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Tips for Traveling With a New Baby ? Follow These Checklist

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Do you agree that traveling with a new baby is quite different experience from flying without ?  I have this friend who says, preparation is the key!  I agree too, planning is a safe bet when you are traveling with a new baby. So, what do I plan ? what should be my preparations ?

Before that, if you are just looking for a list, see our article for tips for traveling with a new baby. These tips can help you prepare. Nonetheless, they can’t help you stay in control of the entire journey.

So, I would say … let’s plan and prepare so both baby and you (and possibly others in the flight) can enjoy the journey together and at the same time You be in control …

Tips for Traveling With a New Baby

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Let’s dive in!

Preparations for Take-offs

Even if you are one of those who love dangerous rides in Six-Flags or other insane rides in Las Vegas, Take-offs and Landing in flight are quite uncomfortable  for most adults and certainly for babies. The noise levels raise rapidly in the cabin, vibration reaches higher than normal (compared to a car or train experience). Change in pressure can cause ear pain etc… This means that you will have to prepare specially for these times with your baby. His/ her favorite Pacifier is a good way to divert your kid’s attention. It reduces the anxiety building up due to sudden changes in the environment. Breastfeeding is another great option if you are doing that, or feeding from a bottle also works. This will also help reduce the pain associated with a changes in pressure.

Packing Checklist for Baby

When traveling with a new baby either by land or air, it will be wise of you to go ahead and pack without first putting together a checklist. Remember new babies depend on you when they need a ‘service’. This means it is up to you to put together all necessary things your baby would need. To ensure you do not leave anything behind while packing, you have to begin packing a few days before the day you intend travel. This will give you the chance to check the things you packed for your baby and discover if anything is missing. Now, if you mistakenly fail to include a needed item while traveling, you might not be able to get such item at a store in the airport. Apart from these check out Best Tips to learn as a new mom.

While preparing to travel with a new baby, Here is traveling with baby checklist you should pack

  • Food – Keep things like, extra bottles, Water, Pump and everything that you are feeding your baby
  • Cleaning – Wipes, diapers, Towels, extra cloths and everything  that should last the entire journey and an hour after the journey. This becomes really important if your flight is delayed.
  • Sleep – A few blankets, clothes to keep your baby warm and to protect your clothes against any spills, spit-ups, vomit or such incidents
  • Dress-up – Keep multiple sets of clothes for your new baby.
  • Transportation – A baby Carrier or a sling or bassinet would help

Get those Bottles Ready

Bottles, bottles and more bottles. In the age of infections and germs, you would need any many of these as you an carry. If you have to feed your baby from bottles while on a flight, you have to make plans for this. There are rules against boarding a plane with up to four ounces of liquid. While this rule covers most liquids, it does not cover juices and baby formula. All you need to do to travel with your baby formula is to get it checked by a handheld scanner before getting on board a plane.

Fun filled journey with kids involves 3 P’s –  Planning, Preparation and  Patience Sally O’ Brian

The process of testing your baby formula with a handheld scanner can sometimes be lengthy. So, to avoid spending so much time on the security line, you can fill the bottles for feeding your baby with just powder. You can turn it into liquid once you are away from the security line. This is pretty simple. You can always get warm water from flight attendants.

Breastfeeding While Traveling

If you are breastfeeding mom and you are traveling, you will have to prepare yourself some more of what the above section just mentioned. If you are one of those who are totally opposed to Baby formula, then you may have to pump your milk in a bottle and store it safely in a cool temperature bag. This is very important since your milk will go bad in couple of hours if they are not stored properly.

Show me Breast Pumps for Travel

Many mothers have reported that one of the most difficult things to do while traveling with a new baby is breastfeeding. Well, if you are not comfortable with breastfeeding, there are certain things you can do to ease yourself of any discomfort. If you are pumping your breast milk into a bottle before boarding a plane. This will be scanned on the security line before you are allowed to make your way into the plane.


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Another issue is without pumping milk is, if you are sitting next to strangers or do not have a window side seat, things could get pretty tricky. Get some breastfeeding covers to cover yourself and the baby if you are traveling without bottles.

Check out Breastfeeding covers for travel


Although getting some breast milk pumped into a bottle can be trusted to help you deal with the issue of breastfeeding while on a plane, the truth remains you might have to breastfeed while on the plane. If the need to breastfeed arises and you are close to a stranger, all you need to do is get out a blanket, pin one end of the blanket to the seat in front of you and the other end to the side of your seat. This will create some form of privacy which will make it comfortable for you to breastfeed. Hope you have learned baby travel essentials with our new baby travel guides.

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