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When to Start Wearing Maternity Clothes – Second Pregnancy

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When to start wearing maternity clothes depends entirely on how comfortable you feel. Some women manage to get away with regular clothes for six months by just undoing a button.

It is, however, far more common to find women in their second pregnancy needing maternity clothes much sooner.

Let’s look closer at why this is the most common experience, and at what stage you may need to start wearing maternity clothes if on your second pregnancy.

Bloating and Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes Bloating experienced during a second pregnancy creates an earlier need for comfortable maternity clothes. Most mothers first feel excessive bloating from between nine and 12 weeks, yet some have begun bloating as early as five weeks. As soon as unbuttoning no longer does the trick, it is time to start wearing maternity clothes.

Expecting mothers on their second pregnancy may also need larger maternity clothes than they did on their first. Don’t simply dig out your old clothes and struggle with discomfort. Measure to find your new size and purchase accordingly. The additional bloating and new expansion limits of your skin can result in a larger size being needed.

Worried About Showing Your Bump?

By the time that a mother is in her second pregnancy, she is typically far less worried about her bump showing. This also means that she shops earlier for maternity clothes. If you do go shopping early, then take into account the fact that your bump is still going to grow.

Buy as if you were halfway through your pregnancy and you will have clothing which will last. It is very hard to buy a single set of maternity clothes during a second pregnancy. Bloating and size fluctuations are too broad.

The 10 Week Average

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Ten weeks is a safe average to begin shopping for new maternity clothes. Most mothers in their second pregnancy experience the first discomfort where unbuttoning no longer helps at roughly 10 weeks. You can try wearing clothing from the third trimester of your first pregnancy, but it is unlikely that your maternity clothes from earlier will fit for very long.

Rapid Growth

You will grow out of your first trimester’s maternity clothes during your second pregnancy. Buy a bigger size early to save yourself the rush and hassle of deciding on the spot. By your third trimester, any poorly designed maternity clothes won’t make the cut. Always shop knowing that your waist and bump will grow larger and at a more rapid rate.

Mothers who aren’t constricted by a budget would find the most comfort from buying maternity clothes over a span of time, rather than one-off.

Find Yourself a Variety

Even if you do find maternity clothing which will last in terms of size, nine months is a very long time to be constricted to a limited set of clothing. It is far better to buy new clothing at each stage of your pregnancy.

Those going through their second pregnancy should go shopping at their first, second, and third trimester in order to guarantee comfort and support. Every woman needs variety and style to keep spirits high. The value of a good wardrobe during a second pregnancy should never be underestimated.

How Long to Wait it Out

If you have a good selection of stretchy clothing, perhaps jeans with an elastic waist, then you may be able to get away with wearing regular clothes until your bump pops out. It all depends on your waist size. Don’t make the mistake of sustaining uncomfortable clothing.

There are more than enough types of maternity clothing available to suit your budget and style. A lot of pregnant mothers make the change to maternity wear as soon as it becomes obvious that they are pregnant – sooner can grant greater comfort, but it is up to you.

When Maternity Clothes are Essential

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The lower you are carrying the more necessary it is to buy maternity clothes that fit properly. Maternity clothing is far more comfortable than even over-sized regular clothes. A second pregnancy brings most mothers to the point where they will need to go shopping for good maternity clothing.

Some mothers find that they need to start wearing the maternity pants that they wore at six months within just six weeks. You may gain the same amount of weight but your size is dramatically different during a second pregnancy. It is always best to take your measurements and go shopping as soon as any discomfort is felt. Nine months of carrying a baby grant you the right to comfort and support.

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