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Top 7 Stylish and Supportive Maternity Shoes for Travel

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Physically speaking, being pregnant is not the most pleasant time of your life – and rightfully so, even though the thought of bringing a baby into the world has you excited. Your body doesn’t stay the same: your belly expands, you gain weight, and your feet get swollen too. As a result, walking becomes a burden, and going to the shop and back is already stressful enough, so you can’t be bothered to think about traveling.

Nevertheless, the burden of your swollen feet can be decreased if you wear the right shoes – whether they’re indoors or outdoors. With comfort, softness, and easiness to move around, the proper shoes will make you feel happy to be alive once again. So, if you want to achieve this as well, here are some maternity shoes for traveling that will make amazing friends while you’re advancing in your pregnancy.

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iBaby Maternity Comfort Slipper for Pregnancy

iBaby Maternity Comfort Slipper for PregnancyWhen you’re staying inside the house, comfort is a necessity. You’re in your own intimacy – meaning that you can wear whatever you want, without needing to struggle to look good. However, this pair of shoes can help you achieve both goals.

With nice, cute and feminine design, these shoes are made of linen cotton – and have a sole that doesn’t allow you to slip on the floor. It’s great to have this feature as it prevents potential accidents, a very important aspect – especially during pregnancy. The slippers have the advantage of keeping your sensitive feet warm due to their thick material, so no need to worry about trembling in your seat either.

In addition, they’re pretty lightweight, allowing you to move freely like a bird and not add any strain to your already suffering feet.

Another thing to note is how easily it is to care for them.  You can simply put them inside the washing machine but washing them by hand will still ensure they’re clean at all times.


  • They’re very lightweight
  • They are easy to maintain and clean by hand or by washing machine
  • Anti-slipping sole
  • They are comfortable
  • They will keep your feet warm


  • They might wear out easily if not properly taken care of
  • They might not fit true to the size

Maternity Slipper on Amazon

Firstlike Cashmere Knitted Memory Terry Ballerina Slipper

Firstlike Terry Ballerina SlipperConsidering the overwhelming changes your body is going through right now, it’s safe to assume that the last thing you want is shoes that feel uncomfortable and heavy. Some of the shoes you own might have gotten too small if your feet are swelling, and you can’t even begin to wear them.

Fortunately, there are shoes like this pair right here – shoes which will provide you with the amount of comfort that you seek. Being made of knitted cotton, they will wrap naturally around your feet, protecting them from the cold and ensuring they feel soft and comfy.

Also, since your feet need to breathe, the material for this pair is a perfect choice. Basically, they have the ability to absorb moisture, so if your feet sweat a lot, the shoes will keep them dry and nice at all times.

For maintaining them, they can be washed in the washing machine with cool water. They’re some high-quality maternity shoes, so you wouldn’t regret spending money on them.


  • Able to keep feet dry and allow them to breathe by absorbing moisture
  • They are very comfortable for everyday use
  • Soft material
  • They can be maintained with machine wash
  • The slippers can retain their nice shape even after folding


  • They might not fit true to the size
  • The rubber sole is a little stiff, making the cloth pull off the heel while walking

Comfort Maternity Slipper on Amazon

Women’s Genuine Leather Comfort Ballet Flats

best maternity shoesBeing pregnant comes with a lot of burdens. Besides the bodily changes, including the baby belly and weight gain, you may feel very sick and bloated too. As a result, your self-esteem drops, and you find it hard to feel attractive at all.

Nevertheless, with the right clothes, you will look like a goddess – but do you know what else will do the trick? Combining your outfit with some proper shoes, and that’s exactly what this pair will do. The stunning leather ballet flats will work amazingly with a maxi dress, while the material will stretch and fit your size in a great way.

Furthermore, they fit in both casual and formal environments, so no need to struggle to find separate perfect shoes for both situations. If you are planning to stand or walk a lot, these shoes are even better because they reduce stress, fatigue, and pain – making you feel happy to be alive in the process. So, if you’re looking for gorgeous maternity shoes, these ones are a great pick.


  • They work for both casual and formal occasions
  • They’re very comfortable and fit your size
  • They can easily be worn with different outfits
  • Great for women who stand or walk a lot due to its pain reduction


  • The pair might wear out after a while if not maintained properly

Women’s Ballet Flats Slip

UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot

Women's Classic Short BootLet’s face it, UGGs are not the prettiest shoes. They’re very common to see during the cold season, but you might not be so drawn to them.

