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Tips for Traveling During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

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Before you give birth, you still have the chance and time to relax, have fun and get ready for the baby. Once your baby decides to join the rest of the world, traveling will hardly be an option, especially considering how hard it is to take care of a small human. That being said, traveling should happen while you’re still pregnant – so you not only enjoy your last “free” time but also relax and put yourself in a good mindset.

However, if you travel during the third trimester of pregnancy, you will have to think about safety measures so there is no risk involved. Whereas traveling during this part is not impossible, you might experience more fatigue than before, which is why doctor visits are so important.

Even so, traveling during the third trimester of pregnancy is still a viable option. Here are some tips to ensure your travels will be safe and without problems.

Traveling When Pregnant – What You Need to Do Before Your Trip

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Measures should be taken from before the day your trip is supposed to start, which is why it’s important to know what to do until then. Unless you want your vacation to quickly turn into a disaster, here are some tips on what to do before you travel to unknown lands:

  • Get Insurance

This is probably something you’ve heard about countless times, but whoever has told you that you should get insurance wasn’t in the wrong. Yes, spending some extra cash on it might really ruin the mood, but you have no idea how thankful you are going to be if something happens and the insurance covers the costs.

Basically, trips can be unpredictable, as you don’t have control over everything. Accidents or other similar things could happen regardless of where you go, and if you get injured and have no insurance, you might have to pay the whole amount yourself. And let’s face it, while you are away from home, the last thing you want is to give your last penny to the hospital.

Choosing reliable travel insurance could be very useful in an emergency situation, as it will pay for medical care if you somehow end up with an injury.

  • Choose a Nice Destination

The world has countless beautiful places and settling for one might make you feel bad for not choosing another. If time and money weren’t so limited, you would’ve visited them all.

However, it’s important to take the climate in the destination into consideration. While one of the things you’re dreaming of is sunbathing on a fancy beach, the hot weather might be hard to handle. Given your metabolism during the third trimester, the hot and humid climate won’t do you any good.

With that being said, if you must choose a tropical destination, you should at least ensure you have air conditioning at the hotel and during your transport. After all, you’re already suffering enough due to your pregnancy, so why add to the suffering?

In addition, you should consider researching the destinations for any potential viruses circulating around. Not only those might require vaccinations, but the baby could be harmed too, and some vaccines are not pregnancy-safe either.

  • Think About Your Seat

Traveling when pregnant could be really difficult because everything is unpredictable. You never know what situation you’ll end up in, or what you will find once you reach the destination. Just like that, it’s hard to know how a seat inside a plane or car would feel unless you try it beforehand but knowing how to seat yourself could save you a lot of trouble.

Think about which seat would be better for you – and if the seat isn’t already occupied, make sure you ask for pre-boarding. Conversely, if you travel by car, make sure you sit in the front. This is to prevent the possibility of getting motion sickness, which could make you just feel bad until you reach your destination.

  • Check Whether You’re Allowed to Fly

Did you know that some airlines prohibit traveling during the third trimester of pregnancy? There could be many risks involved when you’ve advanced a lot with your pregnancy, hence why some airlines have strict rules and don’t allow you on board if you’re 28 weeks pregnant.

Therefore, a visit to the doctor is even more essential if you don’t want to spend your time getting ready for your trip – only to be stopped at the airport and prevented from boarding. Ensure everything is alright and get the right documentation from your doctor which proves you are able to travel, despite being in the third trimester.

  • Pack Everything that You Need

Given your pregnancy and the changes in your body, you need to make sure the essentials are found inside your luggage. Snacks and drinks are some of the most important things to carry with you. Getting hungry at unexpected moments is almost guaranteed at this point, and starvation is not something you dream of for a perfect trip.

So, make sure you pack some snacks to ease your hunger and some drinks for hydration. They are not only to have on the road but also in case you get in an area without food or beverages.

Additionally, make sure you pack everything that will ensure you’re comfortable, happy and safe at all times. For instance, pack your maternity clothing, as well as the pillows that help you sit or lie down comfortably.

A pregnancy survival kit is also something that shouldn’t be missing from your bag if you go far away from home. This kit should contain sea-bands in case of motion sickness, prenatal vitamins, and any medication that will help you in case you’re feeling sick.

