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Toiletry Bag Packing For A Family Vacation

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My family is what some people think is great. I do not often meet someone with more kids than me! With me, my wife and eight children our family of ten travels a little differently than others.

Today, I’d like to talk about our strategy for packing toiletry bags with some great pack tips for families we’ve learned to minimize the stress on our travels. While these tips are well-tried and proven for large families, even if you do not have a large family, these six family vacation tips should help keep families of all sizes organized and prepared.

Backpacking Toiletry Bag: To Check Or Not To Check?

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In the family travel area, there is a healthy debate about whether you should control your luggage when flying or not. If you have never lived a #Carryon Only lifestyle, you should think about it. You will be surprised how much you can take with you on a trip with ten souvenirs and ten personal belongings!

If you decide to check the toiletry bag, please include the cost of the luggage at the ticket price.
When it comes to driving, our family of ten may do more car tours than the average family. If you can accommodate ten people in a vehicle, the savings of driving and flying are much more driving. On a recent family vacation in Nauvoo, Illinois, we ended up spending about $ 60 on gasoline to drive 1,000 miles. The fees alone would have cost us more if we were flying there, not to mention the miles.

Of course, you do not have so much space problems when driving. Depending on your destination and accommodation, you can also pack food. Food packaging can help with holiday expenses, which can be one of the highest costs of a trip.

Start With A Packing List For Your Toiletry Bags

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As soon as you know whether you are flying or driving and if you are carrying toiletry bags, my top tip is to start with a packing list.

Better yet, use an online tool to keep your packing list so you can refine and modify it on every trip, like Google Docs. Google Docs has two benefits: My wife and I can share a list, and once we’ve recognized all the things we’ve forgotten, we can get them for the next time add to the list! Over the years, we have shut down the packing list.

I strongly recommend that you print out a printout of your packing list that you can physically check off. We keep ours on the suitcases and check things out when they go into their pockets. We circle around the things that are still missing – ordinary things like stuffed animals for children or other items that cannot be packed until the last minute.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta

Pack Your Clothes By Days And Not By Person In Your Toiletry Bag

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Another good tip when packing for a family vacation that we learned a few years ago was packing the toiletry bag a day, not per person. Previously, we usually packed a men’s toiletry bag, a toiletry bag for women, one for the parents and one or two with random accessories.

Now we pack day instead. In a plastic bag, we pack the clothes every day. This makes it easy to take off your clothes in the morning. There is also a simple container for all DIRTY clothes in the evening.

We’ve never used pack cubes, but this strategy seems to work well for those who have them. I know people swear by space bags, but we’ve never been in a situation where space was so tight, we had to resort to it. Plastic bag for food works so well.

Depending on your whereabouts, you may have access to laundry facilities, which may limit the number of outfits you need to pack for each person.

There Is More To Packing Than Just Toiletries And Clothing

A frequent rookie family holiday packing error focuses only on toiletries and clothing. Depending on how long you are on the road, you want to make sure that you do not forget all the other things that you normally use and that you depend on in your daily life.

For example, medicines! Not just prescription drugs, but also over the counter, depending on where you go. We usually take a few aspirin, Tylenol, melatonin, antacids and other medicines. However, if you travel internationally, check the immigration / customs regulations of the country you are traveling to, as you will not have to go to prison because you have your medication abroad!

Also, do not forget cash. While credit cards are becoming more common, there may be places where only cash is paid. Depending on where you are traveling, it can be inconvenient to withdraw money from an ATM.

Backpacking toiletry bag

Find the Balance

Another tip for family vacations is finding the right balance of all the baby and child materials many families travel with. You do not want to forget the necessities, but you do not want to go overboard!

The “right” amount depends on the family and the destination. However, if you do not go far, you probably do NOT need to consider every possible eventuality. Diapers can take up a lot of space in a suitcase, so you decide how many makes sense when you arrive there. The same applies to baby and toddler dishes and snacks. Bring enough to make the trip enjoyable, but plan most of the goods when you reach your destination.

We were very lucky that each of our children packed a few books / toys for entertainment, a blanket and their favorite stuffed animal in their own toiletry bag. Which brings me to my next point …

Let All Your Own Backpacking Toiletry Bag Take With You

As I mentioned earlier, a large spaceship seems to be all the random items that children need to take with them. We talk about stuffed animals, blankets, night lights, books, trinkets, and other things to do.

When kids need to bring their own rucksacks for the backpack, this helps them reduce the amount of garbage, err, and important items they want to take with them. If your children are still small, you can increase the space in your backpacking toiletry bag in larger suitcases. Nevertheless, even a small child can carry some of his personal belongings. My youngest daughter is eight and she carries all her own blankets, books and other items. Children who are only two or three years old can carry their own backpacking toiletry bag through the airport and beyond.

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