one of the biggest challenges you might face is battling nausea. Sleeping doesn’t seem like a viable option, as you went on a trip to have fun – thus watching what’s out the window, not the back of your eyelids.

That being said, if you find it hard to keep your eyes open, stop resisting and take a nap. It’s only usual to feel tired during pregnancy, so don’t feel bad if you find yourself dreaming while in the car.

Moreover, sleeping will make time pass faster, and if you can’t wait until you arrive at your hotel room, a nap is the best option you have.

12 Sea Bands Could Help a Lot

Sea Bands Could Help a Lot

As mentioned, pregnancy has you prone to motion sickness and nausea, and you’ll become very desperate to find solutions to the issue. Nobody likes feeling tired and sick after all, so it only makes sense.

Therefore, there’s one thing that could be a great help when experiencing such an issue: sea bands. Basically, these are some bands that apply pressure on your wrist, being able to decrease the suffering motion sickness and nausea implement on you. Whereas some women use them as a solution for morning sickness, others find it very useful when they’re in a car, on a cruise ship, and any other transportation form.

It doesn’t mean they’re 100% going to help, as it all depends from person to person. However, it’s worth giving it a try. Whatever helps is good, isn’t that right?

13 You Need to Get Ready for the Worst

You Need to Get Ready for the Worst

Despite being ready to have the best road trip while pregnant, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ready for the worst. For instance, you never know when motion sickness will do a number on you in public. The thought of it alone is enough to give you anxiety – because what would you do if you felt the need to vomit while you’re out somewhere?

This is only one of the worries you might have, but it’s essential to be prepared for whatever might happen during your road trip. As gross as it might be, you need to pack some last resort vomit bags, just in case. Whatever other worries you might have, think about what would solve them, and get ready to counter them if they occur.


A road trip during pregnancy might be the best way to put your mind at ease before you have to take responsibility and take care of a new human being. It’s essential to know what is safe and what would make you feel good if you end up doing it – which is why this article was written in the first place.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to put these tips into practice and have a great time before your child sees the light of the day.

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