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Traveling While Pregnant Top Packing Essentials for Every Trip

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If you plan on traveling during pregnancy, the odds are that some people have already discouraged you from doing so. That’s mainly because traveling is usually synonymous with unexpected situations, which can lead to stress. At the same time, other people assume that traveling while pregnant is risky. However, this isn’t necessarily the case for a healthy mom and a healthy baby.

We’re not denying that traveling might not be as easy-breezy as it was beforehand, but this doesn’t mean you should give up traveling simply due to this. Instead, you should aim at being a more thoughtful planner and anticipate what you need for a stress-free journey. This is where our article introducing a range of pregnancy travel essentials comes in.

We hope that you’ll be inspired by this list, as traveling while pregnant can be upsetting. Let’s get right on to it!

Pregnancy Travel Packing Tips

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Wheeled Luggage

If, until now, you didn’t mind going for wheeled luggage as opposed to the regular luggage, this is bound to change during pregnancy and motherhood as well. Perhaps, in the past, you didn’t mind carrying your luggage around to burn some calories. Still, carrying luggage with a bump can be really tiresome and exhausting – especially if you’re traveling by yourself.

With that in mind, you’ll have to opt for practical wheeled luggage as a substitute for messenger-style bags, or anything of the kind. Practicality and versatility should remain your priorities during pregnancy – not only when it comes to acquiring luggage, but when it comes to purchasing or packing maternity clothes, for instance.

The good news is that there are many options for wheeled luggage that combine style and practicality.

Prenatal Vitamins

Another thing that shouldn’t miss from your list of pregnancy travel essentials is prenatal vitamins. The purpose of taking prenatal vitamins is to cover any potential nutritional gaps in your diet. In essence, prenatal vitamins feature the ideal mix of vitamins and minerals. Many women neglect the importance of taking such vitamins, which may make them feel fatigued and tired throughout the pregnancy.

Of course, it is common for you to feel more tired during pregnancy than usually. In fact, this might be one of the first things that will surprise you about yourself. But that’s just the way it is. This is why it’s best for your health, as well as the baby’s health, to pay attention to this – particularly when you’re traveling, and you might be more tired than usual.

Doctor-Approved Medicine

Aside from vitamins, you should also have a customized baggie of medicine, approved by your healthcare provider, of course. Think of the following scenario: you are on a long flight, and you need your heartburn-relieving antacids and there’s no place to get that from. This is why it makes sense to have such medicine for this type of what if scenario. You know that saying: better safe than sorry. Traveling while pregnant has a lot to do with being prepared – that’s for sure.

Important Medical Information

Even if your pregnancy has been perfectly normal and you’re healthy, you should still have just-in-case medicine information. This is even more important if you are traveling for an extended timeframe, e.g. for work. With that in mind, you should carry information regarding allergies, blood type, doctor contact info, so on and so forth.

At the same time, it makes sense to get some information regarding the medical system in the country you’re going to – provided that you’re traveling to a different country, of course.

Travel Insurance

We could most likely argue that having an appropriate travel insurance plan for traveling while pregnant is quintessential, so to speak. In essence, having an insurance plan is widely recommended when traveling. But the necessity is bigger during pregnancy, especially if your pregnancy is advanced.

For the most part, travel insurance designated for pregnant women covers the same expenses as in the case of normal travel insurance – namely medical expenses, personal liability, medical repatriation, flight cancelation, stolen luggage, so on and so forth. Nonetheless, the exact specifications of the plan will depend on what you choose.

Even if many people think that traveling while pregnant is risky, this is far from being the case – in most situations at the very least. Aside from the likelihood of getting into labor sooner than expected, the risks are quite low. This is precisely why many women refrain from traveling in the last weeks of the third semester of pregnancy, as the likelihood of going into labor is higher then.

Travel Pillow

What about having a travel pillow – is this a must or not? Just as you’ll most likely prefer to travel whilst wearing your favorite pregnancy leggings, you should have a comfy travel pillow with you as well. Whether you are traveling by plane, bus, train or car, a travel pillow will come in handy if you feel tired and you want to snooze for a bit.

A travel pillow will make traveling infinitely more comfortable, not to mention that it will provide you the much-needed back support. There are actually travel pillows designated primarily for helping you stay in an ergonomic position. Hence, if you’re already struggling with lower back pain – which is quite commonplace in pregnancy, actually, make sure you consider taking a travel pillow next time you’re traveling.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel and Wipes

Moving on to another essential – namely anti-bacterial hand gel, this is something you should definitely have during your travels. If you’re planning a long trip, on a train or a bus, having anti-bacterial hand gel will make you feel fresh and clean. Concurrently, they’ll come in handy when you’ll have to go to the restroom every other hour.

When you’re expecting, the odds are you’re going to the bathroom more often than usual. This can be quite frustrating while traveling. In spite of this, you cannot neglect the importance of staying hydrated during pregnancy, and during the first months of motherhood, during breastfeeding more specifically.

