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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Portable High Chair for your Baby

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Your baby is undoubtedly the most important thing in your life. Doesn’t matter where you are, being away from your little one is always hard. Portable high chairs come to the rescue when you want to take your kid everywhere you go. Whether you just want to have breakfast out or travel overseas, the portable highchair is perfect for you and your child!

Having your own portable high chair is better than carrying your kid. It’s also safer. High chairs also have enough space for your baby to eat something on or to play in, enough to keep them entertained while you are out and about.

High chairs were invented with the aim of making it easier to feed your kid. The seats of the high chairs are elevated to a fair distance from the ground so the child sitting on it can be on eye-level with the adult in supervision. This arrangement makes it easier for the kid to be spoon fed.

How to Choose Best Portable High Chair

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High chairs also help with the kid’s communication skills development. When your child is sitting at the table with everyone, they will feel more included and try to communicate even more. So a regular baby chair just won’t cut the deal!

Usually, kids aged from 4 month – 6 months can use high chairs just fine. Using high chair requires the kid to be able to support their head by themselves. If your child has difficulties doing that, don’t use a high chair. High chairs usually have a wide base to increase stability. It also comes with straps and belts to keep your kid secure in place. Most high chairs have tiny desks attached for your child’s food and toys.

Best Portable High Chair

Portable high chairs are the all-in-one high chair you’re looking for! You can use them at home and also outside. They are safe and comfortable to use everywhere. So instead of spending money on trolleys and car seats, you can buy one portable high chair and that will be sufficient! It’s the perfect all-rounder for your little one.

Portable high chairs are a bit expensive. They cost about $50 – $200. The price range varies so much because the function of the chair varies. Many chairs come with extra benefits and others are just regular portable chairs. The chairs which have more benefits like, booster chairs; cost a bit more.

If you travel a lot or just have to run errands every other day, portable high chairs will make your life easier. These chairs are very versatile in kind, so you must consider some things before investing in any portable high chair. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Below is the ultimate guide to choosing the best portable high chair for your baby.

  • Know your priorities

Before investing, know what you need. If you travel a lot, you would want a different chair than the regular chairs for day to day use. Try to locate the exact reason that drove you to buy the high chair in the first place. If you know what you need, then choosing a specific kind of high chair will become easier for you.

You can buy high chairs from any store that’s in your area. You can also order them online. There are many websites that feature amazing varieties of high chairs. The Ciao! High chairs have excellent reviews. Foldable high chairs cost about $60 on this website.

All the highchairs available in the market are designed to be comfortable for your kid.  You should make your decision based on your convenience. Where you will travel, how you will travel and what kind of things your baby likes are all factors that should be considered before making a purchase.

Best Portable High Chair for Baby

  • How portable is the chair

If you are travelling on air, you will need a different kind of high chair than the one you can use for eating at a restaurant. Portability of the chair should meet your expectations. The high chairs which are suitable for air travel might not be suitable for road trips. To keep your baby comfortable, choose the high chair that’s suitable for your trip.

Air travel limits the number of things you can carry and their weight. A lightweight and compact high chair will help make your trip more convenient. Wrap is highly recommended for air travel. These chairs can be used in many different ways. You can attach them to the crib and also use them as a carrier. These chairs have only one disadvantage, they are more suitable for older kids. Young toddlers can use them just fine. Infants might have a problem and be uncomfortable adjusting themselves in them.

Booster seats are not highly recommended for air travel. These seats do not collapse usually and these types are not made for air travelling. Whichever chair you are buying, carefully check if it’s foldable or not. Un-foldable chairs are hard to store and even station at any place. If you just want to use them at home, even then consider buying something foldable.

Buy something bulkier for a road trip. Kids tend to get motion sickness in a car, so something more stable will ensure that your kid does not feel sick. Bulkier high chairs also come with more space. Carrying additional stuff is easier in them.

The one2stay portable high chair is suitable for road trips. They are very affordable compared to the benefits they offer and they cost only about $90!

Portable high chairs must be easily portable; otherwise, it’s not living up to its name. Whatever journey you’re making with your little one should be made easier by this chair.

  • Safety

Even minor problems with any high chair can lead to fatal accidents for your child. The manufacturers have included safety belts and straps, but you have to check the quality and durability before you buy. Especially when you are out with your kid or travelling, a single minor incident can be very stressful.

The Safety First portable high chairs are specially designed to be extremely safe for your kids and also suitable for travelling. Most of the high chairs and portable high chairs come with a 3-point harness and they have both adjustable crotch and waist straps. A five belt safety harness is recommended to keep your child in place.

Booster seats are also included in the Safety First portable high chairs. Booster seats have hooks. These hooks need to be checked that they are durable and strong.

Many high chairs have adjustable legs too. These legs are helpful when you need to station the chair beside a table. However, if the legs are not durable and break, that can be extremely fatal for your child.

Everything that not permanently attached and can be detached from the chair should be checked thoroughly before purchasing. Take your time and make sure that the chair you are buying is safer than any other furniture at your home. What feature you should Look when buying high chair for your babies?

  • Cleaning

Babies are messy and it’s guaranteed that they will make a huge mess when they are eating or just playing on their high chair. At home, it might not be a big deal to clean your high chair. But when you are travelling, cleaning can be a challenge.

Even as a parent, you cannot really teach your infant or toddler to be less messy. What you can do is buy a chair that is easier to clean. While you are travelling, even wiping a chair is a task. If you are on a plane or in a car, regularly cleaning the chair is impossible.

Many chairs come with a smooth surface that can be wiped clean. Most boost seats contain these kind fabrics. Although wiping the chair clean sound very easy but it’s not very hygienic.

A substitute solution is a removable cover. You can wash the clothes when you get the time or reach your destination. Most removable clothe are machine washable so you can just give them to the hotel laundry.

  • Convenience and durability

Children grow up very fast and outgrow everything they needed at certain ages. Obviously, a child won’t need a high chair forever. Keeping this point in mind, manufacturers have invented a high chair that can be converted to regular chairs and your kid can use it over time.

These chairs are durable and provide great value for money. As your child grows, the chair grows too!


Whether you are a traveller or a parent who sometimes gets tired of carrying their kid around, a high chair can be your new best friend! Decide what you need and choose wisely based on that decision. Portable high chairs are functional, fashionable and have helped many, many parents across the world and we hope it helps you too!



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