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When Should I Buy Maternity Clothes?

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Ideally, you should buy maternity clothes from the moment that your bump begins to show, making you feel slightly uncomfortable in your regular clothes.

This happens at a different period for each pregnancy; however, 12 weeks is a safe estimate for most to start showing. The exact timing does, however, fluctuate, especially seeing that the uterus reaches the navel at roughly 20 weeks.

By your third trimester, the most weight is gained. Here we’ll be looking at what factors to keep in mind to determine when you need to buy maternity clothes.

You’ll probably need more than one set of maternity clothing as well. Let’s look closer at when you should be shopping.

Earlier Than 12 Weeks

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Before 12 weeks you should avoid shopping for maternity clothing. You simply don’t know what size you will stabilize at towards the 20-week mark. If you’re still able to cope past 12 weeks, then, by all means, do so.

See if you can get by with a few pairs of tracksuit pants, a loose-fitting pair of jeans with the button undone, and perhaps some yoga pants.  As you enter your second trimester, your bump will be prominent; it is then that you need a new set of clothes.

12 to 20 Weeks

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As soon as your bump begins to show and the added weight adds comfortability factors to choosing your clothing, it’s time to shop for maternity clothes. Keep in mind that while it is highly recommended that you stick to your size, you may want to buy one size bigger to accommodate the third trimester.

Most mothers-in-waiting prefer to buy a couple of items for the size that they are at 20 weeks, and then an entirely different set of maternity clothes for the third trimester. The growth rate is significantly more.

Third Trimester

As you reach your third trimester, you’ll start feeling that your clothes are less and less comfortable. If at all possible, buy new maternity clothes. Even if it is just an item or two, the comfort will make all the difference. Consider buying clothing which includes nursing aids. It really adds a lot of value to the purchase and it ensures that you’ll be wearing your new maternity clothing well after your baby is born.

Potential Other Purchases of Maternity Clothes

Women with a large bust could consider maternity clothing without being pregnant. Similarly, if your frame carries an ‘apple’ shape then maternity clothes will probably give the best fit. Maternity clothing should be considered by anyone who struggles to find a dress size that fits perfectly. If one size larger is normally too big, try maternity clothing of the same type in your size.

Clothes for Your Whole Pregnancy

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Ideally, part of your wardrobe should be made up of maternity clothing which is designed to be worn throughout your pregnancy and after, if you so choose. It is always a good idea to shop in advance, buying maternity clothing at your leisure rather than resorting to buying something on the spot just because you need it now.

A good item from any reputable manufacturer will be fashionable enough to be worn after your baby is born, while flexible and stretchy enough to handle the entire span of your pregnancy.

Items to Look For

Excellent items to buy early and keep throughout your pregnancy are long tank tops, wrap dresses, tunics, and yoga pants. Maternity jeans work for a while, but you’ll eventually end up in your normal jeans. Get yourself a good spandex belt and you’ll thank yourself time and time again. It’ll accommodate your whole pregnancy and its ever useful afterwards.

Another factor to keep in mind is that most maternity clothes will fit reasonably well even if they’re one size too big. Two sizes and you’re drowning in your clothes. Shop appropriately.

Best Maternity Clothes ReviewsShopping at the Right Time

The right time to buy maternity clothes depends on your personal preferences and wardrobe. If you’ve got a couple of extra-stretchy yoga pants you may be able to push it for a week or two. Eventually, you will need to go shopping for maternity clothes. Plan to shop for either the first and second trimester combined, and then the third separately. Those on their second pregnancy may need to shop for each trimester individually.

Always keep comfort your No. 1 priority and remember that the clothing you buy will at times have to last you for well longer than nine months. You want to buy clothing that makes you feel good and look good.



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