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Types of Maternity Clothes to Take with You When Traveling

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Being pregnant comes with a big package (literally and figuratively). Besides having an expanding belly that seems heavier to carry each day, you’re also overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities and people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. As such, you can’t stress yourself enough to go on a trip unprepared.

Traveling should be done as a means of relaxation, and if you’re pregnant and not taking the proper clothes for maternity travel, your trip could easily take a bad turn. You’ll feel uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the beautiful locations.

So, what maternity clothes should be found in your luggage? Here are the maternity clothes for traveling that you shouldn’t miss.

What Are the 5 Best Maternity Clothes for Traveling?

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When you decide to go to foreign lands for some relaxation before your baby arrives, packing maternity clothes is a very important aspect to consider. Whether they’re nice dresses, pregnancy leggings, cute maternity shirts or others, you need to buy clothes that not only look nice but also keep you comfortable during your trip.

Out of all the options you have in terms of pregnancy clothing, it’s hard to know which ones would offer the best feeling. That being said, we’ve prepared a list of clothing pieces that you should have in your luggage.


Maternity LeggingsLeggings are literally some of the best maternity clothes to take with you on a trip. You could wear them all the time, from staying inside the hotel to going out and visiting various locations. They will keep your legs warm when temperatures drop too.

These amazing clothing pieces are elastic enough to let you move with ease, and they’re comfortable enough to not make you eagerly wait for the moment you’d take them off. You can just easily put them on and you have a nice and comfy outfit to rock around the town.

In addition, they’re pretty easy to style and combine with other things such as tank tops. All in all, they’re some of the best clothes for maternity travel, so make sure you pack some pairs. If you don’t own any leggings, go out and buy some. They can be pregnancy leggings, but normal ones might fit as well.

What’s even better about them is the fact that they won’t take half of your luggage. They will need just some little space, allowing you to fit more necessary stuff inside your bag.

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Maxi Dresses/Skirts

Long maternity skirtsDid you think for a single moment that cute dresses and pregnancy don’t work together? Well, think again! While your favorite summer dress might not fit you at the moment, there are surely other alternatives, respectively maxi dresses or skirts.

Basically, maxi dresses are long dresses that go all the way down to your ankles, covering your legs. What’s so amazing about them is the comfort they offer. The materials used for them are usually very soft and elastic, allowing enough room for your belly and not feeling tight around your waist. Maternity maxi dresses can be worn during the day or evening, and they make great allies during a trip.

Besides, they allow your legs to move freely. If you also gained some weight and feel insecure about it, a maxi skirt or dress is an amazing way to hide it. When making your list of clothes for maternity travel, make sure you don’t forget to add long dresses or skirts as well – you won’t regret it.

Best Maxi Dresses


maternity swimsuitIf your destination is a sunny and warm one and you plan on going either to the beach or the pool, you’ll find yourself in need of swimwear. Although revealing your body might not be what you’re looking forward right now, it will be hard to resist once you get there, so it’s better to be prepared just in case.

With the right swimsuit, it’s easy to flaunt your baby bump in a way that makes you look stunning. Additionally, if you go shopping for plus size maternity swimsuits, you will find something that provides you with the right amount of comfort as well. This way, you can enjoy yourself while looking gorgeous.

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maternity VestsIn case you don’t mind layered outfits, a vest could be the best way to add some style to your whole attire. During your pregnancy months, you might feel very bloated due to your baby belly, and only looking down will make you feel insecure about your body. However, with a vest, you will feel much better.

Whether you were a fan of vests before your pregnancy or not, you will definitely come to love them during these months. Considering your waist is not as tiny as it used to be, you’d want to wear something that makes you look good. A waist-defining vest will take some of the weight you’re carrying and make you look slimmer. You will notice it will make it seem like your stomach is flat, thus boosting your self-esteem.

Best Maternity Vests


Maternity Panties Pregnancy UnderwearThe outer clothing might be important, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the underwear part. It holds just as much importance because wearing the wrong underwear could make you feel uncomfortable and ruin your whole day in a matter of seconds.

Obviously, your body is going through many changes during this part of your life. You gain weight, your belly is growing and, ultimately, your breasts are growing larger as well. Consequently, your bra won’t hold them properly anymore, and you might be frustrated about this.

For this exact reason, it’s important to purchase some pregnancy underwear that will definitely give you some comfort and make you feel at ease. The only problem you will find with many maternity underwear pieces is their lack of… sexiness. Many of them are very large, and the last thing you want is feeling like an old grandma during the time you’re supposed to shine with confidence.