However, if you know how to wear them with your cold season attire, they have the power to make you look stunning. Besides, they are really soft, and your feet will feel like they’re being swallowed by feathers.

These UGGs are made of sheep fur, which was dyed to give the boots a nice color and overall feel. Their main goal is to make you feel comfy, especially if you have reached winter while still pregnant. They won’t add strain to your swollen feet, and will effectively keep moisture away, thus not allowing you to catch a cold either.

The price is a little high, but it promises to last more and not require you to change the boots after a year of wearing them.


  • They are able to keep you warm during winter
  • They are very soft and comfortable
  • Won’t wear out too easily
  • Able to repel moisture and keep your feet dry


  • This pair is wuite expensive
  • The material might get ripped if you’re not careful

Women’s Short Boot on Amazon

Gladiator Strappy Flat Open Toe Lace Up Beach Thongs Sandals

Summer Beach Thongs SandalsAnyone loves a good pair of sandals during summer – and given the pregnancy symptoms can feel worse this season, the last thing you want is lack of comfort. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to combine comfort with cuteness through this pair of sandals.

Coming with a flat sole to let you maintain your balance and step nicely, these gladiator flat sandals will naturally fit around your feet without squeezing them. Due to the elastic design, they will fit true to your size and will also match any summer outfit you decide to wear. In addition, they are very easy to put on and take off, so you won’t lose too much time trying to fit your feet inside them.

If your feet are getting bigger or feeling swollen, there’s no worry, as the sole will ensure you don’t slip and will maintain the proper level of comfort. Moreover, whether you need sandals to go to the beach or a vacation – to a party or just wear them casually, these sandals are a good investment. Cute and comfortable, they are perfect for many types of outfits.


  • They can match a lot of summer outfits
  • They work for casual occasions, as well as the beach, vacation, work, parties and more
  • These sandals are very comfortable to wear at all times
  • The belts are elastic and won’t squeeze your feet
  • They are very easy to put on and take off


  • They might wear out easily if not properly maintained

Flat Toe Sandals on Amazon

Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

best maternity shoesDespite carrying a baby, exercising is still one of the things you need to do to keep your body and mind healthy. As such, whether it’s for this reason alone or to match a sporty outfit, investing in a pair of sketchers will be one of the best decisions you will make.

Therefore, these sketchers are one good pair of maternity shoes you need in order to move easily during your workout sessions. Being made of breathable mesh that lets your feet breathe at all times, they are able to provide you with just the right amount of comfort you need on the daily. Additionally, you will be able to walk without feeling the shoes slip off – meaning that they will fit just as they should.

The weight is not too big, which makes them even more of a wonderful pair of sketchers to buy. Lifting your feet will feel like a piece of cake, even if the swelling tells you otherwise.

Besides, if you don’t mind having a sporty outfit, try combining them with some sports equipment. You’ll look like a strong and confident mom.


  • They are made from a breathable material
  • Your feet will slide in just perfectly
  • No laces, so you won’t have to bend when putting them on
  • They work perfectly for a workout session or just to create a sporty look
  • They feel very comfortable


  • Might wear out easily
  • Could be too small at the opening, depending on the size

Best maternity shoes on Amazon

Jellypop Women’s Indy Flat

maternity shoesBallet flats can’t be missing from your arsenal of maternity shoes, which is why this pair is something you need. Whether you want to go out for a walk or go to an event, they can be worn easily and can match your attire.

Coming with a synthetic sole, they won’t let you slip on surfaces, thus ensuring you step comfortably and safely. Even more, they will stretch and make room for your feet, even if they’re a little bigger in size – and this is due to the body changes you’re experiencing.

While they might not be the flashy shoes you’re used to wearing with your fancy clothes, they are still cute enough to give you a simple yet feminine and adorable air. Another advantage is that you can still wear them even after the baby comes into the world. This way, you have a pair of shoes that won’t go to waste after the pregnancy.


  • They feel very comfortable
  • The sole is synthetic and won’t allow your feet to slip, preventing accidents
  • They are easy to take on and off
  • They can be matched with a wide variety of outfits
  • The pair will still fit even after you give birth


  • They might not fit true to size
  • Some reviewers mentioned the toes got jammed to the front and were too wide in the middle

Women’s Flat maternity shoes

Buying Guide for Best Maternity Shoes

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During your baby-carrying months, you’re going through a lot of stuff. Besides the expanding belly, your feet might go through changes too, growing in size a little and making it hard to fit in your old shoes. Of course, this doesn’t happen to every pregnant woman, as bodies differ – but there is a possibility.

