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Weekend Getaway L. L. Bean Weekender Bag Packing Tips

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So, you are heading towards your lovely destination with your best pals. Here is one definitely can help you which is ll bean luggage.

Or, maybe, you are using your long weekend to accomplish those overdue meetings with your folks.
How about getting away with the love of your life to an isolated lovely place that has an attraction like heaven?

Just thinking about these getaway ideas get me excited. I am sure you are equally excited by your long weekend’s plans.

So, by the way, will you meet your folks who live at the hilltop? Or are you planning to call their friends also to relive your happiest memories?

Whatever you do, always remember to get prepared to make your weekend most memorable with the perfect Toiletry Bags.

L.L Bean Luggage Travel Bag Packing Tips

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And you don’t have to drag hundreds of pounds of luggage to get yourself there. All you need is a heart full of love and excitement and some enthusiastic minimalism.

Forget about under-packing, consider minimalist packing.

Isn’t minimalism a complete lifestyle?

Well, yeah it is! And it’s a good start for better travels without much ado and frustration.

So, start thinking like a travel-pro and pack as if you have to carry your luggage all the way to your destination.

Just got back from a pleasure trip: I took my mother-in-law to the airport. Henny Youngman

Would you like to carry those pair of pants if you had to, so you can wear them at your destination?

Yes? They are worth your efforts. Pack them up.

No? Then you can afford to stay behind for your ease. And ease is the primary goal in your packing planning. Leave these clothes back at home. Period.

Sounds easy? But by following this approach, you may find that you are leaving far more clothes and accessories behind than would want.

So, what’s the solution? Find a middle ground for you and your luggage.

Luggage is Just a Part of Whole Experience

Luggage is not everything. It is not the final determinant in earning your happiness for you. You are still in charge of your happiness if you have forgotten to bring your phone at home (and, in some cases, you will find it more fulfilling without your phone).

But if style and fashion offer you excitement and joy, take them with you. Whatever you do keep your persona upheld and be ready to always enjoy yourself.

When the goal is to live your trip fully, you can change the way you look and feel and about fashion. Even flip-flops can be worn to a garden party if you are comfortable. So don’t bother much about packing every bit of detail that goes only in appearing trendy. Try including those items which make you feel comfortable and are helpful in creating your memories, un-erasable.

Re Purpose Luggage

Not in literal terms, really.

But don’t take luggage as prescribed medications which need to be taken only for the relevant ailment and only with proper etiquettes of time and amount.

Just chill and pack all packing items considering your ease.

If you are naive and have no experience in packing for a weekend, start with understanding your daily clothing and makeup requirements and don’t deviate much from this requirement.

Invest some time in figuring out where should each toiletry, clothing, and electronics items should go to enhance unpacking experience.

The only goal behind those long how-to notes of organizing primary and carryon luggage is that you get as many items in the suitcase as possible, keep it safe from damage, and are still able to retrieve those items in their right condition while unpacking.

So, if you are searching online to learn which items should go in which compartment of your multi compartment makeup bag, please stop.

Step back and relax.

It’s only a weekend trip. You would not be stuck in that distant place forever.

Keep the luggage small and pack light.

If you are flying to your destination, you may still have to follow certain guidelines of packing your toiletries in main luggage and toiletry carry on luggage.

Repurpose Clothes


This is the number one rule for packing light. If you are traveling in warm weather (to a warm weathered destination), all you need will be a single layer of clothes for day time and another for the night. If you are like me and don’t have kids, pack a single night dress for the whole weekend.

ll bean luggage packing by cute girl

So, what is left is one change of clothes for every day. I wouldn’t bother taking two different attires for a single day. Remember, minimalism.

Although there were times when I packed two different tops with a single pair of jeans to spend my weekend sleepover, let’s just pretend that it didn’t happen.

But you can do great with a single complete outfit, a pair of jeans and up to three different tops to get through the thing.

The single outfit will allow you to look formal when it becomes a necessity. And the jeans and tops pairs will add colors to your traveling wardrobe.

Try to weave your clothes, and other accessories, around a single color theme.

The first benefit of this hack is that you will not have to spend too much time on selecting your item. You will grab anything which was not worn yesterday to get ready for the day.

And the second benefit of this approach takes us to the next hack of packing light luggage for the weekend.

Repurpose Accessories

So, you have surrounded your clothes around your blue pair of jeans. You have kept your multi-colored shirt that looks beautiful with the jeans. These pants also give a perfect contrast for your yellow and green top. And the pair, just, matches with your dark colored off-shoulder top.

Now is the time to get your toiletries ready. When it comes to toiletries and hygiene products, I have only one tip to offer.

Do NOT compromise.

multi compartment bag

You want to pack light. But light packing should not convert into under-packing; not when it causes toiletries to shrink. Do not compromise on the skincare and hair care items you keep in your daily use.

Pack all the essentials including night cream, lotions, sunscreens, shampoo, and conditioners. There are some travel alternatives that are recommended by the travel bloggers including shampoo bars to replace regular shampoo and face wipes instead of face wash.

It’s a good idea to try out these products. And they can become essential when you have to travel through the plane or your luggage is overflowing even before you putting in the toiletries. But using these alternatives on a weekend trip can become too much.

Plus, before taking these alternatives with you on your trip you would want to check their effect on your skin, and hairs. These products, like any other toiletry product, can be magically suitable for one skin, hair, type while the others may get damaged by the same product.

So, experimentation is the key before taking toiletries on your trip.

Up next is the minimalist choice of repurposing your carry on luggage items. You have prepared the base by throwing only theme-based clothing items in your luggage. Now only pack those cosmetics which go with these clothes. If you are me, don’t pack a single lipstick. But again, that’s me. You are free to get your style prepared for the travel.

For the foundation creams and makeup brushes, go for multipurpose products. For example, how about using multipurpose skin moisturizer as a moisturizer, night cream, and foundation?

Repurpose Gadgets

In one sentence:

I cannot understand people taking a camera, kindle, and MP3 player along with their phones.

What is the point? You can benefit from all the features of these devices on your phone, then why bother carrying such a load.

Think about downsizing your screen-time by leaving them back at home.

Wrap Up

So your current concerns are your luggage packing for the upcoming weekend trip. Don’t stress too much about clothes and accessories. Pack your LL Bean weekender bag with minimal clothes and be thoughtful before packing cosmetics.

Try limiting your electronics.

Focus on taking yourself with you because this is the most required resource you for the trip.

Be minimalist. Be you. And let the party roll-on.

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