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Perfect Maternity Dress for Your Wedding

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So, it is the time of your life, when you need to be looking THE BEST of you, and you would not want to take any chances. I would say, having some information on how to deal with this situation of Wedding and still keep the Pregnancy going in its pace needs some extra information which we want to share them with you.

So, lets go. First, lets address the elephant in the room (head ??) and get over with. If it was some kid of  norm for most people to get married before the pregnancy, well …. can’t keep love hidden forever or keep life from happening!  So here we are planning our big day!  Let’s do it.

Nevertheless, being both pregnant and at the same time a Bride is not without any challenges. For starters, getting the perfect maternity dress for wedding based on your progress in to the pregnancy and precisely predicting your baby bump on your wedding day! Looks like we need an astrologer with engineering background ?? Don’t worry…. lets figure it out..

Well, if you are a celebrity, you probably have access to the best designers. However, if you are like me and not certain of how to get the perfect maternity dress for your wedding, let’d dive in.

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Best Maternity Dress for Wedding – Flaunt that Baby Bump!

Women like you and me, married or not, a baby bump is a bundle of joy. As a result of this, you need not  hide your baby bump while selecting a maternity dress for your wedding. But if you want to hide or minimize your baby bump while choosing a maternity dress for your wedding, the right silhouette can help you do so. While at this, ensure you go for a dress that provides adequate comfort.

Comfort Should Be A Priority

The only way to look your best in a wedding dress is to be comfortable. It really does not matter if you have a baby bump or not, comfort is of utmost importance. Comfort gives you confidence! And at the same time in a wedding dress if you want to look gorgeous, attractive and glorious, so, it is even more important that you carefully select a wedding dress that makes you feel throughout the event and with your bump.

Your Feet Grow Too

Oh yes! this is true, When you are pregnant, your belly grows. This is very obvious as it is the easiest way people can tell that you are pregnant. Well, your belly is not the only part of your body that grows when you are pregnant. Your feet grow too. As a result of this, getting the right pair of shoes for your already grown feet is almost as important as getting the right dress. When making a choice of a shoe, ensure that you select a pair of shoes that are very comfortable and have minimum heels.

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Simplicity is the Watch-word

As a bride with a baby bump, you do not want a wedding gown with intricate designs and tags hanging around everywhere. You do not have to put on a wedding dress that is laced with heavy jewelry. The reason for this is your baby bump is already considered a huge accessory of some sort. Adding to it will make your wedding gown look a little too complicated and might also be quite uncomfortable.

Here is Our idea of Simplicity

The Right Fabric is Essential

The fabric that your maternity wedding gown is made of, can go a long way in adding your level of comfort or destress during the whole event. When choosing a maternity wedding dress, make use of materials that will allow you to grow in to it without any inconvenience. For a good level of comfort in your maternity wedding dress, you can either make use of chiffon or ethereal tulle fabric.

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According to Gardner, “Softness and flowing details are always lovely. Also, stretch fabrics in crepe or jersey will contour the body and allow for a very comfortable fit.”

The Right Silhouette Can Hide Your Baby Bump

If the aim is to hide your baby bump, or to highlight, you can do so by selecting the right silhouette. With a strapless empire waist dress blended with tulle or lace overlay can help you do so. The empire waistline will bring attention to the smallest part of your torso, thereby, hiding your baby bump by choosing best Maternity Dress for wedding day.

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Wedding is a time of celebration, bonding, reassuring and joy. This is the time to make new relationships not only with your partner but to the entire family. Meaning of marriage is to get experiences of being a bride to your partner, bonding with the parents who reminds you that your partner was a little bundle of joy to them few years ago! And meet many new people who wish you well in these times of happiness. This is the same time to give different awesome experiences to everyone involved in your family on both sides. Everyone deserves a happy wedding and an awesome family 🙂

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