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What is an Anti-Theft Backpack?

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An anti-theft backpack can feature a range of different security technologies, each designed to protect the contents of your backpack and prevent theft. The best anti-theft backpacks pack tons of cutting-edge technology, slash-proof body panels, RFID tracking, and some even have secret compartments.

No matter what style or function you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a backpack which delivers superior aesthetics with anti-theft features exceeding the looks.

Here’s what you can expect from good anti-theft backpacks so that you’ve got a better idea of what’s best suited to your needs.

Leading Anti-Theft Features

Leading Anti-Theft Features

All good anti-theft backpacks need to include proven security features. Let’s see what you should be looking for when shopping for a new backpack.

Lockable Zippers

The first and most important feature of an anti-theft backpack is lockable zippers. Many zippers come with security locks integrated, while others will supply rings which allow you to use a lock of your own. The better the quality of the zippers and locking attachment, the higher the security of the backpack.

High Visibility Features

anti theft backpackLook for piping and exterior aesthetics designed for high visibility. This makes identifying your backpack much easier at the airport while having a keen sight of it at all times while traveling is indispensable.

TLS ID Pocket for Luggage

Another great feature to keep in mind is the possibility of a TLS ID pocket. If you’re using your backpack in town, locally, then this is of little concern. However, anyone who flies frequently, or travels on a bus or boat, will love the convenience of an ID pocket. It certainly speeds things up.

Laptop, Tablet and Phone Features

Laptop, Tablet and Phone Features

Most high-quality backpacks come with a compartment for your phone, tablet, laptops, and a power bank charger. Make sure that your prospective new backpack can accommodate your devices. You don’t want to buy a backpack which has a laptop compartment only to find out that it doesn’t accommodate your screen size.

An internal pouch for your phone enables the possibility of tracking your backpack should it be stolen. Both Android and iPhone-based devices come with robust built-in tracking.

RFID Tagging

Certain backpacks even come with RFID tagging which enables your backpack’s position to be tracked via satellite. Smart backpacks give you tracking which doesn’t rely on batteries. With everything from Bluetooth to charging built-in, most backpacks featuring RFID technology also boast other high-tech enhancements as well.

Secure Straps

Secure Straps

All high-quality backpacks need to feature straps which are equally as secure as the backpack is rugged. Without reinforced straps, it is relatively easy for a thief to cut your backpack loose from your shoulders in a snatch-and-run. They must not only be padded and comfortable but fastened with reinforced stitching to the pack itself.

Concealed Compartments

Concealed Compartments

A concealed compartment gives you a great way to keep your valuables from prying eyes. Should the worst happen and a questionable character peeks into your pack to see what to steal, they will be presented with invaluable items which you either don’t mind losing, with the chances being higher that they’re simply not interested.

Secret compartments can protect your phone, identity documents, and any other personal trinkets which would otherwise be grabbed by a thief.

Slash-proof Panels

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Some backpacks come with built-in slash-proof panels. These are particularly handy for travelers who plan to do a lot of walking in a foreign area. They’re a leading choice for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts as well. Most attacks are only looking to snatch what they can in a hurry and get away without being identified or apprehended.

Most are not looking to harm – just to steal. As soon as a slash on your pack is ineffective, the would-be thief will probably just keep running. Make sure that any panels present don’t add too much excess weight to your backpack although in insecure places the weight may be worth the protection.

Always Buy the Best

Secure straps and lockable zippers are normally enough for most people when looking for a good anti-theft backpack. However, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the road, you should consider higher-end enhancements like RFID. The No. 1 rule when buying a backpack is that it has to be functional.

Make sure that it accommodates your needs supplying an ample amount of storage space. Never sacrifice practicality in lieu of other features. Your backpack needs to have anti-theft measures which are equal in quality to its other design aspects. Given the huge variety available, you never need to compromise.


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