As such, when you go out and start the hunt for the best maternity shoes to take with you on the trip, there are some things you need to look for. In other words, you can’t just go with the first pair you find and call it a day. You want to choose something that will last and fit the criteria for the best maternity shoes for traveling.

Here is what you need to take into consideration:

  • Are They Easy to Put On?

Probably one of the most annoying things during this part of your life is the difficulty you’re experiencing when trying to put shoes on. Depending on the stage of the pregnancy, trying to bend in order to put your shoes on could easily become your most hated thing. Your belly has reached a considerable size and trying to put on shoes with laces can become an exhausting event. You will struggle to tie the laces and will end up very exhausted in minutes.

For this reason, you need to pay attention to the types of shoes you are buying. When you’re about to go somewhere, you don’t want to spend most of your day trying to put on some trivial footwear. The maternity shoes need to fit easily and quickly, so you can show up in time just anywhere, and not spend your whole energy trying to tie laces.

If your belly is very big and it gets in your way when you try to put shoes on, try some sketchers without laces or ballet flats, and your problems will be gone.

  • What Type of Shoes Is Best?

When you’re close to becoming a mother, footwear is very important. If your feet have grown even in the slightest, then you can’t wear the shoes you’ve been used to until now. The need for new shoes will arise, and you need to know the options that are available for this stage.

So, during pregnancy, you can choose between:

  • Flip-Flops – They are not only great if you’re going to the beach but can also feel very nice with a long dress during the summer months. Flip-flops don’t fully cover your feet, so they are mostly free and not squeezed by some tight material. This way, blood will be able to circulate, and your feet will feel very nice. In addition, flip-flops are great to wear indoors too, so make sure you get a pair for indoors using too.
  • Flats – Flats are a must-have when you’re getting ready to become a mother. Heels aren’t something you should consider, as they don’t really offer support for your weight and could only add strain to your feet. For this reason, flats are the right option, as they offer support and allow your feet to feel comfortable. Make sure they offer ankle support and they are slip on, and you have the perfect maternity shoes for traveling.
  • Sandals – Just like flip-flops, sandals make amazing shoes during the hot season. They fit around your feet and can look amazing if matched with a cute outfit, such as a maxi skirt or dress. Besides, they allow your feet to breathe and move easily. Sandals should be your go-to when it comes to maternity shoes during the summer.
  • High Heels or Not?

High heels are shoes that can easily make any woman look and feel stunning, so it’s not a surprise that you would consider them. However, is this a good idea?

You should definitely refrain from wearing heels during this period. Although it might not be a problem during the very first months, it could be once you start gaining more weight.

Basically, once your belly is expanding and your body’s mass is increasing, your walking changes – all because of your center of gravity changes as well. In addition, given your bones and ligaments are weaker during this period, you are more likely to fall.

So, wearing high heels is a no-go, as they don’t provide the right amount of support – and can also put you in danger of falling if you are not careful. More than that, they might end up feeling very tight, not allowing blood to circulate properly and making your feet feel uncomfortable. You don’t want that, do you?

  • Should They Fit Perfectly?

One of the things you might be asking yourself is whether the shoes you choose must fit perfectly or not.

Whereas a perfect fit will go around your feet perfectly, you should reconsider. If your feet haven’t grown a lot yet, there’s always the possibility that they might become swollen – thus bigger than before. Having said that, your shoes need to be roomy enough so the feet will have space to breathe and move without difficulties.

Therefore, ensure that the shoes you end up investing in are half a size or even a full size larger than what you are generally wearing. This will guarantee that your feet won’t have to suffer until the day your baby comes into the world. In case the shoes will feel loose during the second trimester, try wearing some thick socks.

  • Are They Looking Good?

The thing you’re least looking forward to is looking bad during pregnancy. You might already be experiencing a drop in your self-esteem, so choosing a pair of shoes that make you look like a queen even when your feet are swelling is a must.

Make sure the shoes you end up spending money to don’t only fit the criteria listed above but are also beautifully done to make you look stylish.


You shouldn’t overlook the many changes your body is going through at the moment. Whereas your focus might be on the continuously growing baby bump, feet are something you should take into consideration too – particularly since they might start swelling.

Because of that, you’ll be in need of new shoes – especially if you’re going to travel and be away from home. This buying guide has given you some top maternity shoes for traveling, so your next vacation will be a happy one that you will never forget.

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