For this exact reason, you should look for pregnancy underwear and bras on the best online shops, where you can find good-looking underwear at amazing prices.

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HOTAPEI Women’s Cardigan JacketA jacket is a must-have when going on a trip because the weather can’t always be trusted. Nowadays, it changes at the snap of your fingers, quickly starting to rain like crazy although it was nice and sunny 5 minutes ago. Having said that, you need something to keep you and your belly warm whenever you need. The answer is a jacket, and for some styles, a structured one will do the trick.

Cardigans might seem nice at first, but the drapey material can quickly turn out to point out the things that make you insecure, so it’s a no-no. With a structured jacket, you can distract some of the attention from your belly, which is why it’s a great alternative during your pregnancy months. Leather jackets work amazingly as well, as they can easily make you look like the coolest mother in town.

Make sure you bring a jacket or two with you because they will feel nice, keep you warm and just complete every outfit.

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maternity scarfScarfs are easily some of the best things you can own because it’s not difficult to combine them with a wide variety of attires. Regardless of their color or pattern, you will look stunning wherever you go.

If you have a longer scarf, the biggest advantage will be the fact that it’s hiding your baby belly that makes you so insecure at times. Worn together with a jacket and a nice top or dress, it will go perfectly.

Furthermore, if your destination is a bit on the colder side, scarfs can keep you warm, especially if you’re a little sensitive in the neck area. Wrap them around your neck, and the cold won’t be able to make you shiver.

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Maternity Jeans

Maternity JeansJeans are probably one of mankind’s favorite clothing pieces. Making it easy for you to wear all kinds of tops, jackets, tunics and many others, they are easily some of the best things you could have in your wardrobe.

Nevertheless, with the changes your body is facing during the pregnancy months, your old pair of jeans might take you by surprise when it doesn’t fit anymore. You’ll be disappointed and wonder what else to wear.

All hope is not lost, though, because pregnancy jeans exist, and they can be just as cool and stylish as normal ones. They’re a little on the bigger size so they’re able to handle your baby bump and weight gain, meaning that you will feel comfortable over the course of your whole trip.

Also, they can come with an elastic waistband that won’t feel harsh on your belly. Unlike normal pants that could cause the zipper and button to dig into your belly, these ones will wrap around it just perfectly.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wear baggy pants for the whole 9 months – maternity skinny pants exist too, emphasizing your best features and making you look sexy.

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Bump Band

Bump BandSometimes, particular clothing pieces rise up, making some of your skin show up, which could be quite annoying during your pregnancy months. For this reason, you should consider buying a bump band. Bump bands are meant to wrap around your belly and make it possible for you to wear your old clothes for as long as you can.

In addition, it’s a great support for your lower back too, given the strain the growing baby is putting on it. During a trip, this item can’t be missing from your luggage.

Bump Band on

What Is the Best Footwear for Maternity Traveling?

You’d think that only the materials wrapping around your body are important, but footwear is just as important as dresses, pants, tops and so on. Just like the rest of your body, your feet can change in size, and not any type of shoe can fit you. Here’s what you need to take on your trip:

Flat Shoes

Women's Classic Short BootThose stiletto heels you own might be tempting, but during pregnancy, heels don’t make the best allies. Not only that you’d find it hard to maintain your balance, but they could easily become very uncomfortable. Moreover, when you’re traveling, you don’t really need heels.

Flat shoes are the best way to go about it because they will offer the right amount of comfort that will let you enjoy your trip the way you deserve. Some of the best shoes for pregnant women are flat sandals and UGG boots. During summer, you need to allow your feet to breathe, or else you’re up for a smelly surprise once you take your shoes off. They’re comfy, and if you’re dealing with swollen feet, you’ll be even more thankful to have them.

In addition, UGG boots are perfect for colder temperatures. Not only that they are flat, but also very soft and easy to move in. They might not be your favorite type of shoes, but combined with the right outfit, you will look very cute.

Best Maternity Shoes

Flip Flops

maternity Flip FlopsWhile walking around in flip flops is not the plan you had in mind for your dream vacation, you will do yourself a favor by bringing them with you. There’s no need to wear them when visiting local tourist attractions, but for the indoors or the beach, you will have a friend in them. Your feet will feel comfortable, and you won’t even feel how swollen they are.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, a list of the best clothes for maternity travel. There’s nothing wrong to traveling while you’re waiting for a baby – you just have to make your holiday as comfortable as possible. Try bringing the clothes presented in this article with you, and you will have an amazing time before the arrival of your baby.

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