Traveling when Pregnant – What You Need to Do During Your Trip

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Coming as no surprise, during your trip you still need to make sure you are keeping yourself safe and comfortable. You’re traveling during the third semester of pregnancy, after all, so while you might not be feeling at your best right now, ensuring you feel at least good is a must. Here are some tips on what you should do during your trip:

  • Don’t Sit All the Time

Sure, you might be feeling very tired, and the baby bump is doing you no favor by being so big and heavy. As a result, you might feel like sitting down at all times, but it’s important to know that doing so has its own risks.

Basically, while you’re pregnant, you are at higher risk of developing blood clots, hence why you should refrain from sitting down for too long. Make sure you stand up and stretch from time to time, regardless if you’re driving or flying. Taking breaks to move around a little bit will decrease the risks and help you feel much better overall.

  • Mind How Much You Eat

At some points, you will get so hungry that you feel like all the food in the world won’t be enough to satisfy you. Moreover, if you’re traveling and somehow know there are so many new and different foods you have the chance to try, your appetite will grow.

In spite of all of these, you might not be able to eat as much as you think. During the third trimester of pregnancy, your baby has grown considerably. His/her size could simply occupy your whole belly, and you feel bloated at all times. If you stuff yourself with too much food while you’re traveling, you will end up feeling just as bloated, if not worse. Add heartburn to that, and you have a ruined trip.

As such, you need to eat smaller and more frequent meals in order to satisfy your hunger. This way, you will not end up feeling like your stomach will explode.

  • Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

It’s not unusual to feel unattractive during this period. Your baby belly has reached a big size, while the rest of your body could’ve gained weight – causing your older clothes to not fit anymore.

Because of that, traveling when pregnant could be even harder, because certain destinations require special maternity clothing. It doesn’t mean that you should wear the baggiest stuff you find in stores, but you should really be careful with how tight they are as well.

Basically, your blood needs to circulate properly. As you’ve already found out, you are at higher risk of blood clots during pregnancy, which is exactly why it’s important to choose the right attire. If you wear something that’s squeezing your swollen body parts, your trip could easily be ruined.

Choose outfits that are elastic enough to allow you to move easily. This way, you will be keeping blood clots away.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Go to the Bathroom

There are some situations that require you to hold your pee until later, but pregnancy time is different. Although traveling might prevent you from going to the bathroom at particular times, it’s essential to analyze every available option and go to pee whenever you have the smallest chance.

Postponing bathroom tips could only have bad effects on you, and that’s certainly the last thing you want when you’re traveling. It could end up either in constipation or a UTI, so make sure you never hesitate to go when you need to go.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
– Gustav Flaubert

  • Walk, but Not Too Much

During your pregnancy, exercising is just as important as it would be off-pregnancy. It will keep your body and mind happy, and ensure your labor will be much easier. One of the best things you could do to exercise during pregnancy is simply to walk. Going for walks could also help you get rid of some of the weight you’ve put on due to the baby.

However, if you’re traveling when pregnant in your third trimester and you want to go for long walks, you should be very careful. While walking is healthy, doing it during this stage of the pregnancy is way more difficult. Walking will be much harder, and your back and feet could start aching so better you should wear Supportive Maternity Shoes.

This is why it’s important to know how to go for walks in the first place. Ensure you are hydrating yourself properly, and take frequent breaks. In addition, your partner should be taking care of you by helping you during your walks – and also providing you with amazing foot massages after a long day.

  • Buckle Up

If you travel by car, you should use the seat belt at all times. This is a rule. If you’re traveling in your third trimester of pregnancy, your baby bump might be too big, and using the seat belt could become a hassle. Even so, buckling up can still be done.

Use the belt under your belly so you are safe while feeling comfortable, and make sure the top strap is kept off the side of the belly. It should go across the middle of your chest.

Concurrently, if you’re traveling by plane instead of driving, you should still use the belt – but it might be too small in some situations. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask an attendant for a seat-belt extender. After all, it’s in everyone’s interest that you and your baby are safe, so you shouldn’t feel bad for asking.


Traveling during your third trimester of pregnancy could be a great idea, and might put your mind at ease before responsibilities hit you like a train. Before the trip, as well as during it, you need to know what to do in order to feel comfortable and keep you and the baby safe.

Don’t forget to visit your doctor and find out if you’re allowed to travel during the later stage of your pregnancy. Afterward, you should follow the tips in this article, and your vacation will go just as planned.

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