So, since you cannot skip drinking water, you’ll go to the bathroom – a lot. Try to plan ahead for pit stops – whenever you get the chance. For instance, airplane facilities tend to be quite cramped, which can be a nightmare if you’re a bit claustrophobic. So, regardless of the means of transportation you have, pack the following: anti-bacterial hand gel, wipes, and toilet paper.

Don’t focus on negative things; focus on the positive, and you will flourish. Alek Wek

Thick Socks

Once again, many pregnant ladies include socks on their list of pregnancy travel essentials. Without a doubt, thick socks can be life-saving, particularly when it comes to long flights or long bus/train rides. The thing with traveling with a public means of transportation is that the temperatures may change abruptly. In a second, you might feel cold due to the air conditioning – this is where a pair of thick socks can help.

If you plan on taking a nap during the journey, you might feel cold if you’re wearing flip flops or flats. So, a pair of thick socks will keep you warm and cozy regardless of the temperatures.

Maternity Support Pantyhose

During pregnancy, the likelihood of getting varicose veins is quite high. This is what makes it primordial to wear comfortable shoe wear and look after your legs. The thing with maternity support pantyhose is that they offer relief if you’re struggling with aching and swelling. That’s because they compress the veins, to ensure that the blood flow is steady. If you are struggling with swollen ankles or feet, you might consider elevating your feet during the flight or train/bus ride. In this way, you’ll feel much better.

It’s highly recommended to take your shoes off during a long flight or train ride if you’re not wearing flip-flops at the very least. Most likely, your feet will swell before you know it and you’ll feel a lot of pressure.

Have Breathable Clothing with You

Traveling when pregnantTraveling while pregnant entails carefully scanning your wardrobe and choose the items that are, first and foremost, comfortable. Normally, you might wear maternity dress pants combined with classy pregnancy shirts. Nevertheless, when you travel, you should update your outfits a bit, and customize them by considering your needs.

Hence, your prerogative should be wearing breathable, comfortable clothing only. Of course, it is difficult to go for cotton-blend clothing only. That’s because most dresses, and not only, have a bit of stretch to them, to make them more flattering. The thing is that you should also pay attention to the design of the item.

For example, you could wear your favorite pink maternity dress with the best maternity leggings. However, make sure that the dress is flowy, allowing you to move freely, as opposed to being restrictive. This should be the norm when creating maternity outfits intended for traveling. In addition to that, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of having breathable, cotton underwear and Bras.

Ginger Candy for Morning Sickness

Each woman copes with morning sickness differently. Some mamas-to-be are lucky enough, so they don’t have to worry about morning sickness whatsoever. But for other mamas-to-be, things are different, as they cope with morning sickness for almost the entire duration of their pregnancy.

There are some remedies that are worth trying. But when you’re traveling, you might not be able to resort to your usual home remedies. In general, ginger candy can be helpful in battling morning sickness – whenever you might be dealing with it, as some women have it in the evening! Make sure you pack your favorite snacks that will make traveling more enjoyable.

Gas and Diarrhea Remedies

You might include gas and diarrhea remedies on your list of pregnancy travel essentials. For instance, if you’re traveling by plane, during flights, you might be more predisposed to experiencing intestinal discomfort. This is mainly due to the increase in altitude. This is why you should pay attention to what you’re eating. It is preferred to have a list of pre-approved snacks with you – as we’ve briefly pointed out.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling by car or by bus, you might also deal with intestinal discomfort. When you remain seated in the same position for an extended timeframe, experiencing discomfort is normal and pretty much inevitable. This is why, if you can, you might snuggle with a shawl and a travel pillow to pass the time.

In addition to that, it’s common sense to steer clear of gas-triggering foods prior to your flight or journey. Plus, if you’re planning an international trip and you’ll most likely eat new foods, this might also entail exposing yourself to bacteria that will lead to diarrhea incidents. Make sure you have appropriate medicine with you for both scenarios.

Tooth Brushing Kit

best travel toiletry bag womensTraveling while pregnant entails some unexpected scenarios, including dealing with morning sickness or nausea when you least expect it. The acid reflux might also make you feel discomfort. This is why you might consider packing a tooth brushing kit with you, to refresh your breath. Of course, having some gum with you might also help, but if you’re not too keen on chewing gum, a tooth brushing kit will come in handy.

This applies primarily if you have a long flight or journey ahead of you. Being prepared will definitely make the entire trip less stressful, allowing you to actually enjoy it. Your mindset is more important than you might think – that’s for sure. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, traveling while pregnant is perfectly doable. We’re not saying that it’ll be the easiest thing you’ll ever do – even though many mammas-to-be claims that they didn’t necessarily experience a sizeable amount of discomfort, a little bit of planning goes a long way. Obviously, our advice to you is to customize your list of pregnancy travel essentials. Even though we included some of the main items you should have, there is always room for personalization.

Make sure, however, that you embrace a positive mindset so that your traveling experience is a positive one. This, combined with careful and attentive planning, will make your journey unforgettable. What else would you add on our list? We would be curious to find out your answers!

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